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Independent Toy Stores in Houston

It’s that time of year where you're likely to spend lots of time shopping. We all know it’s a challenge to go shopping with kids and even more so if your kid has watched those YouTube kids' shows where they open a new toy every 10 seconds. My 3-year-old knows more about all the newest toys than I ever will. If shopping at big-box stores is overwhelming, or if you simply are a fan of shopping small and local, here are eight independently-owned toy stores in Houston to check out. Happy shopping!

New Jersey Toy Stores That Are Worth the Trip

Gift givers throughout the Garden State are hitting the stores in preparation for Holiday Season 2016. You already know about the big box stores in your neighborhood, but what about trying a new spot this year?

New Jersey is home to some terrific independent and family-owned toy stores (and book stores) that offer personalized customer service and a great selection of unique toys, games, and gifts. Check out these independent stores (and their e-commerce sites) for the holiday shopping season, starting on Small Business Saturday, or for those many kid birthday parties you attend all year round. 

Car Services with Car Seats: Getting to LA & OC Airports with Kids

The holidays are fast approaching, which means we'll all be packing our bags to visit our extended family soon. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa live a short drive away, but, then again, maybe not. If your holiday plans include hopping a plane with little ones to get to your travel destination, why not give yourself a mini vacation first by booking a car service that caters to families?

We did the legwork for you to find the best car services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas to accommodate your entire brood. So, whether you're looking for a little luxury, or simply want to leave your car seat at home, these six companies go out of their way to accommodate tiny travelers.

GoBaby App Lets New Yorkers Rent Out Baby Gear

Traveling with babies and toddlers can be as stressful as it gets. There are tantrums and tears, and most of us are not our best selves when paying an overweight luggage fee for a suitcase full of baby items or building a tower of pillows while praying our child won't roll off a guest bed.

Now there’s an app that can help families traveling to New York City with all that gear, and let locals make a little extra money. GoBaby is a peer-to-peer marketplace such as Airbnb, but for baby and toddler equipment. Remember that pack-and-play you shoved in the back of the closet just in case you need it? With this crowd-sourcing app, rent it out when you aren’t using it. And tourists? No need to pack all that baby stuff!


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