Winter Activities

Houston's Best Parks & Trails for Family Bike Rides

Encouraging healthy hobbies is at the top of my priority list when it comes to my kids, and I've tried to make being active a part of their lives since day one. Both kids have accompanied me on many runs in the jogging stroller since they were babies, and they know that if it's a nice day we're doing something outside. Now that my oldest is riding his bike, we frequently head out to different trails together where I'll chase after him with my daughter strapped into the jogging stroller as he flies down trails (his biking has been excellent for improving my running speed) or we'll bike together as a family if my husband is able to come along for the ride. 

A Visit to the Institute for American Indian Studies Museum & Research Center

Tucked on a woodsy cul-de-sac in Washington - one of the most pastoral areas of Connecticut – you will find an important assortment of stories and artifacts that preserve and celebrate the traditions and contributions of indigenous cultures. Though small in square footage, the Institute for American Indian Studies Museum & Research Center features an impressive collection and is an especially child-friendly Litchfield County attraction.

Bellaire Nature Discovery Center Undergoes Massive Renovation

Change is right around the corner at Bellaire's Nature Discovery Center, and we had the chance to take a sneak peek at everything the newly transformed center will have to offer. I remember my first visit to the Nature Discovery Center very clearly - it was like unearthing a hidden gem; it was (and is!) a small patch of nature inside the concrete jungle known as Houston. Under the name of the Gateway Project, the center has received a facelift in almost every area, from new education resources to added nature trails. 


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