Central Park's Top Playgrounds Ranked for NYC Kids and Visitors

Heckscher Playground, East 110th Street Playground, Wild West Playground, Ancient Playground, Tarr Family Playground, Tot Lot, Billy Johnson Playground

When out-of-towners ask me how I have managed to stay sane with three kids in Manhattan, my answer is always easy: Central Park. It's been our family playground for more than a decade. In fact, my son's first steps occurred there, and every day of elementary school in our house has started with a trek across the urban oasis, while our afternoons just don't feel quite right without a stop at the East 110th Street Playground, where my daughter finally conquered the monkey bars.

Central Park is our family's collective happy place, thanks in large part to its diverse array of playgrounds, which always keep us coming back for more (sanity saving) playtime.

In the spirit of our recent post ranking Prospect Park's best playgrounds, we present our top picks for Central Park.

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1. Heckscher Playground
Mid-park between 61st and 63rd Streets
Heckscher Park isn't just my favorite playground in Central Park; it's my favorite in all of NYC. If there's one park we always take visitors to, it's this one. Beloved by generations of city kids, Hecksher has separate play areas for kids big and little, tons of water features in the hot months (including a stream that seemingly flows from the rocks above!) and even some old-school slides and swings. Even when the weather isn't warm enough for water play, there's plenty of sand on the toddler side of the park, and the pyramids make for fun climbing spots. Eventually, your kids will find their way to Umpire Rock and beg to climb all the way to the top, but consider following them for the sweet bird's-eye view of the playground and the whole southern end of the park.

2. Ancient Playground
85th Street at Fifth Avenue
The Ancient Playground sits adjacent to The Met, and makes for a great way to blow off steam before or after a trip to the iconic museum. Its pyramid structure style mirrors that of Heckscher, but there's also tons of other draws including water, sand, bridges, tire swings, a stream in summer months, and a whopping nine slides ranging from twisty to tunnel to tandem. Major bonus points for the well-maintained restroom on-site, too.

3. Tarr-Coyne Wild West Playground
93rd Street at Central Park West
Giddy-up and gallop over to this western-themed spot. The playground is laid out in a series of "forts" for kids to climb on, all reminding me a bit of the Lincoln Logs of my youth, in life-sized form. There's tons of sand for digging and a modest sprinkler fills a stream that traverses from one side of the playspace to the other.

4. Billy Johnson Playground
67th Street at Fifth Avenue
While the name may not ring a bell, you've probably heard of the playground with the giant, curving, speedy, granite slide that kids love to race down at even faster speeds by sitting on cardboard that seems to always litter the base of the attraction. The rest of the space offers only rustic, mild thrills, but the slide itself is destination-worthy enough to land Billy Johnson on the list. The playground has recently reopened after undergoing renovations, with improvements that include a new water feature, climbing net, and even a second, more accessible and little-kid friendly granite slide, cementing its place on our list.

5. East 110th Street Playground
110th Street at Lenox Avenue
We are frequent visitors to this playground that my kids affectionately call "chunky monkey" for the large columns of wood that make up the perimeter of the jungle gym. Set up in a series of inter-connecting circular areas, there's a fun water space as you enter, which gives way to the large jungle gym, followed by separate areas with tire swings and strap swings, and the whole playground is surrounded by lush landscaping. The giant old trees were preserved when the playground was renovated, so it's a nice shady spot on a hot day. Rock walls separate the main play areas from a landscaped, wood-chipped pathway and kids love to get lost in this urban jungle. It can be a little hard to track them down and hustle them out when playtime is over and I've known some kids to climb the wall bordering the playground and come out on 110th Street, so if your kid's an escape artist, be wary of that exit opportunity.

6. Tarr-Coyne Tots Playground
68th Street just east of Central Park West
This recently remodeled spot offers a great play experience dedicated to the park's youngest visitors. There is plenty of sand, both to sit in as well as handicapped-accessible sand tables. Plenty of swing sets dot the perimeter and there are tons of shapes for busy toddlers to climb over or sit on. A sprinkler was also added, ensuring little ones have all the trappings of the big-kid playgrounds nearby.

7. Tarr Family Playground
100th Street at Central Park West
We were just outside this park when my son took his first steps in 2006, and though much of the playground was remodeled in 2009, the giant pyramid with speedy slides still remains. Around it, there's a new jungle gym, a pair of rope climbers, and plenty of sand. A bridge runs from near the playground's entrance to the aforementioned pyramid where kids can reach the top by climbing the ladder inside, or go straight up the sides, thanks to some indentations in the concrete structure. There's a separate sand area for little kids, complete with a water spout, and a fun sprinkler area where a circle of jets shoots friendly, arching sprays at revelers.

For more of our favorite playgrounds in Central Park and beyond, be sure to visit our Parks and Playgrounds Guide.

Heckscher Playground
65th St Transverse
10019 New York , NY 40° 46' 9.9696" N, 73° 58' 26.346" W
New York
Ancient Playground
85th Street and Fifth Avenue
10028 New York , NY 40° 46' 51.078" N, 73° 57' 39.2976" W
New York
Tarr-Coyne Wild West Playground
93rd Street and Central Park West
10025 New York , NY 40° 47' 23.0676" N, 73° 57' 57.9708" W
New York
Billy Johnson Playground
67th Street and Fifth Avenue
10022 New York , NY 40° 46' 9.4152" N, 73° 58' 9.6924" W
New York
East 110th Street Playground
110th Street at Lenox Avenue
10026 New York , NY 40° 47' 53.5884" N, 73° 57' 8.622" W
New York
Tarr-Coyne Tots Playground
68th Street at Central Park West
10023 New York , NY 40° 46' 25.2444" N, 73° 58' 40.1844" W
New York
Tarr Family Playground
100th Street at Central Park West
10025 New York , NY 40° 47' 39.138" N, 73° 57' 46.2492" W
New York