Secrets of Discovering Moana's Journey of Water, Now Open at EPCOT!

Enjoy the self-guided trail where you can
Enjoy the self-guided trail where you can "play" with water as it travels from the sky to the oceans and back again at Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana. Photo by the author
2/23/24 - By Charlotte B

Walt Disney World visitors at EPCOT now have the chance to embark on an entirely new adventure with Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana! My family recently visited EPCOT and explored this immersive walking trail, which offers a unique journey for visitors of all ages. Unlike traditional attractions, this interactive adventure allows guests to engage with water in ways that go beyond the typical ride experience.


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Journey of Water: The Experience

The Journey of Water begins with a stroll along the meandering pathway, surrounded by vibrant greenery and sounds of nature. The interactive elements echo Moana's connection with the ocean, while educating guests about the water cycle. Along the way, guests encounter water features that respond to their touch, including rain harps and jumping streams, as well as the chance to create an ocean wave. We particularly enjoyed the waterfall that magically parts as visitors walk through it, along with water geysers that respond to arm movements.

These interactive elements make the experience feel personalized, breaking away from the conventional theme park ride format. Along the trail, guests will encounter an impressive Te Fiti figure towering over the water (perfect for a photo op!), and may discover favorite characters from the film, like Hei Hei, Pua, and Moana, carved in the rock formations.

Journey of Water: Location

This new attraction seamlessly integrates into the “edutainment” theme of EPCOT. Connecting with other attractions in the newly rebranded World Nature section of the park, such as Soarin' at The Land pavilion and The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Journey of Water contributes to the overall narrative of World Nature.

Journey of Water: Why Kids Like It

The interactive elements of Journey of Water make it a standout experience at EPCOT. The playful interaction with water, the chance to meet Moana, and the overall magical atmosphere consistent with Disney standards contribute to a fun adventure for kids of all ages.

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, at EPCOT: Capture a photo with Moana
Capture a photo with Moana in the New World section of EPCOT. Photo courtesy of WDW

Journey of Water: Character Meet-and-Greet

Guests have the opportunity to meet Moana in a new area of World Nature, just across from Journey of Water. This spot is perfect for capturing photos and sharing hugs with the Wayfinder herself.

Journey of Water: Know Before You Go

  • Both wet and dry path options are noted throughout the attraction. If choosing the wet paths, you may want to bring a change of clothes or water shoes.
  • Some areas of the attraction may close during inclement weather.
  • Journey of Water takes into consideration the diverse needs of visitors. Accessible pathways, wet and dry options, and shaded resting areas ensure that the experience is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.
  • Restrooms are located inside the attraction.

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