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6 Must-Try Laser Tag Arenas for Houston Kids

It's no secret today's kids love video games. It's this universal truth that makes laser tag such an appealing activity for kids and adults - it gets you moving (like, really moving), and simulates on-screen experiences in real time. There are some great options in Houston where kids, both young and old, can play this high-energy game.

And for more fun ideas for indoor activities when you need to escape the weather or your own house, check out our indoor activities guide.

2017 New Jersey Bestie Guide: Parenting Resources Winners

New Jersey families, you have spoken! We asked you to weigh in on New Jersey's Besties—the best family businesses and resources in categories that range from best restaurants, parties, activities, and more. With all the great family fun experiences and resources in New Jersey, it was hard to choose just 24, but you were up to the task! Each winner was selected from a competitive crop of 10 nominees in each category.

A special thank you to the Bestie Sponsors, and congratulations to the four lucky voters who were picked at random to enjoy some amazing prizes!

We've grouped the winners into three winning categories: Parenting Resources, Enrichment Programs, and Family Fun

Without further ado, here is your guide to the best of family-friendly New Jersey, the 2017 New Jersey Besties!

Best Family Fun Winners | Best Enrichment Programs Winners 

Ready to Roll: Best Places for Roller Skating Near Philly

If you're looking for a way to burn some of your kids' energy, roller skating is a great activity that can be fun for the whole family. Roller skating keeps kids active and having fun, and it makes for a great birthday party, too. There are indoor roller rinks all over the area that are perfect for a rainy day, or head to Blue Cross Riverrink Summerfest for some outdoor fun this summer!

Birthday Party Entertainers to Take Your Party to the Next Level

So, you’ve decided to throw a birthday party and want to skip the hype of renting, and host the party yourself. Sure, you’re an excellent host and have the space to fit a handful of extra kids, but while you may be able to show off some pretty fantastic Pinterest skills, you might want to hire some extra entertainment. Philadelphia is full of local pros who can come to the rescue (some even in superhero costume no less) and take the party off the charts! From song and dance, to wild animals, to face painting, we have you covered! Also, if the idea of cleaning up after a handful of kids suddenly sounds like more work and less play, we have some excellent recommendations for places outside your home to throw an amazing birthday bash!


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