Destination Playgrounds in Lower Hudson Valley

Sally's Dream Playground, Grasshopper Grove, Bowdoin Park, Cornwall, Wappingers Falls, Montgomery,

Playgrounds provide easy fun for kids of all ages. Pack a lunch and grab the sunscreen and you pretty much have a day of fun without a lot of fuss. While it's easy enough to find a playground, sometimes it's worth heading out past your neighborhood park for a playground that packs a little more punch.

Beautiful parks are plentiful throughout Westchester and Lower Hudson Valley and while picnicking, open fields and gorgeous views are great, most kids think first of the playground. We're taking a look at a trio of destination playgrounds in the Lower Hudson Valley. All are worth the drive with imaginative play structures, shade and other amenities that add up to a day of fun for the whole family.

Bowdoin Park – Wappingers Falls
Although splash parks are aplenty in Westchester, they’re a little harder to find in the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley. Bowdoin Park is one of the few that has one, making it a fantastic choice for a summer destination playground. The spray park has SpongeBob SquarePants-themed picnic benches lining the perimeter, allowing you to relax and watch your kids shriek and dash as they aim the water cannons or try to outrun the sprinklers. When the kids tire of water play (or in cooler months), head to the swings or one of the many large play structures dotting the park. Bowdoin Park spans 300 acres with the picturesque Hudson River as the backdrop. Other amenities include plenty of ball fields, picnic areas and shady pavilions to relax and enjoy the view.

The spray park at Bowdoin Park

Sally’s Dream PlaygroundMontgomery
We recently profiled Sally’s Dream at Thomas Bull Memorial Park and we'd be remiss if we didn't mention it here. Highlights include giant, open fields for free play, multiple play structures with access for all children and plenty of shade for when you need a break. Kids can run, swing, slide and even make music at Sally’s Dream. The photo above shows my son taking to the rings at Sally's.

Nature themed playground at Grasshopper Grove.

Grasshopper Grove – Cornwall
Grasshopper Grove is part of Hudson Highlands Nature Museum and the only one on this list that charges a nominal entry fee. This “natural” playground has trees for climbing, a water trough to play with and build dams and a fantastic, shaded sand box with tons of construction toys. The large gazebo offers shade and books to enjoy while taking a breather from heavy play. Important note: Grasshopper Grove is open to the public only on weekends.

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Bowdoin Park
85 Sheafe Road
12590 Wappingers Falls , NY 41° 35' 49.4736" N, 73° 56' 11.2416" W
New York
Hudson Highlands Nature Museum
174 Angola Road
Cornwall , NY 41° 25' 28.3224" N, 74° 2' 40.2756" W
New York
Thomas Bull Memorial Park
211 NY-416
10916 Campbell Hall , NY 41° 28' 29.4492" N, 74° 15' 59.1264" W
New York