10 Best US Airports for Traveling with Kids

There are all sorts of things to look forward to when we travel, but the airport is not generally one of them. If flying with kids conjures up images of agonizing lines, stressful bathroom visits, and long walks down grimy hallways with cranky toddlers, maybe for your next trip you should try rerouting through one of the airports below. These 10 US hubs have all gone the extra mile to make an airport into a destination kids will remember as part of the adventure. If your trip starts, finishes, or lays over at one of our favorite kid-friendly terminals, you can look forward to play areas, interactive exhibits, rides, and more to keep ahead of the turbulence.

The Best Kid-Friendly Nutcracker and Holiday Shows for Westchester Families

The holiday season is fast upon us, and while there are some ways we can self-pace how we savor the season, one recommendation for advance planning is to purchase tickets for holiday performances. Not only do they often sell out in advance, but claiming choice seats can avoid the familiar whines of “I can’t see ...”

Fortunately for Westchester residents, there are various holiday performances to choose from. We’ve rounded up the best kid-friendly productions—from assorted interpretations of The Nutcracker to traditional concerts and new musical theater—to help you ring in the holiday season.

Read on and click through for details. Also be sure to visit our Event Calendar, where you’ll find an ever-growing number of other holiday events we’re curating for your family to enjoy! Looking for even more holiday options? Check out our Holiday Fun Guide

10 Free Events for Westchester Kids During Thanksgiving Week

It’s Thanksgiving week, and our roundup of free activities for Westchester kids makes the most of this seasonal spirit.

The Teensgiving Celebration gives the older crowd their own private holiday, while younger kids can make a Thanksgiving wreath to adorn their home. Having trouble settling the debate of Pumpkin vs Pecan Pie? Make them both!

Read on for the rest of our free finds, and then head to our Event Calendar for many more options to choose from!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: Stu Spivack, via Flickr.

Best Places To Visit Santa Claus with Westchester Kids

For those who celebrate Christmas, the holiday season is hardly complete without a trip to visit Santa. Lucky for us, there's no shortage of places in Westchester where kids can have a meet-and-greet with the big guy, and we’ve rounded them up for you here. If you’re looking for a photo opp for your little ones (and your pets!), these Santa sightings are sure to delight you and your little ones this holiday season.

Want an even more relaxed environment? Check out some of the breakfasts with Santa occurring throughout Westchester. 

For even more holiday activities, see our coverage on holiday tree lightings and performances of the The Nutcracker, all happening in Westchester.

20 Must-Do Holiday Experiences for Westchester Kids

The holiday season has officially kicked off, and Westchester families are fortunate to live in an area with so many different ways to ring it in.

We know it can be difficult narrowing down the choices, but planning ahead of time makes sense because many of these popular events require reservations—and fill up very quickly! We’ve gathered a list of 20 can’t-miss holiday events and activities in Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley that we know are a hit with kids and grown-ups alike.

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Tree Lighting Celebrations to Kick Off the Holidays in Westchester

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to herald its arrival than with a grand (or cozy) holiday tree lighting? You don't have to head to Rockefeller Center to enjoy that holiday magic. Many events in Westchester have live music, toasty refreshments, a visit from Santa himself and—in some cases—some extra bells and whistles.

We’ve rounded up several tree lighting festivities, starting as early as this weekend(!) and ranging from grand celebrations to cozier small-town affairs. 

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Sugar-Hi: A New Sweet Spot for Westchester Families that's Simply to Die for

A new sweet shop has arrived in Westchester, and it’s so good that it’s worth a drive from wherever you live. Introducing: Sugar Hi.

At first glance, the sugar shack may resemble other similar spots—and with respect to the selection of candy and ice cream, a comparison can fairly be made. But make no mistake: The baked goods and frozen beverages are to die for. And while the ice cream and candy are provided by other suppliers, the baked goods are made by the Sugar Hi team for a one-of-a-kind tastebud experience.

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Weekend Fun for Westchester Kids: Biscuit on Stage, Star Wars Days

All kinds of fun is coming up this weekend for Westchester and Hudson Valley kids. Whether you're a fan of Star Wars or STEAM, magic acts or parades, there's all this and more.

Thanksgiving starts early with the Annual Valenti Thanksgiving Day Parade, this year featuring a pancake breakfast. Several theatrical performances are tailored to kids, including the page-to-stage Biscuit. The Mini Maker Faire is an extravaganza allowing families to be inspired by maker encounters and seeing their creations. STEM fans can get their fill of circuitry, rockets and more at the free STEAMFest. And with about a month to go before the release of the next Star Wars film, unleash your family’s excitement at Lego Star Wars Days.

These are just a few of our top picks for the weekend; the rest can be found below, and there are even more fun and enriching opportunities on our Event Calendar. Consult our November GoList to plan ahead, and sign up for our weekly newsletters to stay current with all our great findings!

10 Picture-Perfect Holiday Day Trips Near NYC

New York City is magical during the holiday season. However, if you're looking to experience some holiday happenings not too far from home, we've rounded up great options for family day trips, where kids can see Santa, dazzling holiday lights, and even a North Pole village.

From right-in-our-backyard picks to rustic Christmas fun in Mystic, Connecticut and Hudson Valley, here are 10 holiday outings—listed from nearest to farthest from Midtown—worth a drive or train trek.

10 Free Weekday Events for Westchester Kids (Gratitude Included)

November is a time for gratitude, and one thing we can all be grateful for is the abundance of opportunities to enrich our kids' lives with the wide variety of programs tailored to varying tastes and abilities. This week is a great time to celebrate that, both for the cultural diversity at hand and the emphasis on preparing for Thanksgiving. We can also be grateful that so many of these opportunities are free!

A standout is Being Thankful, which provides several tactics for promoting gratitude, executed in a fun format. Also seasonal is the Pumpkin Clock Experiment, where STEAM lovers can create a time-telling device using actual squash. On the subject of diversity, A Taste of Korea introduces families to the preparation of—and enjoyment of—Korean cuisine.

Below we've rounded up our 10 favorite FREE ways for kids to have fun (and be grateful) in Westchester. Read on, then head to our Event Calendar for many more options, this week and beyond!

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Photo: San Jose Public Library, via Flickr.


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