Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons and Classes in Los Angeles

Baby swim classes get LA kids water safe, from a very young age. Photo courtesy of the Blue Buoy Family Swim School
Baby swim classes get LA kids water safe, from a very young age. Photo courtesy of the Blue Buoy Family Swim School

Did you know that babies who take baby swimming lessons tend to hit milestones ahead of schedule? A recent study found that infants in swimming classes excelled physically before their non-swimming peers. Experts have also found a connection between advanced language & cognitive development and babies involved in swim lessons. So, if you want to help your baby excel at life (and who knows, maybe become the next Michael Phelps someday?) enroll them in a toddler or baby swim class in Los Angeles. 

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Babies can learn water confidence from as early as three months. As infants become more comfortable with movement, splashing, and dunking their heads, they may start to even learn life-saving techniques such as rolling over and floating in the water. Baby swim classes are different from the traditional private swim lessons you might opt to do with older children. While an instructor will guide you through the course, you will be responsible to hold your own baby in the water. It can be a sweet bonding time for parents as they explore something new together. Whether you have a little guppy or a hesitant landlubber, these fun courses are a great way to introduce your child to the water and teach them important safety skills


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