100 Best Board Games for Kids and Family Game Night

Cooperative games like Castle Panic are perfect for family game night.
Cooperative games like Castle Panic are perfect for family game night.
9/26/23 - By Amelia Eigerman

Planning a family game night? Check out our ultimate list of the 100 best board games for kids and families.

Game night is kind of a big deal in our house. The whole family gathers around the table, snacks all ready… and then we spend about an hour debating what game to play. There are just so many great family board games to choose from. From classic board games like Monopoly to modern favorites such as Codenames, there’s plenty of competition when it comes to the best board games for kids.

To help you choose some great kids' and family games, we've compiled a list of the 100 best board games for kids of all ages, from preschoolers to teens. We've also included some great options for family game night and birthday parties. Some of these games teach skills like spelling and fine motor skills, while others teach bigger concepts such as collaboration and strategy. Most importantly, they are all loads of fun!

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The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game Best Board Games for Kids and Family
The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is always full of laughs.

Best Board Games for Preschoolers (3-5 year olds)

Many of the best board games for kids under 5 are collaborative games, meaning players work together rather than compete against each other. Others are educational games that teach things like letters, colors, and shapes. All of them are fun and easy to learn.

1. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Ages 3+; 2-4 players

This popular strategy game for preschoolers is the perfect introduction to board games. It teaches colors and matching skills as young players try to be the first to collect one acorn of each color.

2. Zingo!

Ages 4+; 1-6 players

There's a reason "Zingo" rhymes with "bingo"—this game is basically bingo with sight words. It's great for early readers and kids who can't read quite yet, but big siblings and parents will enjoy playing it, too.

3. Outfoxed!

Ages 4+; 2-4 players

This cooperative game is a great first board game for preschoolers, who can team up to solve the mystery of a stolen pie.

4. Cat-tastrophe!

Ages 3+; 1-4 players

In this dexterity game, kids have to save a kitty from the top of a tree without knocking it over. The game can be played solo, so it's a great way for little ones to entertain themselves while a parent is making dinner or folding laundry.

5. Life on Earth Memory and Matching Game

Ages 3+; 1-6 players

There are all kinds of memory and matching games out there, but we especially love the nature themes and adorable illustrations featured in this one.

6. Pancake Pileup

Ages 4+; 2-4 players

This fast-paced game, in which players race to build stacks of pancakes, helps to develop coordination and motor skills. We also love that the pancake pieces can be reused for imaginative play.

7. Shelby’s Snack Shack Game

Ages 3-5; 2-4 players

Dig up bones to help Shelby the pug get her snacks. This game for preschoolers builds fine motor skills and encourages kids to practice counting.

8. First Orchard

Ages 2+; 1-4 players

Work together to pick colorful fruit before the raven can steal it. This game is great for teaching early learners about taking turns, colors, and collaboration.

9. Dinosaur Escape Game

Ages 4+; 2-4 players

In this fun game, preschoolers collaborate to help the dinosaurs escape the island before the volcano explodes. The game requires players to use their memory to find matching tiles.

10. Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Ages 3+; 2-4 players

Learn colors, counting, and shapes in this collaborative game for young kids. Preschoolers will love tucking the colorful bugs in to sleep for the night.

11. Pete the Cat I Love My Buttons Game

Ages 3+; 2-4 players

Help beloved kids' character Pete the Cat collect his buttons by matching up the colors and textures. Work together or independently to build your preschooler's skills.

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Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Sushi Go!
Sushi Go! reinforces probability, visual discrimination, and strategic thinking.

Best Board Games for Kids in Elementary School (Ages 5-10)

12. Sushi Go!

Ages 8-15; 2-5 players

Build the perfect plate of sushi to score points in Sushi Go! This game is super quick to learn and fun for a wide range of ages.

13. Qwirkle

Ages 6+; 2-4 players

Qwirkle is a great strategy game that grows with kids. Players must match the shapes and colors on the tiles to win.

14. The Fuzzies

Ages 6+; 2-4 players

The Fuzzies is like a modern take on Jenga. Remove one pom-pom at a time and do challenges when they fall. This game couldn't be easier to set up and will be a staple for years.

15. Connect 4 Spin

Ages 8+; 2 players

This is a fun twist on the classic game Connect 4. Not only are the spinning columns fun to play with, they also add a layer of strategy and challenge to the game for older kids.

Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Gobblet!
Kids can exercise memory, strategy, and focus with Gobblet!

16. Gobblet!

Ages 7+; 2 players

Take tic-tac-toe to the next level with Gobblet! Play your pieces next to or on top of your opponent's to make a row of four and win.

17. SET

Ages 8+; 1+ players

SET is a classic game of finding patterns. Make sets (get it?) of cards on the table based on shape, color, and pattern. This game is great solo or in large groups, making it extremely versatile.

18. Quiddler

Ages 8+; 1-8 players

Use your hand of cards to make words in Quiddler. While this game teaches spelling and vocabulary, even kids who don't love word games will have fun.

19. Skip-Bo

Ages 7+; 2-6 players

If you love the classic card game UNO, try Skip-Bo. The object is to play cards in ascending order to clear your hand and win.

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Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Blokus XL
Blokus XL is a fun way to develop spatial reasoning skills.

20. Blokus XL

Ages 7+; 2-4 players

In this fun game, players use their spatial reasoning skills to try to place all 21 of their pieces on the board. Each piece must touch another piece of the same color, but only at the corners.

21. Bananagrams

Ages 7+; 2-8 players

There are multiple ways to play Bananagrams. Compete to build crossword grids the fastest, or use the tiles to spell out sentences. You can even play solo and see how fast you can make a crossword using all the tiles.

22. Taco vs. Burrito

Ages 6+; 2-4 players

Build the best taco or burrito in this wacky card game. Play cards into your tortilla to rack up points, but keep in mind that there are tons of twists that can change the game at any time.

23. Dixit

Ages 8+; 3-8 players

No list of the best board games for kids would be complete without Dixit, a game of imagination and creative storytelling with beautiful illustrations.

Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Suspend by Melissa & Doug
Suspend will have everyone hanging on the edge of their seats.

24. Suspend by Melissa & Doug

Ages 8+; 1-4 players

Balance is the name of the game when playing Suspend. Either solo or with friends, hang the game pieces from the stand until it topples.

25. Heavy Traffic Logic Game

Ages 5+; 1 player

This solo game is a great brainteaser for kids who like puzzles. It comes with several preset levels for your child to puzzle through, and is perfect for developing spatial reasoning and logic.


Ages 7+; 2-12 players

SEQUENCE is a game that will grow with your family. Score points by playing cards in order on the board. This game may seem simple, but there is enough challenge to keep even adults engaged time after time.

27. Slamwich

Ages 6+; 2-6 players

Slamwich encourages kids to think quickly and stay on their toes. Build giant "sandwiches" with the awesome food-shaped cards to win.

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Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Kanoodle
Players around the world can’t get enough of the award-winning puzzle game Kanoodle.

28. Kanoodle

Ages 7+; 1 player

Kanoodle is a simple game that can be played so many ways to develop spatial reasoning and geometry skills. Players build 2D and 3D shapes with limited tetromino-style tiles.

29. Race to the Treasure!

Ages 5+; 2-4 players

In this collaborative game, players work together, strategize, and build a path to collect keys and beat an ogre as a team.

30. Rivers, Roads, and Rails

Ages 5+; 1-8 players

Introduce your kids to tile-building games with Rivers, Roads, and Rails. This game builds an understanding of communication, connections, and matching.

31. Rapid Rumble

Ages 6+; 2-5 players

Quickly shout out matching answers to the cards you pull in Rapid Rumble. This game grows with kids and is still fun to play years down the line.

Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Ticket to Ride
Build your tracks across the US in the fast-paced, strategic board game Ticket to Ride.

Best Board Games for Teens and Tweens

32. Ticket to Ride

Ages 8+; 2-5 players

Become a railroad tycoon in Ticket to Ride. Set routes, place trains, and build an empire. This game is an absolute staple when it comes to modern board games.

33. Timeline

Ages 8-15; 2-6 players

How well do you know your history? In Timeline, teens place historical events in order, trying their best to figure out which came first. Even grown-ups will be surprised by how tricky it can be.

34. Takenoko

Ages 8+; 2-4 players

In Takenoko, players become gardeners growing bamboo for the Emperor of Japan's panda. Grow different colors of bamboo, dealing with weather issues and other objectives.

35. Exploding Kittens

Ages 7+; 2-5 players

Exploding Kittens is a popular, fast-paced card game that both kids and adults enjoy. From goofy cards to wild game mechanics, there's lots to love about it.

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Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
It's fast-paced, laugh-out-loud fun with Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.

36. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Ages 8+; 3-8 players

This quick and simple game is perfect for taking on vacation. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza invites players to claim cards by slapping the table after a match is played—the faster, the better!

37. In A Pickle

Ages 10+; 2-6 players

Get creative with In A Pickle. The goal is to find the biggest card in your hand that can contain the item named on the card on the table. For example, a pickle might fit in a jar, a stomach, a fridge, and a store.

38. Happy Little Dinosaurs

Ages 8+; 2-4 players

Play as a dino in Happy Little Dinosaurs, a quirky game for kids and adults. Avoid meteors, lava, and more to survive the longest and win.

39. Tsuro

Ages 8+; 2-8 players

Use strategy and luck to remain on the mysterious path the longest to win in Tsuro. The maze grows with each turn, and players must anticipate the other players' next moves. The board changes every time for endless replayability.

Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Kingdomino
Kingdomino is one of the best board games for kids to play with adults. 

40. Kingdomino

Ages 8+; 2-4 players

Kingdomino is a great introduction to city-building games. If you're just waiting for your kid to be old enough to play Catan, try this game out. It's simple to learn, but still has enough complexity to keep both kids and adults engaged.

41. Phase 10

Ages 7-16; 2-6 players

Phase 10 is a twist on the classic game of rummy. Play sets of cards to earn points, but watch out—Wild and Skip cards can change the game at any time.

42. 7 Wonders

Ages 10+; 3-7 players

In 7 Wonders, it's your job to steer great civilizations to their best possible future by building monuments, shoring up your army, and more. This highly strategic game is super fun for the whole family.

43. Mexican Train Dominoes

Ages 8+; 2-8 players

Large and small groups will love playing Mexican Train with these awesome dominoes. The game is quick to learn and has a timeless appeal that will keep players coming back for more.

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Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Munchkin
Munchkin is a simple, card-based game that's chock full o' silliness.

44. Munchkin

Ages 10+; 3-6 players

Munchkin is a cult classic that definitely deserves a spot in your game cabinet. Play as an adventurer exploring dungeons. You'll collect loot, don armor, and slay monsters on your quest for riches and greatness.

45. Trash Pandas

Ages 8-15; 2-4 players

Dig through the trash in Trash Pandas to make the perfect dinner for a hungry raccoon. This game has it all: strategy, luck, and raccoons!

46. Sheriff of Nottingham

Ages 14+; 3-6 players

Sheriff of Nottingham is a bluffing game that never fails to entertain. Get your goods past the Sheriff to earn gold and win the game.

47. Wingspan

Ages 14+; 1-5 players

If the beautiful bird art on the cards and board isn't enough, Wingspan also has airtight mechanics and gameplay. Add birds to your wildlife preserves to earn bonuses and win the game.

48. Settlers of Catan

Ages 10+; 3-4 players

It doesn't get more classic than Catan when it comes to modern board games. Build roads, trade resources, and create an empire. There is so much depth to this game, you'll want to play for years to come.

Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Unstable Unicorns
Unstable Unicorns will destroy your friendships—but in a good way!

49. Unstable Unicorns

Ages 14+; 2-8 players

The goal of this strategic card game is to be the first person to collect seven unicorns in your play area, also known as your Stable. Teens will love using special cards to destroy their friends' unicorns and slow their progress.

50. Onitama

Ages 6+; 2 players

Onitama is a chess-like game that requires true strategy. Use martial arts moves to capture your opponent's Master and become the champion.

51. Chronology

Ages 14+; 2-8 players

Build a timeline, one card at a time. With hundreds of historical events in the deck, it's quite tricky to place them in the correct order. Compete to be the first to have 10 cards in the correct chronological order.

52. That’s Pretty Clever!

Ages 14+; 1-4 players

This clever dice game is fast and lots of fun to play. Earn points with different dice combos. The game is just as fun solo, making it a great boredom buster for rainy days.

53. Castle Panic

Ages 8+; 1-6 players

Play cards to battle through wild scenarios such as giant boulders and hordes of monsters in this fun board game. There are several ways to play, from solo to collaborative to competitive.

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Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Wavelength
Wavelength is a party game the whole extended family will enjoy. 

Best Family Board Games for Game Night

54. Wavelength

All Ages; 2-12+ players

In Wavelength, you'll work together with your team to guess where on the scale a prompt lies. It's an amazing game to play during extended-family gatherings, especially when you've got a wide range of ages.

55. Kids Against Maturity

Ages 10+; 4+ players

If you've ever played Cards Against Humanity, you know how much fun it is—and how wildly inappropriate it is for kids. Kids Against Maturity is its child-friendly counterpart, with plenty of toilet humor and other wackiness that will have everyone in the family howling with laughter.

56. What Do You Meme? Family Edition

Ages 8+; 3-20+ players

In this hilarious game, players must choose the funniest caption to a meme (such as, "when you're secretly proud of how loud you farted") from the cards in their hand. Just be sure to get the game's family edition, as the regular version can get seriously raunchy.

57. Love Letters

Ages 10+; 2-6 players

Get close to the princess in this card game to win it all. Use a combination of strategy and bluff to have the best hand at the end of the round, but don't get knocked out by your opponents.

58. Happy Salmon

Ages 6+; 3-8 players

Match actions such as fist bumps and high-fives with other players around the table. This is one of those family games that is sure to get everyone excited as players shout and try to find a match.

59. Sagrada

Ages 13+; 4 players

Build beautiful stained-glass windows by rolling dice. This game is kind of like Sudoku with stained glass, which is such a cool and unique concept for family game night.

60. Hedbanz

Ages 8+; 2-6 players

One of the most popular family board games, Hedbanz has players ask yes-or-no questions to guess what's on the card on their forehead (attached to a plastic crown). If they guess correctly, they move on to the next card. Whoever gets the most cards right before the timer runs out is the winner.

61. Hues and Cues

Ages 8+; 3-10 players

Hues and Cues is a real crowd-pleaser for players of all ages. Help your team guess the exact color you've drawn from the deck with one-word clues. The colorful game board alone makes playing the game worth it.

62. Coup

Ages 10+; 2-6 players

This now-classic game of deception and strategy is so much fun to play over and over again. Survive the longest by deceiving everyone and calling out the lies of your competitors to win.

63. Carcassonne

Ages 7+; 2-5 players

Construct a medieval kingdom in Carcassonne. Place tiles, build cities, and dispatch workers to strengthen your realm. There are tons of cool expansions for this game to keep things interesting.

Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Trekking The National Parks
 Get to know the US national parks in the fun game Trekking The National Parks.

64. Trekking The National Parks

Ages 10+; 2-5 players

Explore the US National Parks in this fun game for the whole family. It's easy to learn the rules and the game feels different every time, making it fun to play over and over.

65. Kloak

Ages 8+; 2-4 players

Line up three pegs of one color to win in Kloak. The twist? You and your opponents can cover the pieces with a Kloak, testing your memory and strategy.

66. Scrabble

Ages 8+; 2-4 players

Scrabble is one of those classic family board games that will never go out of style. Place tiles to make words and score points. Fun for beginners and experts alike, Scrabble is a great way to practice spelling and vocabulary.

67. Splendor

Ages 10+; 4 players

Take over a jewelry business in Splendor. Seize the means of production to edge out the competition and become the best jeweler in town.

68. Tenzi

Ages 7+; 2-6 players

Compete to roll sets of 10 dice until you have 10 matching numbers—that's it! This is one of those family games that is so simple, yet so much fun.

69. Forbidden Island

Ages 10+; 2-4 players

Capture treasures and escape the island by working together. This game is super strategic, making it perfect for brainy kids.

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Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Mouse Trap
Build the trap and catch the mouse in Mouse Trap.

Best Board Games for Kids: Classic Games

70. Mouse Trap

Ages 6+; 2-4 players

This circa-1963 game is super fun to set up and even more fun to win. There's something so satisfying about watching your opponent get caught in the mouse trap.

71. Monopoly

Ages 8+; 2-8 players

I mean, it's Monopoly. Need I say more? While Monopoly is an essential part of every family's game collection, its ability to drag on means it may not be the one you reach for every game night.

72. Monopoly Cheater’s Edition

Ages 8+; 3-6 players

If you're sick and tired of regular Monopoly, try this special cheater's edition. Cheating is encouraged! Steal, bribe, and hide your cards to win.

73. Candy Land

Ages 3+; 2-4 players

Candy Land made its debut in 1949 and has truly stood the test of time. No reading is required, so it's great for the youngest players, who love to move their plastic gingerbread men around the candy-themed game board to try to reach the castle first.

74. Connect 4

Ages 6+; 2 players

Connect 4 is a classic for a reason. Not only is it a fun game of strategy, but it's great for developing fine motor skills. Players must get four colored discs in a row to win, so they have to anticipate their opponent's next move (and potentially block them) as much as their own.

75. Mouse Trap

Ages 6+; 2-4 players

This circa-1963 game is super fun to set up and even more fun to win. There's something so satisfying about watching your opponent get caught in the mouse trap.

Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Operation
Use the tweezers to remove Cavity Sam's silly ailments in Operation, one of the best board games for kids since 1965.

76. Operation

Ages 6+; 1+ players

We all remember playing this wacky game that involves removing body parts from tiny spaces with a pair of tweezers—as well as the sound of the buzzer going off when we touched the sides. In the age of technology, Operation still holds up.

77. Trouble

Ages 5+; 2-4 players

This classic board game has the most fun way ever to roll a die—by popping the plastic bubble that holds the die (ah, that satisfying click). Like Sorry!, the goal is to be the first to get all of your pawns around the board and home.

78. Clue

Ages 8+; 2-6 players

Clue is the original mystery-solving board game. Discover the murderer, weapon, and location to solve the crime and win. You can get Clue in pretty much any theme you like if basic Clue just doesn't cut it for you.

79. Risk

Ages 10+; 2-5 players

Conquer the world in this classic strategy game. Risk definitely gets the neurons firing as players try to manage troops, movement, and fights to win not just the battle, but the war.

80. Guess Who?

Ages 6+; 2 players

The goal of this classic game is to guess your opponent's mystery character by asking questions like, "Is your person wearing glasses?" and "Does your person have brown hair?" This version of the game also includes the characters' superhero alter egos.

81. Big Boggle

Ages 8+; 2+ players

A classic since 1979, Big Boggle invites players to find hidden words using the letter dice. This game is so great for spelling and vocab practice, and it stays fun for years.

82. Mastermind

Ages 6+; 2 players

Mastermind is the classic logic game in which players take turns setting and solving secret codes. This adorable kids' version features colorful animals instead of basic colored pegs.

83. Jenga

Ages 6+; 1+ players

In this game-cabinet staple, players take turns removing wooden bricks from a tower and placing them at the top. Though the goal is to prevent the tower from falling, kids delight in seeing the bricks come tumbling down.

84. Battleship

Ages 7+; 2 players

This is a great two-player game that kids and grown-ups can enjoy. Each player places their five battleships on their board, and their opponent tries to "sink" them by guessing their coordinates.

See our list of classic board games for kids for even more fun options!

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Best Board Games for Kids and Family: Decrypto
Transmit secret codes without letting the opposing team intercept them in Decrypto.

Best Board Games for Kids' Birthday Parties

85. Decrypto

Ages 12+; 3-8 players

This game of deduction and communication is so good, it deserves to be world-famous. Relay codes to your teammates without the enemy team intercepting your secret message.

86. Just One

Ages 14+; 3 to 7 players

Work together to discover the mystery word in Just One using clues. This collaborative party game is perfect for sleepovers.

87. Wordle The Party Game

Ages 14+; 2-4 players

Yes—you can play Wordle in real life! One player chooses the secret word and the others compete to guess it in the fewest tries.

88. Apples to Apples Junior

Ages 9+; 4-8 players

Larger groups will love Apples to Apples Junior. Compete to win over the judge by completing prompts with the funniest answers.

89. The Chameleon

Ages 14+; 3-8 players

Find the imposter in The Chameleon. Everyone gives a clue associated with a specific word on the card they all know... except the chameleon, who has no idea what the word is! Bluff your way to success.

90. Slapzi

Ages 8+; 2-10 players

This fast-paced game for kids is easy to learn and so fun to play. Slap the card that fits the category faster than the other players. The cards have photos and text, making it a great way to learn new vocabulary.

91. Scattergories

Ages 13+; 2+ players

This game is a party staple for all ages. Come up with unique words that start with a specific letter in a given category. The more creative you can get, the better!

92. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Ages 14+; 3-10 players

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is pretty much the best hidden-identity game around. Use the complimentary app to guide your gameplay and find out which player is the werewolf... before it's too late.

93. Telestrations

Ages 12+; 4-8 players

Telestrations is a silly game all about what gets lost in translation. Draw and interpret clues to pass on the message without getting all mixed up—sort of like a game of telephone.

94. P for Pizza

Ages 8+; 2-4 players

Collect slices of pizza as you come up with clever answers to creative prompts. This game is fast-moving and lots of fun for groups of kids.

95. Pictionary

Ages 8+; 4+ players

Pictionary never fails to satisfy when you've got a gaggle of kids to entertain. We love that this classic drawing game can be played with basically infinite players, making it perfect for parties, school events, and more.


Ages 8+; 2-8 players

This fun card game is all about getting as few points as possible. Flip, trade, and collect cards to win. Those addition and subtraction skills will really come in handy!

97. UNO

Ages 7+; 2-10 players

This classic card game is fun, quick, easy to learn, and universally loved. The goal is to be the first to put down all of your cards by matching numbers or colors. That feeling of using the +4 card on your opponent will never get old.

98. Codenames

Ages 10+; 2-8+ players

Codenames is a masterful party game that kids and adults alike will love. Communicate with your team using codes to get them to guess which agents are on your side. Watch out for the assassin!


Ages 8+; 2 players

KLASK is like foosball that you can play anytime, anywhere. The game board uses magnets, making for a super fun and unique party game.

100. Beat That!

Ages 8+; 2-8 players

Get on your feet with Beat That! Compete in wacky challenges to be crowned the champion.

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