Bluey Birthday Party Ideas: Bluey Birthday Cake, Games, and More

It's time to plan the ultimate Bluey birthday party!
It's time to plan the ultimate Bluey birthday party!
9/6/22 - By Kelly Patino

"What’s up, party people?!" Let’s throw a Bluey Birthday Party! “For real life!" If you're not totally confused by those quotes, then you're familiar with Bluey, the wildly popular Disney Plus cartoon about an Australian dog family of four. The show, which focuses on oldest daughter Bluey's incredible imagination, explores ways to be creative with play. Bluey is fun, silly, and kind to her family and friends, and the many memorable phrases and games in the episodes make for a ton of fun Bluey birthday party ideas.

Here is your guide to planning the ultimate Bluey birthday party, including ideas for decorations, food, a Bluey birthday cake and dessert, and fun games. For more kids' birthday party ideas, check out our list of outdoor birthday party ideas and our tips for planning a kids' birthday party at home. "Hooray!" And for gift suggestions for your little Bluey fan, check out the Mommy Poppins Gift Guide for Birthdays and Holidays.


Bluey Birthday Party Ideas to Set the Stage

1. Bluey Invitations

Download a Bluey invitation on the official Bluey website that you can print out, fill in, and pass out to guests. If you'd prefer a personalized invitation with all the party information already on it, there are lots of great Bluey invitation options on Etsy.

2. Bluey Decorations and Music

Bluey is (surprise) blue, and her sister Bingo is orange. That makes a blue-and-orange color scheme a no-brainer when it comes to tablecloths, utensils, streamers, and balloons. Add to the theme with Bluey party plates, napkins, and cups, and jazz things up with a Bluey backdrop or Bluey birthday banner. For music, there is Bluey the Album on Spotify to play throughout the party.

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DIY Bluey masks can add to the party's vibe.

Bluey Birthday Party Games and Activities

If you are a fan of Bluey, you know the game options based on the show's episodes are nearly unlimited. Here are some favorites to entertain party guests of all ages.

3. Keepy Uppy

Blow up a red balloon, toss it in the air, and challenge the kids to keep it afloat. As Bluey says, “Don’t let it touch the ground!”

4. Freeze Dance

In the Bluey theme song and video, Bluey's family is playing a game of freeze dance. Have guests do their own freeze dance by playing the extended version of the Bluey theme song while starting and stopping the music.

5. Obstacle Course

In one episode, Mum sets up a backyard obstacle course and asks Bluey, “How fast are you going to run?” Bluey replies, “As fast as a greyhound!” Set up a fun obstacle course in your own backyard with things to jump over and crawl under. You can use items like pool noodles, buckets, and hula hoops. Challenge guests to complete the course "as fast as a greyhound!"

6. Pass the Parcel

This game from the Season 3 hit episode of the same name is simple and fun. There are two versions: regular rules and Lucky's Dad's rules. Each version starts with one toy wrapped in wrapping paper. In the regular version, you place an additional small toy or piece of candy on top of the wrapping paper and then wrap it again, repeating the process for the number of kids at the party. If you're playing Lucky's Dad's version, you skip placing the extra toys and candy in the outer layers—it's just one gift wrapped in an unknown number of layers of wrapping paper.

The game itself is similar to Hot Potato: kids sit in a circle and, when the music starts, pass the parcel around. When the music stops, whoever is holding the parcel unwraps the first layer. If you're playing the regular version (aka "raising a nation of squibs") there will be a prize in that layer. That kid gets to keep the prize and is out of the game. Everyone gets exactly one prize, and there are no tears. In Lucky's Dad's version, there's just one prize and no telling who will win. Spoiler alert: The point of the episode is that the kids eventually start enjoying the thrill of the game instead of getting upset that they didn't get a prize!

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Dress up like grannies, just like Bluey and Bingo do. Video still courtesy of Disney+ Junior, UK

7. Dress Up as Grannies

Fill a dress-up bin with grandma-style clothing, glasses, accessories, and canes. Allow guests to dress up like grannies, just like Bluey and Bingo do in one episode. Have them walk super close, and remind them that grannies can floss!

8. Charades

Draw pictures to act out on cards. Be sure to include a ballerina like they do on the show!

9. Shops

Bluey and her friends love to play "Shops" and sell things for "dollar bucks," and so will the birthday kid and their party guests. Set up up a pretend shop with printable dollar bucks and items to "sell." Have the kids take turns being the shopkeeper, the assistant, the customer, and the kitten. Another idea is to give each party guest dollar bucks that they can use to "buy" their own Bluey party favors to take home.

10. Host a Bluey Screening

Set up a projector and a screen so kids can watch an episode or two of Bluey while they eat.

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Have party guests create Bluey-inspired masterpieces.

11. Bluey Coloring

Set up a table with these printable Bluey coloring pages and crayons, and let the party guests create masterpieces.

Bluey Birthday Party Cake, Food, and Snacks

Bluey has many food references in its episodes, which means you can really stay on theme with the birthday party menu (and label the foods appropriately). Here are some fan favorites for everyone to enjoy:

12. Bluey and Bingo’s Cheese and Crackers

Get some cheese slices and crackers, arrange them on a platter, and you've got Bluey and Bingo's cheese and crackers.

13. Sausage Rolls

Serve this Australian staple to add authenticity to your Bluey birthday party menu.

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Bluey's Fruit Bat Fruit Platter is as colorful as it is delicious. Photo by Natasha Maslen, via Pinterest

14. Bluey’s Fruit Bat Fruit Platter

Bluey's favorite food is fruit salad, a yummy and healthy treat to serve at a Bluey birthday party.

15. Bingo's Fairy Bread

Only three ingredients are needed to make this delicious and festive party treat: white bread, butter, and rainbow nonpareils sprinkles.

16. Pizza

Although Bluey and Bingo make mud pizzas, traditional pizza will be much more popular among party guests. 

17. Bum Worms (Gummy Worms)

Beware—those who watch Bluey may not want to eat these when they see the name!

18. Fortune Cookies

Download an adorable takeaway card to display next to the cookies.

19. Booger Beans

They're not actually boogers, just delicious jelly beans.

20. Ice Cream

Bluey and Bingo want a lick of each other's ice cream, but party guests can stick to their own scoops to avoid spreading germs.

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Use Bluey figurines as decor both on and off the birthday cake.

21. Bluey Birthday Cake

Of course, no Bluey birthday party would be complete without a Bluey birthday cake! You can keep it simple by decorating a blue-and-orange cake with Bluey figurines, or go all out by making a stacked Bluey celebration cake. If baking and cake decorating aren't your thing, you can always hire a professional baker to make the perfect Bluey birthday cake.

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