9 Best Bunk Beds for Kids and Toddlers

The Belden twin over full bunk bed from Pottery Barn is great for overnight guests or siblings.
The Belden twin over full bunk bed from Pottery Barn is great for overnight guests or siblings.
2/20/20 - By Marisa Iallonardo

Bunk beds for kids are great—and have been topping family must-have lists for years, including for those of us living in small spaces. I can remember some 20 years ago when my brothers got their twin over twin model and we all thought it was the coolest thing ever. (The ladder! The height!) Fast-forward and now it's my own two kids enraptured by bunk beds they saw at a friend's house. 

But finding the bunk beds that best fit your family isn’t always easy. Let us help: We've rounded-up bunk beds for kids that hit many of the most important points, including picks in different sizes—from toddler bunk beds to full over full bunk beds—and in a variety of price points, starting around $300.

A word of caution. Kids can fall from bunk beds and injure themselves. Please do follow the manufacturers' guidelines for the individual bunk beds listed below, including on weight limits, mattress height (important for the guardrail), and safety suggestions, such as only one kid at a time on the top bunk and no jumping. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children be at least 6 years old before sleeping on the top bunk. The organization also recommends placing the bunk beds in a corner against a wall, installing all guardrails, and placing a night light nearby to prevent middle-of the-night falls.


1. Viv + Rae Maryanne Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

This bed has a lot of great features, making it one of our top picks among the twin over full bunk beds. It also got some 3,700 five-star reviews on Wayfair. We love the guardrail that goes all around the top bunk, plus two built-in ladders. One parent we know—whose kids were 4 and 6 when the bunk beds came home—said the family loves it, and noted that it doesn’t take up a ton of space. Assembly took just two hours. Its steel frame comes in either black, white, or gray. 

2. Viv + Rae Suzanne Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Another twin over full bunk bed option from the same brand we love? The Suzanne. The configuration on this one worked to the advantage of one mom of four we know, who persuaded her older daughter to bunk with her little sis with the promise of the big bed below. This wood-based set of bunk beds for kids comes in gray, white, or espresso. 

The Maryanne retails for $339, but we’ve seen it as low as $209.99, while the Suzanne retails for $699, but we’ve seen it on sale for $309.99.

3. IKEA Norddal Bunk Bed

Many families are drawn to IKEA bunk beds for that spare but functional look—​and the price, of course. Among the Ikea bunk beds, the twin over twin Norddal stands out. It’s made from wood—part solid pine—and comes in what the retailer describes as a black-brown color. There’s a ladder that can be moved, and when (and if!) you’re ready, the bunks can be separated into two single twin beds. One mom we know—who did eventually split the beds when her boys moved to separate rooms—called the bunk “study, safe, no-frills.” It is, however, the most expensive of the Ikea bunk beds ($299), and, at the time of publication, it could only be purchased in-store.

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This Max & Lily twin is a favorite toddler bunk bed for its proximity to the floor (falling isn't much of an issue). 

4. Max & Lily Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed

Parents of toddlers, this one’s for you: The lower bed on these twin over twin bunk beds is just inches (two, to be exact!) from the floor, making it a great toddler bunk bed. Also, the weight limit for each bed is 400 pounds, which is great for those times you happen to fall asleep for the whole night after your kid asks you to stay for just a few minutes. (#beenthere). Plus, the bunk is made from solid New Zealand pine, the ladder has just three steps and can come off completely. If you really want to score some cool-parent points, you can add-on a slide, but it will change your costs (Around $300 without slide and around $450 with it.)

5. Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Parents also like this more traditional bunk bed option from Max & Lily. One parent told us that her sons love it, and it met her criteria: it’s sturdy, wasn’t more than $500—it retails for $419.99 and we’ve seen it as low as $399—and she’s able to sit on the bottom bunk without hitting her head on the top. The bunk beds separate into two twins if needed, too.

6. Pottery Barn Kids Belden Twin Over Full Stair Loft Bed

Bunk beds with stairs might be a safer option with young kids, and this Pottery Barn twin over full bunk bed offers built-in stairs. Available in white, charcoal, or "weathered white," the bunk also has two drawers under the bottom bed for extra storage and a high top guardrail that makes us worriers feel better. $3,149, but we’ve seen it for $2,519.

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The Kenwood Bunk Bed offers several configurations, from twin over twin with a trundle to full over full.

7. ​Restoration Hardware Kenwood Bunk Bed

This beautiful Restoration Hardware bunk bed is available in two versions: Either as twin over twin bunk beds or full over full bunk beds. Made of solid American pine and Greenguard Gold Certified, the bunk beds come in driftwood, a light brown, and rustic gray. The ladder hooks on to the side and the beds can be separated. The twin version also allows for a trundle bed under the bottom bunk, turning these twin bunks into a triple bunk bed. A mom who has the full-size version tells us she finds it sturdy and loves that it’s great for sleepovers—even between sisters. $1699 for the twin over twin; $2049 for the full over full bunk bed.

8. ​Moorcroft Twin Over Twin Over Twin Bed Triple

If you have more than two kiddos, this option might be the one for you. It has over 1,100 five-star reviews on Wayfair—with one review raving: “We ordered this bed for our 3 boys and may I say thank you to the 10 power!!! The price was unbelievable, the quality was better than expected, I am very pleased.” The triple bunk bed features three twin beds, and is available in white, mocha, and gray, as well as black. The bottom bunk is low enough to make this a solid toddler bunk bed choice, too. $899, though we’ve seen it for $449.99.

Solidly crafted and at a budget-friendly price point, this Viv + Rae Abby Twin over Twin Bunk Bed won over one of our editors.

9. ​Viv + Rae Abby Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

We love this take on a twin over twin bunk bed, which has over 3,800 five-star reviews on Wayfair. It comes in five different pine finishes, including cream, espresso and black, and you won’t have to worry about the ladder moving in the middle of the night, because it is built in. One mom says she likes that the bunk is lightweight, although it’s made of solid wood and that the beds can be converted to two when needed. Plus: the price, which clocks in at under $600 and often much less on sale. The bunk bed retails for $549, but we’ve seen it for just $246.99.

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