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Classes. We really do need them; and the more our schools' budgets get cut, the more we need classes. When our FWOKs (friends without kids) make their offhand comments about kids today being "overscheduled"—when our parents point out that we didn't need all those classes when we were kids—we can only explain all over again that our schools are cutting arts, cutting music, offering fewer PE options, and dedicating less time to all topics not covered by standardized tests.

That leaves us in search of classes. When we want our kids to try fencing, to feel the tumbling thrills of gymnastics, to create art projects that go beyond what one over-worked elementary school teacher can manage in an hour with 27 kids - we look for classes. And in this town full of world-famous artists and athletes, we are blessed with some amazing opportunities for our kids. They can dance with Debbie Allen! Then can learn to skate where Evan Lycacek did! They can swim with an Olympic champion! Excited? Then let's sign up for some classes!

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