Top Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Los Angeles

Parents explore sensory learning with their babies at What a Babe! Photo courtesy of What a Babe!
Parents explore sensory learning with their babies at What a Babe! Photo courtesy of What a Babe!

Classes for babies (and toddlers) can solve one of the biggest parenting hurdles: getting out of the house! Especially in the early years, a Parent and Baby class might be the only outing you manage all day—even all week. From classes for newborn babies to classes for toddlers who are tottering around, these Mommy & Me classes (and Daddy & Me classes, too!) focus on activities that babies and parents can do together to bond and spend quality time, from swimming to sign language, yoga to sensory explorations, music to mamma meetups. Find your tribe, bond with your babe, and get out of the house to reclaim a little sanity with these amazing baby classes and toddler classes in LA. 

Check our guide to the Best Kids Classes and Activities in Los Angeles for more kids' activities and programs. 

Did you know you can now book classes and more activities directly from the Mommy Poppins calendar? Find events with the "book it" button or filter for classes for simple registration in just a few clicks. Here are some of our picks for virtual and local LA classes available now!

Note: Classes currently have slightly more limited availability at many of these locations. Some classes are held indoors, some outdoors, and some are available online. Check with the location before as class offerings and safety guidelines are subject to change.

Best Toddler and Baby Swim Classes in Los Angeles

1. SwimRight Academy — Mid-City and West Hills

For kids under 2
This is the home of Olympic gold medalist Lenny Krayzelburg, whose academy boasts a patented learn-to-swim method developed by the Olympic star himself. Before your little swimmer can take classes on their own, get them water comfortable in the Parent-Tot Program. All new families start in the Evaluation Class.

2. Rose Bowl Aquatics — Pasadena

For kids ages 6 months to 3 years
The Rose Bowl Aquatics Center is a gorgeous facility, and kids can start here at 6 months old and take classes all the way up to Olympics training! The price is right, as classes start at $17 for a half-hour class. Parent and Me classes are fun and silly with lots of toys to encourage kids to have fun in the water.

Top Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Los Angeles: kidSwim

kidSwim helps parents and kids get comfortable in the water together. Photo courtesy of kidSwim

3. kidSwim — Mar Vista, Cheviot Hills, and Hancock Park

For kids ages 5 to 30 months 
Choose from many arranged class offerings, or gather a group of your favorite moms or dads and their babies, and create a class in your backyard pool. The class entertains babies with interactive songs and teaches parents to be comfortable and safe with their babies in the water. Parents tell us that the real standout at KidSwim is the amazing instructors. 

4. Deep Blue Swim School — Long Beach

For babies 3 to 18 months old
Instructors work with parents to help their child's natural instincts in the water and the primary skills of breath control and buoyancy. There are group activities and interactive water games that appeal to a child’s sense of curiosity, wonder, and play. These classes are a great bonding experience for parents and babies.

5. Santa Monica Swim Center — Santa Monica

For kids ages 6 months to 3 years 
Both pools at this facility are large and gorgeous and easily accessible from the Westside. Classes aim to make tiny tots love the water by teaching through games and songs—and bubble blowing, of course. Even the youngest babies begin to learn front & back glides, front & back kick, arm movement, and floating.

Top Baby and Parent Yoga Classes and Sensory Classes

6. Outside the Box  — Woodland Hills

For kids ages 8 weeks to 3 years
OTB's active classes for babies focus on “sensory conditioning.” This means stimulation through various forms of play, and experimenting with different materials. Babies might stick their feet in goop, roll around with pasta, or squeeze some slime. Class wraps up with some baby massage. Classes progress from Young Babies to Mixed Toddlers, and parents have a blast learning to explore and learn alongside their babies.

7. Silverlake Yoga — Silverlake

For newborns up to babies 14 months old
Parents are welcome at this fun, supportive class where you can get back into your body and work out the kinks. Lots of people who come to these classes start with the Prenatal Yoga and Labor classes and keep coming with babies (and eventually bigger kids). It’s a great place to meet and make community while bonding with baby. (Class offerings are limited in 2021.)

8. Zooga Yoga — West Hollywood and Culver City

For kids ages 20 months to 3 years
Little Monkeys is the signature Zooga Yoga class, where parents can bond with young yogis as they learn the practice through animal poses, breathing techniques, partner poses, and fun music. Family Yoga and a host of other parent and child movement and play classes are also available for babies & toddlers and their parents.

9. What a Babe — Sherman Oaks 

For babies and toddlers
Color mixing, taste-safe painting, and baby & toddler DIY crafting (like pretend “beach sand” and pretend “snow”) are just some of the hands-on and project-based ways parents can explore sensory learning with their tots. Music classes are also offered for parents and their babies & toddlers.

Top Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Los Angeles: My Gym

Climb and play at My Gym. Photo by Mike Anderson

Cool Gym Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Los Angeles

10. The Little Gym — Multiple locations

For kids ages 4 months to 3 years
If you're looking for a toddler-level physical challenge, try Little Gym. There are locations all over town and they have tons of safe and fun gymnastics equipment from balance beams to rings. The gym has well-trained, professional staff who try to carve out one-on-one time with each kid and push their limits in a gentle way. Kids leave these classes exhausted, which leads to a good nap, which is a cherry on top of the class!

11. My Gym — Multiple locations

For babies 7-13 months
My Gym has tons of wild, brightly colored play equipment for kids, including trampolines, ball pits, and more. Babies and parents are led through a variety of beginning stretches, exercises, infant songs and dances, baby-safe rides and adventures, balance and agility skills, and even introductory tumbling. You can check out a free demo class at a location near you. Additional classes grow with kids up to 10 years old. 

12. Dan the Man's Superkids — West LA

For babies ages 12 - 18 months
Dan the Man is famous for being fabulous with kids, and this Parent and Me class introduces kids (and parents) to the thrill of a trampoline, the fun of throwing a ball, and the fundamentals of exercise and balance—all under the guidance of really encouraging instructors. It’s a great class for both athletic parents who want to share their love of the physical with their littles, as well as parents who have never been very coordinated, and want to learn alongside their kids!

13. Club Champion Gymnastics — Pasadena, Monrovia, and La Canada 

For kids ages 12 months to 3 years
If your child is mobile and looking for a serious challenge, this is a great option. The toddler class asks a lot of the kids in terms of focus. Classes are high energy, fun, and definitely try to gently push the limits for parents and tots to achieve more than you might think is possible. It feels like a place to train a young athlete, so if you want to nurture a little gymnastics champion (or just a high-energy daredevil), try out a class together here. (Classes for this age group have not yet resumed in 2021 as of August 1.)

Baby and Parent Art & Exploration Classes in Los Angeles

14. Purple Twig — Eagle Rock

For kids old enough to sit up and play with materials
We’ve been fans of everything that takes place at Purple Twig since the day this art studio opened. They offer a variety of Parent and Me visual art classes, using everything from recycled materials for sculptures to watercolors, glue, and, of course, finger paints. Get ready to get creative together.

15. Tinkergarten – Various parks

For kids ages 18 months to 8 years
Tinkergarten uses the outdoors as a classroom for play-based learning for mixed-age groups. Hang out outside and explore nature with your little one! An activity such as collecting leaves might kick off class, then little ones participate in Circle Time with songs or rhymes, and/or a book. Next comes a problem-solving activity in which little explorers must use elements from nature to figure out what to do. Tinkergarten is a nationwide organization; visit the website for a location near you.

Top Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Los Angeles: Minibop Music

Get those shakers ready at Minibop Music. Photo courtesy of Minibop Music

Top Music & Language Classes for Babies in Los Angeles

16. Minibop Music — Glassell Park

For kids ages 6 months to 5 years
Ready to shake it? Minibop offers fun, in-person, music classes created especially for infants, toddlers, and young children with their parents or caregiver. You and your child will sing, dance, and play instruments and games together in a program that is designed to develop little ones musically, cognitively, and socially. 

Top Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Los Angeles: Lovebug & Me

Lovebug & Me has classes all over town and with a variety of themes. Photo by Mike Anderson

17. Lovebug & Me — Multiple locations

For babies and toddlers
Move and groove with the music at these classes that are structured around movement and music. There are always fun instruments like claves, xylophones, tambourines, maracas, and more for kids to explore. Then there's usually a physical dance portion or playing with a big parachute. Each group of classes has a theme which has ranged from Hawaiian to Broadway Musicals. Lovebug and Me has classes all over town and demo classes are free. 

18. MandarinArts Studio — Encino

For kids ages 1 - 2 years
MandarinArts is a new concept studio for kids to organically learn Mandarin language through dance, music, art, and drama classes. There are three Parent and Me classes: Mandarin Sounds, Dancing Babies, and Make Some Music. All of them help teach kids (and parents) some basic Mandarin, all while dancing and singing together. 

Top Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Los Angeles: Signshine

Parents and babies bond and learn to communicate at Signshine. Photo courtesy of SignShine

19. SignShine — Beverly Hills

Parent and Me classes are divided into Infants & Crawlers and Standing & Walking
Signing is a wonderful thing for kids and parents to learn together as it not only provides bonding time but also helps young children communicate and reduces their frustration (also called crying time!). Songs make it easy for parents to remember what they’re learning and practice at home. 

20. PLAY Music — Mid-City

For babies through preschoolers
PLAY Music doesn’t just offer Parent and Me music and movement classes, it gives new parents (or new again parents) a whole community. Before or after class, families can (usually—COVID is curtailing activities) hang out in the retail area, browse in the little library, play with toys, make new friends, and drop in for messy art. 

21. Ladybug Music — Studio City and Laguna Beach

For infants and toddlers
While parents cuddle, laugh, sing, and dance with their babies (squeezing every drop of enjoyment out of babyhood and precious time together) it turns out babies are learning the fundamentals of music (dynamics, rhythm, tempo, & pitch). That’s pretty great multi-tasking. Professional musician instructors are one of the many things that make this class a parent favorite.

Top Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Los Angeles: Baila Baila

Learn Spanish together while you play at Baila Baila. Photo courtesy of Baila Baila

22. Baila Baila — Santa Monica

For newborn babies to 5-year-olds
Learn Spanish and music together at Baila Baila. In a variety of classes, kids begin learning Spanish in a total immersion experience through music and art. Teachers use visual cues to help kids and parents alike learn new words and sounds. Music, movement, arts and crafts, sensory activities, and story time are all tools that the teachers here use to reinforce what kids are learning while they play with parents and other babies.

Fun Early Education Classes for Parents & Babies

23. The Pump Station — Santa Monica, Mid-City, Burbank and coming soon to Sherman Oaks

From 6 weeks to toddlers
Pump Station is widely known to expectant and new parents for their prenatal classes, retail offerings, and consultation services. But don’t sleep (ha—new parents never sleep) on the new parent classes. There are separate groups for first-time moms with new babies, moms who have older kids, parent and baby groups (for moms and dads), and toddlers with their parents. A new topic is offered for discussion each week, alongside developmental play, and a "check-in" time to connect and ask questions. If you don’t have a lot of family support nearby or friends who already have kids, these classes help new parents feel like they’re not in it alone.

24. A Mother’s Haven — Encino

For babies
With a huge range of classes that include Mothers’ Gathering, Second Time Moms, Working Moms, Daddy & Me, Music, Sign Language classes, and Mom & Baby Yoga, there’s something here for every level of interaction and support. Classes here are for making friends every bit as much as they are for learning parenting techniques and spending quality time with your babe.

25. The Family Room — Toluca Lake and San Marino

For newborns to toddlers
New parents have lots of questions. At Parent and Me classes at the Family Room, the child development experts who lead the classes cover all the major topics. Classes all include song time, question time, a dedicated discussion about baby development, and parent check-ins. Registration is for one parent, but caregivers are welcome to alternate weeks.

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