25 Fun Things To Do in Hoboken, New Jersey

Home sweet Hoboken. You're very small, with wildly uneven sidewalks, but it's hard to beat your warmth, your people, or your mutz. And for all the small towns in New Jersey, you rank amongst our absolute faves. Here's 25 fun, and mostly FREE things to do in my favorite small town urban area. 

25 Fun Things To Do in Morristown, NJ

Just 25 miles west of NYC, Morristown is rich in history, culture, and offers lots of fun for families. Where else can you walk alongside a seeing eye dog in training, shop at one of the best chocolate shops in the area, catch a kid friendly theater performance and visit a few places where George Washington actually DID sleep! I've had a blast exploring Morristown for over a decade with my brood and compiled my top 25 fun, and mostly FREE things to do in this great suburban town.

Sweet Ways to Donate Your Halloween Haul to Those in Need

Got a Halloween candy hangover? Parents across the country are wondering how they're going to get rid of all that candy their kids brought home. Some of it will be eaten, sure, but just one look at the amount of calories in an average Halloween haul and you'll want to make sure the bulk of it goes anywhere besides your family's stomachs.

There are a number of creative ways to get rid of Halloween candy, like using it for crafts or science experiments, having the Switch Witch take it in exchange for a small toy or, you know, saving it until Easter and throwing it in the basket. (Hey, it's only six months away—how stale can that candy get?) But perhaps the best thing to do with Halloween candy is donate it. That way your kids can enjoy a truly special treat: the feeling of helping others. Here are seven ideas for donating unopened candy.

Things To Do Halloween Weekend with LA Kids: Oct 31 - Nov 1

You know and I know, this weekend is about one thing: treats, treats, and more treats. Halloween is the only thing on your Minions' minds, and luckily there are about a thousand billion places to trick-or-treat. (There are also quite a few Halloween festivities that adult Minions can enjoy.) 

But the celebrations don't end Saturday night. There's another major holiday nipping at Halloween's heels. Most Día de los Muertos events are this weekend, and there's no better place than LA to rejoice in the memory of our departed loved ones.

Sunday brings an additional spiritual and highly anticipated occasion: Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, granting parents that elusive and most sought after gift of another hour of sleep. And after all the festivities of this weekend, you're gonna need it.

Keep reading for some of our most treat-tastic picks for this weekend...

What to Do with All That Halloween Candy: Tricks for Making it Disappear

Although you may have decided to give out non-edible treats this Halloween, chances are, your neighbors are still handing out the sweet stuff. When your kids come home from trick-or-treating with all that loot and start sorting through it, the sheer volume may make you freak out (even more than the pint-sized grim reaper at your door did).

What are you going to do with all that candy? You could let the kids eat most of it in one sitting (and get sick), or you might be tempted to dump it in the trash. There's no need to take drastic measures! I recommend giving your kids the opportunity to pick out a few of their favorite pieces and then make the rest disappear like magic. Read on for a few neat tricks. 

Safe, Organized, and Indoor Trick-or-Treat Options for LA Kids on Halloween Night

We may have grown up cruising the streets unchaperoned eating loosely wrapped candy on Halloween night, but we’d no sooner let our own children do that than bounce around the back of a station wagon without a car seat. And while some of us are fortunate enough to have friendly, festive neighborhoods to walk our Elsas through, many parents prefer the safety and self-contained nature of a mall, museum, or other organized trick-or-treat event.

Keep an eye on our events calendar and Halloween Fun Guide for complete listings; some venues hold their Halloween celebrations before Saturday, to maximize the weekend. October 31, of course, is the night for ringing doorbells, but for those who prefer to collect candy in a confined space, we have oodles of options below.

Haunted Houses in Hartford County , CT

Halloween is fast approaching and what other way to celebrate the holiday than by visiting a spooky Haunted House? Did you know that Connecticut is said to be one of the states with the most paranormal activity in the country! Enjoy a frightful experience at one of these scary sites in Hartford County with the entire family. Watch as your child gets pleasure from the heart racing thrills while clutching closely to your side! For more Halloween Fun check out our Halloween and Fall Fun Guide!

13 Free Día de los Muertos Celebrations around Los Angeles

Here in Los Angeles, the skeletons of Halloween dance straight into the calacas of Day of the Dead / Día de los Muertos. Traditional events featuring music, dancing, and ceremonial altars honoring loved ones spring up all over town. Whether the holiday is a familiar part of your culture or something you'd like to experience for the first time, free events welcome visitors of all ages with beautiful artwork and haunting imagery. Check out one of these dozen free events in LA and Orange County (including the haunting novenarios downtown).


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