NYC's Best Playgrounds: 21 Parks Worthy of a Subway Schlep

Climb on platforms dangling from ropes at Hester Street Playground. Photo by Jody Mercier
Climb on platforms dangling from ropes at Hester Street Playground. Photo by Jody Mercier
4/10/22 - By Jody Mercier

Playgrounds may be as much a part of childhood as potty training and the tooth fairy, but having a go-to playground is a real sanity saver for city families. When you live in a tiny apartment, the neighborhood park is your backyard.

While New Yorkers are lucky to have many awesome local play spots, some NYC playgrounds are a cut above the rest. These spots offer plenty of space to romp and enough outdoor entertainment to make them worth a schlep on the subway. Without further ado, read on for 21 of the city's best playgrounds—our NYC playground hall of fame.


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Manhattan's Best Playgrounds

1. Imagination Playground – South Street Seaport

158 John Street at Burling Slip
This playground from architect David Rockwell opened to great fanfare for its concept based on creative play rather than wild romping. While there's space for both, the now-ubiquitous Imagination Playground blocks are the centerpiece of this play space. The foam blocks can be manipulated to build structures on the level ground, piled high in the sand, or used to redirect the water or build a boat in the wading pool; kids' imagination is the only limit. Trained play associates work to engage the kids in cooperative building projects, and everyone has plenty of fun along the way. The playground is close to the waterfront, making it a great destination on a hot summer day, even though there's very little shade in sight.

2. Hester Street Playground – Chinatown

Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Hester Street between Chrystie and Forsyth Streets
The crowded, narrow Chinatown streets give way to this beautiful, remodeled-in-2010 playground on the south end of Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Upon entering, you're greeted with multiple play structures. There's one with monkey bars to swing across and floating steps to traverse. A giant jungle gym welcomes big kids and connects to a spider web for climbing. There's a toddler-friendly jungle gym and a giant sandbox on the opposite side of the space where little ones can get busy digging while parents lounge on the steps nearby.

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Ancient Playground has plenty of slides
Kids love the variety of bridges and slides at the Ancient Playground. Photo courtesy of Central Park

3. Ancient Playground – Central Park

Fifth Avenue at 85th Street
Like its Central Park brethren Heckscher to the south, Ancient Playground abounds with pyramid-style climbing structures. Bridges connect the structures, and slides offer a quick ride back to ground level. Tire swings, sand, and plenty of flowing water in the summer months add to the fun. Named for its proximity to The Met's Egyptian Wing, which sits just across the 85th Street Traverse, Ancient Playground was given a full facelift in 2009. While there's little shade here, there is an on-site bathroom and enough activities to make it easy to while away a long afternoon. When you need a break from the fun in the sun, head to The Met for some culture and always-free-for-kids-under-12 admission, but timed-entry tickets are currently required.

Billy Johnson Playground has an epic granite slide
Billy Johnson Playground is known for its epic granite slide; a recent renovation introduced a second, more toddler-friendly version, too. Photo by Jody Mercier

4. Billy Johnson Playground – Central Park

Fifth Avenue at 67th Street
The granite slide in this playground is legendary and practically synonymous with childhood in Central Park. It's so popular that when the Central Park Conservancy overhauled the park, it added a second little-kid and ADA-accessible version. In addition to the slide, a new swing area was added, plus more parent-friendly benches in the shade of some giant trees. The sand area got an overhaul with a custom-built climber, and the water feature is now fully functional.

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Slide Hill boasts NYC longest playground slides
Slide Hill is just one of several playgrounds for kids on Governors Island.

5. Governors Island – Governors Island

New York Harbor
We're overjoyed that we can now play at this attraction in all seasons. The addition of Slide Hill in 2016 gave us another reason to love playing here, and 2017 brought a big-kid pleasing zip line and rock wall, too. In 2018, it added glamping and a new mini-golf course. In short, there's always something new to explore. Our other favorite play spots on the isle include the playground and fountains at Liggett Terrace, plus the adventure playground, which offers a way to play not found anywhere else in the city. Add to that the myriad events the island hosts, the presence of the National Parks Service and its educational programming, and the fact that getting there and back requires a kid-pleasing ferry ride; it's earned its place in our playground hall of fame.

Heckscher Playground is Central Park's oldest playground
Heckscher Playground in Central Park is a massive 1.8 acres with unique play equipment and water play areas. Photo by Jody Mercier

6. Heckscher Playground – Central Park

Mid-park at 65th Street
Central Park's oldest playground has been thrilling city kids and visitors alike since 1927, and no wonder. At 1.8 acres, there's something here to please every kid. Summer brings thrilling water sprays at the base of the granite pyramid structures of the main play area, as well as a river that seemingly flows from the rock above. A separate little kid area offers plenty of sand for digging, smaller pyramids and slides, a spider web to climb, and a separate, gentler spray shower. To the south of the enclosure, there is some old-school playground equipment (Think: traditional metal slides, swings, and monkey bars) that delight no matter the season. The playground's proximity to bathrooms, green space for picnicking, plenty of rocks to climb, and the Central Park Carousel are just icing on the cake.

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Get up close to the namesake hippos at Hippo Playground
Hippo Playground is named for the playful water features that call it home. Photo by Jody Mercier

7. Hippo Playground – Upper West Side

Riverside Park at 91st Street
Hanging in this playground is practically a rite of passage for Upper West Side kids. The shady space has a pair of playsets to please climbers of all sizes and skill levels. The sandbox offers plenty of all-ages fun, and there are swings for big and little kids alike. The namesake pachyderms add a little whimsy to the space, offering a creative spot to climb in any season or cool down with during the summer—thanks to the gentle spray flowing from them. The Parkhouse offers year-round programming as well as an awesome spot for a DIY birthday party. Fun, annual events like the popular Halloween Parade and annual spring fair make this playground a community hub.

boy at top of slide
Nelson A. Rockefeller Playground is a sprawling, all-ages play spot. Photo courtesy of Battery Park City Authority

8. Nelson A. Rockefeller Park – Battery Park City

River Terrace at Murray Street
There are destination-worthy playgrounds, and then there's the playground at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City. A recent overhaul replaced worn-out equipment and installed a new safety flooring, but it's open for action again. The playground even has merry-go-round kids can move using pedal power. This throwback to my youth is only one of the many out-of-the-ordinary playthings that makes my kids clamor for another visit or a few more minutes of playtime. The gigantic red net for trampoline-style bouncing is another standout, and the separate play (and water) areas for kids big and little keep everyone happy. At times, the only way I can get my kids to bid the spot adieu is by promising a visit to the nearby Teardrop Park, which is spectacular on its own, or a stop at Shake Shack. Even the promise of frozen custard isn't enough to lure them away sometimes.

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The friendly pipefish greets visitors to Chelsea Waterside Playground
A rainbow pipefish makes an awesome jungle gym at Chelsea Waterside Playground. Photo by Jody Mercier

9. Chelsea Waterside Playground – Chelsea

23rd Street at 11th Avenue
Late in 2018, residents and visitors alike were treated to a major overhaul of this spot. Gone are the abstract-art-looking sprinklers, replaced instead by a rainbow-hued pipefish that winds its way through the multi-level gem offering plenty of points of entry to its climbing structure and a magnificently fast slide into a sandbox. A pair of water play areas cater to all ages. The playground's proximity to the Hudson River adds to the atmosphere (and lets you catch a breeze off the water!). When you're done romping, take a walk on The High Line or head over to Chelsea Piers.

Climb to your heart's content at Adventure Playground
A giant, interconnected jungle gym is a welcome addition at the newly revamped Adventure Playground in Washington Heights.

10. Adventure Playground – Washington Heights

164th Street and Edgecombe Avenue
This section of Upper Manhattan's Highbridge Park reopened in late 2020 following a major—sorely needed—upgrade. Gone are the splintered wooden pilings kids would stumble over, replaced instead by a giant, modern jungle gym interconnected with an epic rope climbing structure. A new sprayground debuts once the weather warms. We love this underrated green space, which offers stunning city views, plus its proximity to the Morris-Jumel Mansion, an underrated green space and culture hub, and nearby hiking trails. Highbridge Park is also home to one of only three mountain bike trails within city limits.

11. The Battery Playscape – The Battery

Adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in The Battery
The Battery's expansive new playground delivered on its soaring promises for fun. This sprawling 1.5-acre play area makes maximum use of the real estate, with a collection of interconnected sky-high treehouses to climb into and explore. There's a huge sandbox, five slides of varying lengths, and a puppet theater. We had tons of fun playing here in the winter and can't wait to check out the water feature once the weather warms up. 

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Domino Park is a fun destination day or night
The slides at Domino Park are a huge hit, the view is stunning, and the tacos from Tacocina are tasty. Photo by Jody Mercier

Best Playgrounds in Brooklyn

12. Domino Park – Williamsburg

Kent Avenue at Grand Street
This park, on the site of the old Domino Sugar Factory, sweetens the Brooklyn waterfront for families. A playground meant to evoke the industrial look of the old sugar factory takes up a considerable chunk of real estate and skyline on the northern side of the park. There's plenty for kids to explore in the tri-level play structure, which despite its height, is meant for even the youngest park-goers to navigate independently. A nearby Tacocina from restaurateur Danny Meyer spices up the scene for parents. Further south, you'll find Water Square with its in-ground sprays perfect for frolicking. Views of the Manhattan skyline are hard to beat, too.

The Water Lab is one of Brooklyn Bridge Park's fabulous playgrounds
The Water Lab is the place to be when summer hits! Photo by Sara M.

13. Pier 6 Playgrounds – Brooklyn Heights

East River at Atlantic Avenue
For kid-friendly fun, you can't beat the five playgrounds covering Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Whether your child is into water play, can spend hours digging in the sand, prefers to fly high on the swings, swoosh down the slides, romp in a more natural setting, or do all of the above in one outing, Pier 6 is a go-to destination. The well-known Water Lab draws crowds on summer days with its water-firing cannons, cliffs to climb, and endless fun to be had splashing in the spray. Equally popular with the toddler crowd is Sandbox Village, where kids can climb in the mini-log cabins or create their own structures. The slides at Slide Hill rise to two stories high, and 10 swing sets offer plenty of options for play at Swing Valley. When you've experienced sensory overload from all the playthings and playmates, hit up the Marsh Garden for a calmer, greener walk. When you've worn yourself (and hopefully, your kids) out, head to Fornino for pizza and ice cream to fuel your journey home. Tip: There's even a toddler playground a little further into the park at Pier 5, and another at Pier 1, plus the Pier 2 uplands brought a new sprayground in 2020.

14. Donald & Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration Area – Prospect Park

East Drive at Nellie's Lawn
If you're looking for newly constructed, shiny playground equipment, keep on reading. The Donald & Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration area is true to its name: Artificial playthings are nowhere to be found. Instead, a playground has been carved from nature's bounty...and fury. Many of the logs and trees strewn about here were damaged during Hurricane Sandy and given new life as a completely different play spot than city kids experience day-to-day. While it may not be flashy, it doesn't lack good, old-fashioned, woodsy fun. Who doesn't love climbing felled logs or hopping from stump to stump? Bonus points for the fact the play area is near other popular kids' attractions in the Children's Corner, which gives you plenty of entertaining options to enjoy.

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J.J. Byrne Playground is one of Brooklyn's best
J.J Byrne is a constant hub of activity. Photo by Al DiIngenis

15. J.J. Byrne Playground – Park Slope

Fifth Avenue at Third Street
What Hippo Playground is to the UWS, J.J. Byrne is to Park Slope. This neighborhood hot spot was renovated in 2012 and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. The park is a constant hub of activity thanks to its well-planned sections that offer fun for all ages. Younger kids can play on the Third Street side of the playground, where a gated toddler area keeps them contained with mini equipment. Older kids can have a lively romp or battle it out with the water cannons closer to Fourth Street. Speaking of battles, the playground pays homage to the Battle of Brooklyn, fought on the spot, and the nearby Old Stone House not only offers history lessons but also accessible public restrooms and ongoing community events.

Betsy Head Park Playground offers plenty of fun.
At Betsy Head Park, the playground is only the start of the destination-worthy fun.

16. Betsy Head Park and Playground – Brownsville

Dumont Avenue and Strauss Street
We were blown away by the recent improvements at this Brooklyn green space, which is really a destination park, not simply a destination playground. That's because, in addition to a renovated-in-2016 playground, complete with Imagination Playground blocks, the entire park has just emerged from a $30 million upgrade, which added a state-of-the-art athletic field, amphitheater, skate park, parkour fitness course, and climbing wall to the mix. There's something for all ages to enjoy here—even big kids. Come summer, it's also home to a longtime outdoor pool.

Rockaway's Beach 30th Street Playground is steps from the beach
If you want a day at the beach without all the gear and sandy towels, Beach 30th Street Playground is a worthy destination.

Top Playgrounds in Queens

17. Beach 30th Street Playground – Far Rockaway

Rockaway Beach Boardwalk at 30th Street
There are certainly plenty of places to play in Rockaway Park, but if your family craves fun in the sun and not necessarily the surf, head to this popular playground just off the boardwalk. A seafaring-themed sprayground offers plenty of fun with boats to climb on and sprinklers to frolic in. There are also multiple jungle gyms to scale and a sandbox with sit-on diggers for kids to operate, so leave those pails at home. Another section of the playground offers a huge climbing net to entertain older kids. If that's not enough, head further east to explore the rest of the park, including a track, football field, climbing wall, and skate park, or discover more family fun in the Rockaways.

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Gantry State Park is home to a pair of beautiful playgrounds
Climb high for a fantastic view at Gantry State Park. Photo by Sydney Ng

18. Gantry Plaza State Park/Hunter's Point Park South – Long Island City

East River from 45th Road to 54th Avenue
There are plenty of reasons to love this waterfront park. The pair of playgrounds in Gantry Plaza State Park to the north, and Hunter's Point Park to the south, are close enough to hit in one day, and the amenities throughout make this an excellent spot for a daycation. The view of the Manhattan skyline is the best you'll find anywhere in the city, too. Kids will appreciate the bright, boldly colored jungle gym at Gantry as well as the sky-high sprinklers. Head further south to access the Hunter's Point Playground, which offers a small wading pool, plenty of climbing structures, and (for parents) proximity to a coffee bar as well as the pier where the East River Ferry docks.

Great Playgrounds in Staten Island and the Bronx

19. Pelican Bay Playground – Pelham Bay Park, the Bronx

Orchard Beach between Sections 6 & 7
There's plenty of fun to be had in New York's largest public park, and my kids and I often end a trip to Orchard Beach with a stop at this playground. There's plenty of space to run (and shake the sand off!), but locals know the playground is even more fun during the offseason when it's not so crowded with beachgoers. There's a vast climbing structure, which, like the other beach playgrounds on our list, has a sea theme and a large, sectioned-off swing area. There are spring animals to ride on and a water area featuring the park's namesake birds.

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Hop the ferry for a day trip to the Seaside Wildlife Nature Park. Photo by Matt Green

20. Seaside Wildlife Nature Park – Great Kills, Staten Island

Nelson Avenue and Tennyson Drive
We've told you about this playground, one of our favorite places to play in Staten Island, before. The playground's nautical theme inspires swashbuckling pirates to explore its shipwreck or help marine-biologists-in-training hone their craft. Got a kid who's obsessed with the Staten Island Ferry? Let them play captain for a day here or assign them lookout duty in the lighthouse. There are sprinklers to frolic in and sandboxes for burying treasure or searching for someone else's.

21. Williamsbridge Oval – Norwood, the Bronx

Reservoir Avenue West at Bainbridge Avenue
When my son was asked to attend weekly tennis lessons in this park, I wondered how to entertain my two daughters for three hours in the green space but was oh-so-pleasantly surprised upon our arrival. The Oval, as locals call it, houses multiple playgrounds, and recent renovations make it destination-worthy. We spent hours at the expansive playground to the south of the tennis courts, which had two huge jungle gyms flanking a water play area. One was just right for my 3-year-old, while my 7-year-old delighted in the multiple monkey bar-like obstacles on the big-kid version. She was thrilled to let me (and her older brother) know it had an American Ninja Warrior-style "spin-cycle" obstacle for her to test her skills on, too. Just outside the large, enclosed play area was another set of sprinklers, and staff from the on-site recreation center had strewn about ride-on toys and other playthings for passersby to enjoy. The Oval has three playgrounds total, plus a football field, track, and tennis courts.

Looking for more ways to play? Check out our extensive Playgrounds & Parks Guide for more fun places to pass the day.

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