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See How It's Made: Best Factory Tours Near Philadelphia

There's something so cool about seeing how things are made. Whether it's going behind the scenes at Crayola, watching yummy chocolate being poured into molds, or seeing coins minted, it's really intriguing to see everyday items take shape. There are plenty of great places in the area where you can do just that. Read on to see our favorite factory tours and find out how things are made!

2017 New Jersey Bestie Guide: Parenting Resources Winners

New Jersey families, you have spoken! We asked you to weigh in on New Jersey's Besties—the best family businesses and resources in categories that range from best restaurants, parties, activities, and more. With all the great family fun experiences and resources in New Jersey, it was hard to choose just 24, but you were up to the task! Each winner was selected from a competitive crop of 10 nominees in each category.

A special thank you to the Bestie Sponsors, and congratulations to the four lucky voters who were picked at random to enjoy some amazing prizes!

We've grouped the winners into three winning categories: Parenting Resources, Enrichment Programs, and Family Fun

Without further ado, here is your guide to the best of family-friendly New Jersey, the 2017 New Jersey Besties!

Best Family Fun Winners | Best Enrichment Programs Winners 

A Wand Goes Out in LA: Whimsic Alley To Close Soon

We're sorry to hear that Whimsic Alley, the we're-not-supposed-to-say-Harry-Potter style fan store and party space on the Miracle Mile, is closing later this month. That means no more birthday parties, costume balls, and High Teas set in the faux Hogwarts Great Hall, no more SciFi fan weekends, and no more summers spent at "The Camp that Lived." After several years of having this underground Potter fix at our fingertips, Los Angeles is to become a one-Hogwarts town, with Universal's Wizarding World as the only quidditch game in town.

There is, at least, one silver lining.


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