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30 Best Things to Do in Queens with Preschoolers and Toddlers

Living in or visiting the borough of Queens is a nonstop international learning experience for little kids, filled with diverse sights, sounds and tastes—and it's super family-friendly.

It's famous for being the most ethnically diverse county in the United States where hundreds of languages are spoken daily. From eating dumplings in Flushing to feeding a goat on a farm, Queens can inspire, teach and feed the spirits of your little ones.

Children of all ages can enjoy Queens, but traveling around the city with a kid 4 or younger can be a challenge. We’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in seasonal order, so you can enjoy Queens like a king, including parks and playgrounds, museums and play spaces, the beach, and even amusement parks perfect for toddlers and preschool-age kids.

What's for Dinner? Meal Delivery Plans that Work for SoCal Families

Dinner happens every day, and family members are quick to remind you of its existence. “What’s for dinner?” “When’s dinner?” “Have you started on dinner?” Notice a theme?

Thoughts of it echo in your head as a busy mom, and the pressure can be especially unnerving if you aren’t a foodie. You want a meal to be quick, easy, and healthy, but the grocery store is a hassle with tired kids in tow; the fast-food window brings inevitable guilt, and you can't do Happy Hour every night.

This is why fresh meal delivery services are flourishing in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, with more are popping up all the time. Led by Blue Apron and other innovators, these services deliver either complete meal kits with the recipes and perfectly proportioned fresh ingredients, or ready-made meals to your front door. And what kid doesn't like getting and opening boxes?

8 Cool Kid Spots Near the New Second Avenue Subway Line

The Second Avenue subway is New York City’s first new subway line in more than 50 years, and yes, we're excited about it! Many fun kid places on the far Upper East Side are often too much of a haul for little legs to travel from Lexington Avenue subway stops without the aid of strollers, carriers, and maybe an afternoon nap (for parent and baby!).

Thankfully, the Q has been extended along Second Avenue to 96th Street with this first phase of the subway expansion, giving us quicker access to many wonderful kid- and family-friendly hot spots highlighted for you here. Read on for eight of the best kid places nearby that you now have no excuse not to visit.

5 Game Changing Car Service Hacks for NYC Parents

The truth is that as a native New Yorker, I never actually learned how to drive. While I finally managed to get my license in my mid-twenties, it's just become a form of ID that I pull out on the rare occasion that someone is kind enough to card me!

While living a car-free lifestyle can certainly be freeing, now that I'm a mom, my inability to drive is a total headache at times. When my daughter was first born, I wouldn't commit to any activity before evaluating whether I could actually manage it myself using the good old MTA system or finding out if my husband's parking space was worth giving up to play chauffeur to the two of us. But just as leaving my Brooklyn neighborhood was starting to seem like a special occasion in and of itself, I uncovered the incomparable convenience of my local car service and it literally became my lifeline.

At this point, I'm pretty much a livery cab pro — having seen most of the city from the backseat — so I've rounded up some of my favorite car service hacks with a little help from our sponsor, Legends Limousine. Whether you're license-less or car-less, or you snagged a spot that's good until next week, here are five ways a car service can be a total game-changer for your family:


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