101 Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Easy Halloween Costumes, Funny Costumes, & More

These kids are ready to rock Halloween. What will your kids be? Photo by Sara Marentette
These kids are ready to rock Halloween. What will your kids be? Photo by Sara Marentette
9/28/21 - By Ally Noel

Halloween is just around the corner which means it's just about costume o’clock! For many kids, the hardest part is choosing the perfect Halloween costume. For many parents, the hardest part is MacGyver-ing together kids' Halloween costumes at the last minute. If you are the DIY type, check out these Easy DIY Halloween Costumes. For the rest of us, this list of over 100 ideas will get your whole family excited to pick out, purchase, or put together the perfect Halloween costume. We’ve covered all your bases from family Halloween costumes to adorable baby Halloween costumes, too!

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Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Cruella De Vil

Who doesn't want to dress as the fabulous fashionista that everyone loves to hate?

Pop Culture Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Cruella De Vil

Cruella is a new favorite with a modern take on her classic black and white look. 

2. Luca the Sea Monster

It was pretty hard not to fall in love with Luca this summer, now you can fall in love with him all over again this fall. 

3. The Mandalorian

While this costume is battle-ready, if you have a baby in the family, they can dress up as The Child.   

4. Black Widow

Become one of the most talented spies in the whole world with this costume. 

5. USA Olympians 

This costume will definitely earn a gold medal—or at least some gold foil-wrapped candy!

6. Cicadas 

Brood X may have emerged over the summer, but nothing is as creepy as a whole crew dressing up as them for Halloween. 

7. SpaceX Astronaut

Did you see those SpaceX Uniforms?

8. Dr. Fauci

Who knew an 80-year-old doctor would become a classic costume!

9. Raya 

Raya is definitely the newest popular princess.

10. WandaVision

Pick a decade, any decade! Wanda has seen them all.

11. Cinderella

Camilla Cabello’s more modern Cinderella is an update on the Disney classic. And Mom or Dad can dress up as Billy Porter's Fab G.

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Wonder Woman

Don't mess with this pint-sized Wonder Woman.

12. Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman, but make it “gold.”

13. Space Jam

This uniform—I mean costume—will make you an official member of the Tune Squad.

14. Ada Twist

Let your imagination soar as you take on the role of this second grade scientist.

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Cute little witch
The classic costumes are classics for a very adorable reason. Photo by Charles Parker

Classic Kids' Halloween Costumes 

15. Witch 

Double, double toil and trouble. This one is easy! Just dress in black and accessorize with a pointy hat and broom.

16. Vampire 

Anyone can be a vampire with the right set of fangs and a touch of facepaint

17. Frankenstein 

“It’s Alive!” Transform yourself into the monster of all monsters with this make-up kit.

18. Bat 

Add a pair of wings to any black outfit and you’ve got yourself a bat costume. These are great to order and keep in the closet for any last-minute costume needs.

19. Mummy 

Dress in white, and wrap yourself in torn pieces of white fabric. Add some white face paint to complete the costume.

20. Spider 

Be sure not to get wrapped up in this spider costume’s web.

21. Skeleton 

A classic for a reason: all you need is this skeleton costume for a bone-chilling night.

22. Scarecrow 

A pair of overalls and a flannel make the perfect base for this costume. Tuck some hay into your sleeves and pants for a complete look.

23. Cat 

Dress all in black, draw on some whiskers, and purchase a set of ears and a tail to complete this easy DIY Halloween costume.

24. Mouse 

Dress in all gray, grab one of these mouse accessories kits, and watch everyone scream with delight when they see you on Halloween night. 

25. Zombie 

Torn-up clothes are the outfit of choice for most zombies. Complete your look with the right face paint.

26. Clown 

There are so many different kinds of clowns! Grab some clown paint and let your imagination go wild. 

27. Cheerleader 

Go team! Grab a pair of pom-poms and cheer for team Halloween! 

28. Bunny 

Hop into this costume with a pair of ears and a cotton tail.

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Pirate and Flamingo
You're never too young to be a pirate. Or a flamingo, for that matter. Photo by Meghan Rose

29. Pirate 

Being a pirate is about 90% attitude and 10% hat and eye patch.

30. Doctor 

Wear a white coat and grab a clipboard and you are good to go with this easy costume.

31. Cowboy 

Mosey on up with this cowboy accessory kit, which just needs a pair of jeans and plain t-shirt or checkered shirt to complete the look.

32. Ghost 

You could go classic with a white sheet or bring your ghost to the next level with this cozy onesie.

33. Alien 

Dress in all green and add antenna and sunglasses for this classic Halloween look.

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Firefighter
Dressing as a firefighter, or any first responder, is cooler than ever this year. Photo by Sara Marentette

35. Firefighter 

There is no emergency on Halloween that this firefighter can’t handle. 

36. Princess

It’s all about the tiara! Today's princess can wear any fancy outfit they desire along with these princess accessories. 

37. Prince 

How adorable will your little one be in this charming costume

38. Unicorn 

Stay warm and toasty on Halloween night in this unicorn onesie. As a bonus, you can pop them right into bed after trick-or-treating!

39. Fairy 

Wings and a tutu can make any kid into a fairy for the evening.

40. Dinosaur

Roar! There’s an awfully cute dinosaur in the house!  

41. Pumpkin 

With this costume, your little pumpkin will be the sweetest in the whole patch.

42. Werewolf 

Watch out for that full moon on Halloween with this werewolf costume.

43. Superhero 

You know what they say, the cape makes the superhero. Design your own superhero costume with one of these capes.

44. Angel

Wings + Halo = Angel! 

45. Dragon 

Flames are not included in this dragon costume

46. Robot

Sure, you could DIY a costume out of a few cardboard boxes, but this store-bought one is just as fun, and so much less work.

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas:  The Incredibles
The Incredibles makes for an incredible family costume. Photo by Mommy Poppins

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

47. The Addams Family 

Be as creepy, cooky, and ooky as you want to be as the Addams Family. 

48. The Incredibles

A whole family of superheroes is surely incredible.

49. Toy Story 

Will you be a Woodie, Jessie, or Forky?

50. Beauty and the Beast 

The hardest choice may be who gets to be the Beast and who gets to be Gaston.

51. Power Rangers 

Pink, Black, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Gold—your family will certainly be a colorful bunch as the Power Rangers.

52. The Cat in the Hat 

Dress up as classic characters from The Cat in the Hat.

53. Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? A whole family of Ghostbusters

54. Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark 

The song may be a little annoying, but these DIY costumes sure are cute!

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Jareth the Goblin King and Hawkeye
Hawkeye is a favorite for kids who love bows and arrows. It's not a favorite of Jareth the Goblin King.

55. Avengers 

There are definitely enough Avengers to go around, no matter how big your family is. 

56. Hocus Pocus

Grab your vacuums (or brooms)—tonight we ride!

57. The Greatest Showman 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

58. M&Ms

These delectable costumes will definitely not melt in your mouth.

59. Emojis

For a simple yellow circle, emojis can say so much! 

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Baby Yoda
Call him Baby Yoda, The Child, or Grogu—it's just pretty darn cute. Photo courtesy of Mommy Poppins

Cute Toddler & Baby Halloween Costumes 

60. Baby Yoda

I mean, does it get cuter than an actual baby dressed up like Baby Yoda?

61. Chick

Your little one will make one cute chick. 

62. Burrito

Wrap your baby up like a little burrito.

63. Avocado 

You will definitely want to eat up this adorable avocado. 

64. Bumble Bee

This bumblebee costume is sweeter than honey. 

65. Old Lady

Life comes full circle when your baby dresses up like an old lady.

66. Mouse in a Mousetrap

We love how this one uses a wagon to wheel your little mouse around the neighborhood.

67. Cactus 

This costume is so cute, it hurts! 

68. Ladybug

The most friendly of all bugs is the perfect costume for the pint-sized set. 

69. Starbucks Drink

I’ll take mine with extra foam.

70. Lamb

Your little lamb will be the talk of the flock.

71. Lion 

Even the littlest of lions will have everyone roaring. 

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Adaptive Pirate Ship
We're loving these costumes for everyone like this adaptive Pirate Ship costume. Photo courtesy of Party City

Great Adaptive Halloween Costumes

72. Princess Carriage

73. Frozen Elsa

74. Pirate Ship

75. Elmo  

76. Paw Patrol

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Batman and Robin
The dynamic duo hits the candy trail. Photo by Sara Marentette

Popular Character Kids' Halloween Costumes 

77. The Descendants

It’s alright to be rotten to the core when you are infamous royalty. 

78. Harry Potter

Be a wizard or a muggle—all you need is the right tie. 

79. Alice in Wonderland

There are so many characters in this Lewis Carol classic, how will you choose which one to be?

80. Wizard of Oz 

Grab those ruby slippers and head for the Yellow Brick Road. Don't forget Toto—or maybe a costume for your own Toto.

81. Frozen

Whether you are the classic Frozen Elsa or the more modern Frozen 2, these sisters will always melt our hearts.  

82. Star Wars 

The only real question here is: classic trilogy? Prequel? Sequel trilogy? Kids have a whole galaxy of characters to choose from. 

83. Annie 

Annie is everyone’s favorite red-headed orphan. 

84. Batman 

The Dark Knight is always a classic Halloween costume. 

85. Power Puff Girls 

This crime-fighting trio makes a great group costume as well.

86. Super Man 

By now, we all know it’s not a bird or a plane—dress up for one night as the Man of Steel. 

87. Sesame Street

Sweep the clouds away dressed up as a resident of Sesame Street.

88. Super Mario Brothers 

Luigi and Mario are sure to make any gamer’s Halloween dreams come true. 

89. Lego

There’s a whole world of Lego characters out there to pick from. 

90. Dragons Love Tacos

This no-sew costume comes together with fabric tape and hot glue, which is my kind of sewing.

91. Where’s Waldo 

With this costume, you will certainly not get lost in the crowd. 

92. The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King who rules over a whole collection of creepy Halloween characters.

93. Madeline 

The classic children’s picture book namesake is filled with enough spunk and character to delight children on Halloween. Don't forget the hat!

94. Rosie Revere Engineer

This no-sew costume turns a white dress into Rosie Revere. 

95. Black Panther 

Wakanda forever.

Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas: Descendants
Trick-or-treat! Photo by Ally Noel

Easy Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

96. Umbrella Jellyfish

If it rains on Halloween night, you will be the driest jellyfish in town. 

97. Stick Figure Costume

Add some glow sticks to a black outfit and you can create a stick figure costume. 

98. Bunch of Grapes

Purple balloons come together to form a bunch of grapes. 

99. Skeleton

Black leggings and a t-shirt are the base of this no-sew skeleton costume.  

100. Gumball Machine

In about 15 minutes, you can be out the door as a fabulous gumball machine. 

101. Strawberry

A solid red t-shirt and baseball cap can be DIYed into a strawberry costume. 

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