Enjoy These Long Island Cafes With Kids' Play Spaces

There are days when all you want to do is kick back and relax with a cup of coffee or tea and maybe even a sweet treat.

But enjoying quality Me Time gets tricky when your duties include making sure little ones are happy, engaged, and safe. Whether you're looking for a great place to spend your next play date — a venue that actually allows you to talk with other parents — or just wouldn't mind checking your email while your child is busy with imaginative play, these Long Island play cafes offer something for everyone.

Check out our Long Island play space guide and Winter Fun List for other great ideas on how to keep your kids occupied. 

Kid-Friendly Restaurants Close to the Franklin Institute

Visiting the Franklin Institute is a fun couple of hours and a great way to introduce the kids to the systems working in their bodies or cool science concepts. But at some point, everyone is going to get hungry. Instead of succombing to the cafeteria and the kid-staples of pizza and chicken nuggets, venture a few blocks outside of the museum to one of these kid-friendly restaurants. If you're planning on making a day of it, check out our post on places to try Thai rolled ice cream while you're in the city!

Brooklyn's Best Hot Chocolate Spots

Delicious, steaming hot cocoa topped with pillowy marshmallows is a kids staple during the winter months, warming little hands from the very first sip. You can make it at home, of course, but foodie Brooklyn offers a multitude of independent chocolatiers, coffee shops, and cafes serving up rich, creamy and inventive hot chocolates.

We recently covered the best spots to get hot chocolate in Manhattan, as well as Queens, but Brooklyn, home to the city's artisanal food scene, has plenty to offer, too. Read on for 10 of our favorite spots to pick up a cup of hot chocolate with the kids in this family-oriented borough.

Family-Friendly Ethnic Restaurants in the Hartford Area

Children’s curiosity is boundless, especially when learning about the world around them, and food has the power to educate while filling our bellies with yumminess. Coq au vin? Paella? Pansotti alla genovese? Chow Mein? Moussaka? You’re getting hungry…very hungry...and below are 10 suggestions for international cuisine in the Hartford area, where you can turn a family lunch or dinner into an exciting opportunity to try a new texture or spice. For even more fun, perhaps your family can practice learning a few words in a foreign language or listening to music from that particular culture. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can even try to replicate favorite recipes at home, at a later time. Of course, Connecticut abounds with delicious eateries, so you can also check out some ethnic family-friendly restaurants in the New Haven area


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