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Best Places for Trick or Treating in Houston

Halloween is only a couple weeks away, which means it's time to start finalizing costumes (just realized you're in a pinch? We've got you covered with easy, last-minute costume ideas!) and determining where you're taking the kiddos trick or treating, especially if you're looking to branch out past your own neighborhood this year. Not sure where to start looking? Check out these Houston neighborhoods and hotspots for fun, safe, and friendly trick or treating this Halloween.

25 Things to Do, See, and Eat in Chinatown with Kids

At first glance, navigating the street vendors, traffic, and crowds of Canal Street can seem intimidating for families. But with a little planning, Chinatown opens up into a world of wonders. Explore parks, temples, turn-of-the century architecture, festivities, and, of course, amazing food in one of NYC's fastest-growing neighborhoods.

Chinatown is unlike other hot spots in Manhattan. It is a living, breathing neighborhood with a real community and real residents. Although dependent on tourists, Chinatown is unapologetically authentic. Be fearless, kind, and patient. as you step into this city within a city. Growing up in NYC, I've seen Chinatown evolve yet never change, holding steadfast to traditions while still exploring and innovating. As an adult, I plan to make Chinatown a part of my children's lives for years to come.

Get the insider's scoop on more of NYC's popular areas, such as Koreatown, with our Neighborhood Guides.

Best Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat for Long Island Kids

There's nothing like trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood right here on Long Island, or heading to your favorite downtown to fill up on treats from local businesses. You know how to traverse every nook and cranny. Plus, you probably have a good idea which houses to avoid and which to knock on twice for those sweet rewards. The camaraderie among neighbors can fill residents with pride.

But sometimes change is good.

So which Long Island neighborhoods are best for trick-or-treating? We prefer ones that have houses close together, banks of merchants who participate, are well lit and have minimal traffic running through them. Read on for a list of our favorites.

Check out our Halloween Guide for more Long Island trick-or-treating fun, including these top events for kids and not-too-scary haunted houses and walks.


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