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Weekday Picks: Presidents Day, Oscar Screening, and Camellia Festival, Feb. 20-24

We start the week with a holiday, and LA families have some creative options to learn more about history through several Presidents Day activities in LA and OC. We are lucky to have two presidential libraries in the area, both of which have big plans Monday. At the Reagan library celebration, free activities for the family include crafts, musical entertainment, storytelling, and presidential and first lady look-alikes, with hot dogs, pie, and other all-American food available for purchase. At the Nixon Library celebration, family-friendly activities include meeting a Mt. Rushmore of presidents and a free slice of cherry pie for the first 300 guests.

Meanwhile at the Battleship Iowa: Presidents Day and Birthday Celebration, the "Battleship of Presidents" celebrates its 74th birthday and Presidents Day with $6 off general admission. Holiday visitors can be among the first to experience the ship's newest interactive exhibit that features the 32nd president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, returning to the ship he sailed on in 1943.

For more go-do activities, take a look at the Mommy Poppins Event Calendar, our GoList for February, and our picks for this week below.

Very Eric Carle at Discovery Cube OC: A Very Imaginative Exhibit

Get lost in some toddler-sized blades of grass? Check. Make a dance floor change its image with every step? Check. Spin webs, create beautiful butterfly wings, get followed by a firefly? Check, check, check. We checked out the Very Eric Carle: A Very Hungry, Quiet, Lonely, Clumsy, Busy Exhibit at the Discovery Cube Orange County in Santa Ana, and all the romping, climbing, creating, and dancing kids let us know it's a great place to let your little ones' imaginations roam.

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Cookie Con, Scotsfest, American Girl , Feb 18 - 19

There is a sweet, sweet weekend ahead. That may or may not have something to do with the tantalizing intermingled aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, and... oh, is that ginger... coming from the LA Convention Center, where for two days it's all cookie, all the time. (And maybe a donut or two.)

You know what else is sweet? Two mutts sharing pasta at El Capitan (still on a Valentine's high). Sweet Georgia Brown. Hitting that sweet spot. A day off from school? Sweet! Plus, you're in for a sweet surprise at the LA Zoo, where two of the nicest characters in TVdom, ever curious George and Daniel Tiger, pay visits this weekend.

And, as always, nothing is sweeter than spending time with your nearest and dearest. Aww! Someone give me a hug! cookie! Better make it a double.

Keep reading for our sweetest picks for this weekend...

5 Family Presidential Activities for Presidents Day in LA

Unlike other holidays, Presidents Day is not a day replete with family rituals; if your family does have a tradition, it's more likely to be hunting for the snow chains before heading off skiing than anything presidential. If you are staying in town for the three-day weekend, though, why not find an activity that makes sense out of Presidents Day? After all, you're more likely to raise a president yourself if you keep your eye on the ball! Check out these five special Presidents Day activities for LA's little POTUS-in-training; and maybe someday your kiddo will add a third presidential museum to the LA landscape.

The Great Escape: Fun with Kids at an LA Escape Room

A new trend in group entertainment has hit LA, and it may be one you haven't wrapped your mind around yet: escape rooms. Certain assumptions would seem obvious from the moniker (you need to escape, right? From a room?), but in fact most of my friends seem to know very little about them. Personally, I was curious. And beyond my personal curiosity, I was even more interested to know whether an escape room might be an adventure to be shared with bigger kids who enjoy a little challenge and mystery. Well, it turns out that yes, yes it is a totally and utterly cool thing to do with kids. So get ready for the thrill of locking your kids in a room, and then watching them try to get out. For an hour.

Weekday Picks: Globetrotters and Lots of Valentine's Day Love, Feb. 13-17

The short month of February isn't short on holidays and celebrations, with Tuesday bringing hearts and flowers and lots of Valentine's Day cards and candy, before next week's President's Day off. Families can take advantage of the extra time together to check out the Harlem Globetrotters in Mission Viejo for some comic relief. And in between all the cards and candy kids can celebrate Valentine's Day at Pretend City in Irvine with crafts, other activities, and story time.

For more ideas, consult our Mommy Poppins Event Calendar, as well as our picks for the month in our February GoList. Here are some what-to-do ideas for this week:

Best Things To Do This Weekend with LA Kids: Valentines, Globetrotters, & Grammy Concert, February 11-12

We love you. We really, really love you. We love you cupcakes and puppy dogs. We love you whales and dragons and butterflies. We love you rock stars and flowers and noisy, bashing cars. We love you parades.

We want to make you Valentines to show you our love. We want to make other people Valentines to show you our love. We want to ride our bikes, dance flamenco, and do tricks with balls to show you our love. How do we love you? Let us write you a poem to show you how.  

So...   um... just wondering.... how do you feel about us? Maybe enough to keep reading for our most beloved picks for this weekend…?

Weekday Picks: Valentines, Ronald Reagan, and Trolls, Feb. 6-10

Valentine's Day stories and crafts at one branch library, a Valentine's Day party at another, a screening of the movie Trolls at still another: families have lots of options this week as libraries look beyond the books to target kid audiences in the afternoon hours.

For more ideas about activities for kids when the school day ends, check out our guide to after-school classes and programs.

Speaking of libraries, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley is throwing a birthday celebration for President Reagan on Monday with an outdoor ceremony that includes music from a Marine band, color guard, chaplain's address, brass quintet, and a 21-gun salute.

Of course there are plenty more ideas to be found on the Mommy Poppins Event Calendar, as well as our picks for the month in our February GoList. Read on for more favorites for this week.

Mostly Free Valentine's Day Activities: Cards, Crafts, and Things To Do

Valentine's Day is always on February 14, and yet somehow it seems to sneak up on our family each year in plain view, taking us by slow motion surprise. For weeks we've known that we need to come up with Valentine's Day cards for every kid in the class (and we all know what's happened to class sizes). Putting two and two together to make 27 construction paper hearts, though, always proves harder than we think. To avoid a late-night glue stick session on February 13, or a last minute defeated run to Target for a package of Dora and Diego cards, we have assembled a list of events to get help and inspiration for Valentine's Day card craft projects—before February 14. And the photo above? It speaks for itself.


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