Countdown to Christmas: 5 Advent Calendar Ideas


At the zoo today my friend was telling me how her daughter is already having anxiety about Christmas being over. She said they were even thinking of celebrating Chanukah this year just to spread it out a little and avoid the whole ONE BIG DAY thing. It made me think about the genius of advent calendars for spreading out the fun of the Holidays over a longer period of time.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the advent calendar is really a perfect thing. They are beautiful, creative and hold tiny little treats in them that get to be opened one-a-day, working up to Christmas. What could be better than that? Some people put candies or small presents in their advent calendars, but the really great thing about them is you can create your own advent calendar tradition. You can also make an advent calendar out of just about anything. I've seen some really beautiful and cool home-made advent calendars.

Here are my best ideas both for advent calendars you can make and what to put inside them:

1. Family Activity Advent Calendar
I love the idea of putting a different Holiday activity for each day.


2. Baby Sock Advent Calendar
Baby socks are impossible to keep in pairs since they're always falling off. String and number those adorable mismatched socks to make the cutest advent calendar ever.

3. Scavenger Hunt Advent Calendar
Each day includes a clue to find a little gift that's hidden in the house.

4. Muffin Tin Advent Calendar
Cover the holes of a muffin tin with tissue paper or cut up old Christmas cards.

5. Christmas Tree Ornament Advent Calendars
Each family member gets one ornament a day to hang on the tree. The last night is the star, of course.

Get it Homemade (from someone else's home)
If you don't want to make our own, you can find lots of homemade Advent Calendars on Etsy or Buy the above muffin tin Advent Calendar.


Find other holiday ideas in our Holiday Guide, and gift ideas in our NYC Shopping Local Gift Guide.


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