NYC Baby Guide from Pregnancy to Preschool

Congratulations! You're raising a baby in NYC! What a lucky tot to grow up in New York City with top schools, amazing culture and tons of enriching experiences for the whole family. But just like everything else in this crazy town, there are certain challenges to living here with a family: navigating the subway system with the little one in tow, keeping a stroller in your apartment, no car seats in taxis, figuring out where to nursenot to mention all that laundry! It's enough to make your sleep deprived-head spin. But don't let it. You have the collective wisdom of the Mommy Poppins Baby Guide to help get you through those early pregnancy moments, straight through to the baby's first birthday party and beyond. The moms behind Mommy Poppins have birthed, educated, enriched, fed and taken a subway ride or two with our collective dozens of childrenall right here in NYC. We hope our guide to pregnancy and your new baby can help give you a little guidance and support as you travel down the road to parenthood, whether this is your first baby or your eighth.

Photo via Bigstock