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FREE STEAM Fun for Westchester Families

STEAM programs are really heating up in Westchester, with both in-school and extracurricular activities sprouting up all over the place. In case your family hasn’t yet caught the craze, STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art and math, and there's a growing movement to ramp up education for kids in these areas.

We previously posted our guide to STEAM centers in Westchester. Now, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite FREE STEAM programs planned for kids this spring. Whether your child is a future physicist, meteorologist, computer programmer, entomologist, astronomer, mathematician, collage artist or engineer, there’s something for all ages and interests.

Our Event Calendar is frequently updated with new additions, so view it often to stay up to date. Now grab your planner, ‘cause things are getting really STEAM-y out there!

Bellaire Nature Discovery Center Undergoes Massive Renovation

Change is right around the corner at Bellaire's Nature Discovery Center, and we had the chance to take a sneak peek at everything the newly transformed center will have to offer. I remember my first visit to the Nature Discovery Center very clearly - it was like unearthing a hidden gem; it was (and is!) a small patch of nature inside the concrete jungle known as Houston. Under the name of the Gateway Project, the center has received a facelift in almost every area, from new education resources to added nature trails. 

Spring Wildflower Hikes and Super Blooms for Southern California Families

Spring is in the air, and spring means wildflowers! This season is turning out to be a particularly good one, in case you haven't heard. Words like "superbloom" are being bandied about, and in some cases with good cause. Some of the hillsides that we've been sad to see engulfed in fire or parched by drought in recent years finally got the rain they needed this winter to awaken seeds that lie waiting for years for this perfect combination of events. There are several locations that are known for spectacular annual displays of spring wildflowers in Southern California (not to mention the famous fields of Carlsbad), but this season brings some special guest stars as well. Large displays typically last two to six weeks, so you need to make plans quickly when word comes of a good display. (Don't have time to drive outside the city limits? We know plenty of local hikes worth checking, too!)

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Where to Find Bluebonnets in Houston This Spring

It's that time of year again. Texas Bluebonnet season runs March-May, but this year Texans have seen these beautiful blue blooms starting in mid-February. We've rounded up some spots where you can snap some of those iconic pictures in and around Houston, and we'll continue to update this post as we find more locations. If you have a favorite spot to share, let us know at


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