25 Alexa Games To Keep Bored Kids Busy

Alexa games keep kids active and giggling. Photo courtesy of Amazon
Alexa games keep kids active and giggling. Photo courtesy of Amazon
3/2/21 - By Meghan Rose

My family asks our Alexa device to play music a lot or what the weather is, but the Alexa skills put to use most often in my household are Alexa games for kids. Whether they are launching "Animal Workout," a round of trivia, or a family-friendly "Would You Rather," these Alexa games have kept my brood highly entertained during lockdown and even in the before times. It's part virtual gym class, part tutor, and requires nearly zero effort on my part, which is a win for any multitasking parent.

Check out these Alexa games, storytimes, and other kid-friendly Alexa skills the next time your family needs a distraction during dinner or a diversion from the screens on a rainy day. When all else fails, launch Alexa jokes for kids...or just the fart application. There: we just bought you 20 minutes of me time!


Alexa Games for Kids

These Alexa games and stories can be played for a very long time. The beauty of playing against artificial intelligence is that she’s programmed to last longer than even the most energetic kids.

1. Alexa, play Head's Up

2. Alexa, play Would You Rather for Family (Be sure to say "family" or Alexa will play a music video from the horror film of the same name!)

3. Alexa, open Lemonade Stand

4. Alexa, play Justice League Adventures (This is a superhero choose-your-own-adventure game that little superheroes love.)

5. Alexa, launch animal workout

6. Alexa, start Kids Court (When they won't stop arguing, send them to Kids Court! Let Alexa play sibling referee for a change.)

7. Alexa, ask SillyThings to tell me to do something silly (The perfect solution to, "Mom, I'm bored.")

8. Alexa, launch My Pet Dinosaur

9. Alexa, play 20 Questions

10. Alexa, ask Sesame Place to find Elmo

12. Alexa, open The Magic Door (This is a fantasy choose-your-own-adventure interactive story.)

13. Alexa, open the Vortex

14. Alexa, open Freeze Dance

15. Alexa, play Rock, Paper, Scissors

16. Alexa, open Trolls

17. Alexa, Pretend to be a Supervillain (You can also ask her to be a superhero, but according to my kids, it's not as fun.)

18. Alexa, play Jeopardy

19. Alexa, open Curiosity Skill (Alexa will tell you something really interesting.)

20. Alexa, open Story Blanks (This game is like Mad Libs.)

21. Alexa, open Song Quiz.

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Give Alexa a turn reading stories tonight.

Kids' Storytimes from Alexa Skills

22. Alexa, open Storytime

23. Alexa, tell Bedtime Stories

24. Alexa, open Disney Stories

25. Alexa, open Animal Rescue

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