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Find Tutors in NYC and NJ with the New GooRoo App

A new NYC-based app, GooRoo, is connecting students (and their parents) with pre-screened tutors. It launched last spring from its home base on the Upper West Side, drawing on tutors from Columbia University, but has since expanded into all five boroughs, and more recently, Northern New Jersey, with tutors serving Bergen County, Jersey City, and Hoboken.

It’s a time-saver for busy parents, because each tutor has been interviewed in-person about his or her teaching style and passed a background check. Parents can peruse tutor ratings, pictures, and even videos. Read on for our review of this new app, and be sure to peruse the NYC Classes Guide or NJ Classes Guide to find more local enrichment options for your kids.

New NJ Sports Facility Caters to the Needs of All Kids

How’s this wish list for a kids' recreational class: great instructors, top-notch facilities, supportive staff, and diverse offerings for kids of all ages and abilities. When husband-and-wife duo Jonathan and Shannon Schafer decided to create the 37,800-square-foot Schafer Sports Center, these items were among their “must-haves."

My family recently visited the Schafer Sports Center in Ewing Township to check out their offerings, and it didn’t disappoint. There's something for everyone at this immaculate facility.

Big Stride: Sensory Gym and Play Space Now in Forest Hills

If there’s one thing Queens might always need, it’s another sensory gym, indoor party venue, and play space for kids. Well, Big Stride of Forest Hills, is a “triple threat,” offering all three options for residents. While it’s predominately a sensory gym and classes space for toddlers to teenagers with disabilities, it also can be reserved for birthday parties and private play dates. We checked out the new space to learn more.

99 Sensory Activities for Any Child

All kids can be affected by sensory processing issues. Certain situations just make them freak. So it makes sense that exposing kids to a variety of sensory activities in a calm, playful manner can alleviate some of these problems.

In that spirit, we've put together this list of 99 sensory activities for any child. Though these activities involve sensory stimulation, they are great all-around activities for any child, from toddlers on up. Some are even good for babies. These sensory activities also can help you. My kids' school's occupational therapist once gave a seminar to parents on sensory balance and activities for maintaining a sensory-savvy schedule. I now realize my engine tends to run too low and I need to work harder at energizing myself throughout the day. I have incorporated some of these activities to keep my own energy up.

For more tips on dealing with sensory issues, see our posts on sensory savvy-snacks and OT-recommended toys.


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