100 Great Websites for Kids

Go ahead. Hand them the iPad; these websites for kids are fun and at least a little educational. Photo courtesy of Bigstock
Go ahead. Hand them the iPad; these websites for kids are fun and at least a little educational. Photo courtesy of Bigstock
2/9/23 - By Vanessa Leigh

These websites for kids are both entertaining and at least a little bit educational!

Screen time can be a blessing and a curse. Between worrying about screen time overload and concern about what content little brains might be absorbing, it’s hard to find websites for kids parents can feel good about. 

One way to embrace screen time is to channel it toward educational and learning opportunities. There are plenty of websites for kids that are a good balance of quality content and entertainment. Kids can play games online with friends, learn how to code, and much more. We've rounded up not 1, not 2--but 100 websites for kids that are fun and help foster a love of learning. For more things to do both on and offline, check out our guide to Boredom Busters for Kids.


Best Math Websites for Kids

1. Math Playground

Grades K-6
This website has an abundance of math and logic games, from Division Derby to Otter Exponents.

2. AAA Math

Grades K-8
Thousands of math lessons to explore.

3. Crypto Club

Ages vary
Explore ciphers and mystery puzzles to improve math skills.

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Stufy Jams is a science and math website for kids 
Learn math and science from a team of friends. Photo courtesy of Study Jams

4. Study Jams!

Ages vary
Learn about both math and science on this website for kids.

5. Cool Math Games

Middle school through high school 
Daily games and trivia are some of the many math games here.

6. Discovery Education

Ages vary
An educator platform that also includes learning experiences for students. 

Best Free Learning Websites for Kids

7. Google Earth

All ages
Explore the entire globe at the click of your mouse.

8. PBS Kids

Ages 3-12
This site is a very popular one, with activities and videos for kids to enjoy.

9. Sesame Street

Younger children
See all of the familiar characters and learn along with them.

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Fun Brain has games like chess for kids. 
Learn to play chess and more fun brain games. Photo courtesy of Fun Brain

10. Fun Brain

Pre-K through Grade 8
Games, videos, reading, and math are included on this site.

11. Highlights Kids

Ages vary
Enjoy Hidden Pictures, recipes, and much more on the Highlights website for kids.

12. Seussville

Ages vary
Dr. Seuss's characters come to life for kids of all ages.

13. Abcya.com

Pre-K through grade 6+
A terrific website for kids with multiple areas of learning content available.

14. Fuel the Brain

Ages vary
Includes games and interactives

15. Art for Kids Hub

Ages vary
Explore art for kids online.

16. TED Talks

Ages vary
Watch TED Talks with kids and learn as a family.

17. Crayola.com

All ages
Get art inspiration for holidays and more.

18. Web Japan

Ages vary
Learn all about the country of Japan and play games inspired by Japanese culture and history.

19. DLTK's Sites for Kids

Ages vary
From ABCs to 123's, there's plenty to learn here.

20. Sheppard Software

Ages vary
The content varies widely, and there are many options for kids.

21. ShowMe

Ages vary
Learn from others by watching video tutorials online.

22. CBC Kids

Ages vary
Games, articles, and quizzes are available. 

23. Fact Monster

Ages vary
Fact Monster has tons of different subject areas to choose from.

24. Super Kids Nutrition

All ages
Learn about nutrition and complete activities.

25. Education.com

Ages vary
Used by teachers, parents, and students alike, you'll have an abundance of resources in your hands.

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Library of Congress webstie ahs pictures and videos for kids 
Get history right from the source. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

26. Library of Congress

Ages vary
Here, kids can watch videos and read about news and events.

27. Children's Music Network

Ages vary
Sing songs at home.

Best Online Games for Kids

28. Wizarding World

Ages vary
Join Harry Potter and friends on adventures.

29. Nick Jr.

Ages vary
Familiar friends from your favorite TV shows foster learning opportunities on this website for kids.

30. Mission US

Middle school through high school
Learn about history by playing these games.

31. Learning Games For Kids

Grades Pre-K through 12
Play games and learn at the same time.

32. Crunchzilla

Ages vary
This site gives step-by-step tutorials on how to code.

33. Scratch

Ages vary
Here's another free coding community for kids.

34. Primary Games

Ages vary
The games include holidays, math, and games of the day.

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Meet the  moderators from GoNoodle! Photo courtesy of the site

35. GoNoodle

Ages vary
Another popular site with educators includes different video learning channels.

36. Sphinx Kids

Ages vary
This is a music website for kids.

37. HISTORY Channel

Ages vary
Study history through the popular TV channel online.

38. Knowledge Adventure

Pre-K - Grade 6
There is a plethora of learning games on this website.

39. Prongo

Grades K-12
Another website that has games of various genres for kids to play.

40. Ben's Guide to the US Government

Ages 4-14+
Learn all about the US Government on this website for kids. 

41. Poptropica

Ages 6-15+
Make a character and adventure across many worlds solving puzzles and having adventures.

42. Kidle

Ages 8+
Also like Wordle, kids can play a word game with letters.

Best Reading Websites for Kids

43. Scholastic

All ages
This well-known company site has much to offer to support children's literacy.

44. Raz-Kids

Grades K-5
Students can come to this site for extra practice reading.

45. Wordle 

Ages vary
Wordle has a version just for kids!

46. TIME for Kids

Grades K-6
Kids can delve into current events.

47. Fun Fonix

Ages vary
Kids can learn important phonics skills at this website.

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Michelle Yeoh reads a story on Storyteller Online 
Apparently, Michelle Yeoh can be everywhere, all at once. Photo courtesy of Storyline Online 

48. Storyline Online

All ages
Listen to stories told by well-known people.

49. Duolingo

Ages vary
Learn a new language and practice online.

50. Spellie

Ages vary
Similar to Wordle, practice spelling online.

51. Chillola.com

Pre-K through grade 12
This website helps students learn English.

52. Reading Rockets

Ages vary
There are so many resources on this reading website.

53. StoryPlace

Choose a theme, and start learning with a story.

54. FarFaria

Ages vary
This website directs you to an app for kids.

55. Epic!

Ages birth through 12; Free plan includes 1 book per day
Read online with Epic!

56. International Children's Digital Library

Ages vary
All children deserve access to great books!

57. Storynory

Ages vary
Free audio stories are provided here.

Best Science Websites for Kids

58. National Geographic Kids

Ages vary
Explore the world through animals, games, videos, and more.

59. Funology

Ages vary
Funology has science experiments, crafts, and recipes for kids.

60. Ology 

Ages vary
The American Museum of Natural History presents this science website for kids.

61. San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers

Ages vary
Learn about animals and plants with activities and games.

62. Exploratorium

Ages vary
Activities for science experiments and links to other learning websites can be found here.

63. Peep the Big Wide World

Science videos and games help preschoolers learn about the world.

64. The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids

Ages vary
This site has more than 40 activities and stories for children.

65. Steve Spangler Science

Ages vary
Learn about all kinds of science experiments here.

See rovers on Mars on NASA Kids 
See the Curiosity Rover at work on Mars. Photo courtesy of the NASA Kids' Club

66. NASA Kids' Club

Ages vary
Play games while learning about outer space.

67. Science Bob

Ages vary
More science experiments with videos to watch

68. Code.org

Middle school through high school
Students can try out coding in the code studio.

69. Youngzine

Ages vary
Kids can learn about the climate and climate change on this website for kids.

70. SciencetoyMaker

Ages vary
A site to inspire kids to create science toys and projects at home.

71. The Great Plant Escape

Ages vary
Follow the adventure prompts to learn all about plants.

72. Project Noah

Ages vary
Check out this amazing community of nature-loving photographers who are documenting the world around them.

73. Ranger Rick

Ages vary
Ranger Rick teaches kids all about wildlife.

74. NOAA Resource Collections

Grades 6-12
Learn from the experts on weather and climate.

75. ScienceNewsExplores

Ages vary
Kids can read tons of articles and learn all about life, humans, earth, space, and technology.

76. Wonderopolis

Ages vary
Kids can explore the world through questions and wonderings.

77. NOVA Labs

All ages
Brought to you by PBS, NOVA is a great place to learn about space.  Check out the Exoplanet Lab for a fun and educational game.

78. Ask Dr. Universe

Ages vary
Kids can ask questions and learn through videos and activities.

Best Museum & Zoo Websites for Kids

79. Smithsonian

All ages
Kids can explore animals and solve digital puzzles, plus much more.

80. Switch Zoo

Ages vary
Kids play animal games here to learn about different species.

81. Smithsonian Learning Lab

Ages vary
Explore art, science, history, and culture.

82. The Lawrence Hall of Science

Ages vary
There are online activities and videos if you don't live in San Francisco to visit in person.

83. Bronx Zoo Virtual

All ages
Watch videos and enjoy the live cams of the animals.

84. San Diego Zoo Live Cameras

All ages
Watch the live feeds of the animals from your own home.

Best Education Websites for Kids (Subscription-based)

85. IXL

Pre-K through grade 12; subscriptions start at $9.95/month
IXL has full curriculum and learning resources for kids.

86. Curious World

Ages 2-7; subscriptions are around $5/month
There are games, videos, and online books for kids.

87. Grammaropolis

Grades 1-5; subscriptions start at $29/year
Where kids can practice grammar.

Math Blaster is a fun math website for kids 
When math is a game, it's way more fun to learn. Photo courtesy of Math Blaster

88. Math Blaster

Ages vary; subscription is $7.99/month
Fun math games that incorporate characters and space travel.

89. ABCmouse.com

Ages 2-8; subscription is $12.99/month
Educational games and online curriculum.

90. Starfall

Pre-K through grade 3; subscriptions start at $35/year
Educators often use this website because it includes lots of educational games for kids.

91. Mystery Science

K-5; subscriptions start at $109/year for a household
Kids can explore engineering and take part in experiments.

92. Create&Learn

Grades K-12; $105 per class; free intro classes are offered
Learn coding from an early age with AI and robotics.

93. Reading IQ

Ages 2-12; $7.99/month
Have a library right in your own home!

94. Arcademics

Grades K-8; $5 per student per year
Kids can dive into multiple subject areas on this website.

95. Generation Genius

Grades K-8; $50 for either math or science lessons
A website that includes both science and math.

96. Tumblebooks

All levels; subscription pricing varies
Online books and math stories for students.

97. Noggin

Ages 2-7; $7.99/month
Kids can watch, play, and read at Noggin's website.

98. Homer

Ages 2-6+; see website for subscription pricing
Homer focuses on skills when teaching math and reading online.

99. CodaKid

Elementary through high school; subscriptions start at $29/month
A subscription option to learn to code online.

100. Outschool

Ages 3-18; classes start around $8
Kids can take classes on almost any topic imaginable.