10 Cool and Free Halloween Programs for Kids in Westchester

If you think Halloween library programs are only about storytime and pasting paper pumpkins—think again! While Westchester libraries continue to offer the more tried-and-true events for families, there are also a bunch of stand-out events that are frightfully fun.

Below we’ve listed 10 inventive Halloween library programs, collectively representing preschoolers to high schoolers, including spooky events, like Ghost Hunting 101, workshops that help with costume preparation like the Halloween Makeup Workshop, crafty events like Vampire Fang Necklaces, and recreation like Creepy Carnival. Best of all—they’re all FREE!

Read on for our top picks, and then continue on to our Event Calendar for many more fun October events.

The Best Local Ice Cream Shops in Westchester

Summer's in full swing! We hope you're surviving this heat wave and are having fun making your way around town, checking out all the great things to do in Westchester. While you're out and about, one must-have piece of knowledge is where to find some frozen goodness.

Sure you can hit up some of the big chains or ice cream trucks, but there's just something about a good old-fashioned neighborhood ice cream shop. We're lucky to have lots of great spots, so ride out the summer days and stay cool at one of Westchester's local shops.

8 Bilingual and Immersion Programs for Westchester Preschoolers

A growing number of parents are enrolling their preschoolers in foreign-language programs in an effort to expose them to a second language early on. Multi-lingualism and immersion programs may offer cognitive advantages to kids, and many preschools are incorporating second languages into their curriculum to accommodate the heightened interest.

We've rounded up a list of preschools in Westchester that teach a second language. If you're searching for more preschool information, be sure to take a look at our specialized Preschool Guide

4th of July Fireworks: Where to Celebrate with Families in Westchester

Note: Due to the inclement weather Friday night, some of these events have been rescheduled. Dates shown here include the updated schedules.  

Independence Day is right around the corner, and that means summer fun, barbecues and, of course, stunning pyrotechnics. Fireworks go hand in hand with the 4th of July, so the big question is, where to see a show? The famous Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular is one option (and we have the best spots to watch with your family); however, if you prefer to stay closer to home, there are great displays happening all over Westchester. Some celebrations take place before the holiday, and often the fireworks come with fairs, festivals and concerts, so there's lots to do and see. Read on for where to catch the best 4th of July fireworks in Westchester.

25 Places Families Can Take Mommy and Me Music Classes in Westchester

It's never too early to get started on music appreciation with your child. Taking a Mommy and me—or Dad and me, or Grandparent and me, or nanny and me—music class can boost your tot’s brain power, help develop social skills and foster creativity. It’s also the perfect excuse to let your guard down and boogie to your favorite kid tunes.

Here's our comprehensive list of the best music classes for babies and toddlers in Westchester. Looking for even more classes for kids? Consult our Classes Guide and sign up for our newsletters!

Free Outdoor Summer Concerts in Westchester (Sunsets Included)

Grab a beach chair, blanket, picnic dinner, and maybe event a glass of wine because whether you go to work or drive the camp carpool, a free concert in the park is just the thing to end your day on a relaxing note. Here in Westchester, we're lucky enough to have many of our parks on the waterfront, and you'd be hard-pressed to beat that view at sunset.

This summer, towns around the county are hosting bands playing everything from rock to jazz to country to Cuban, Peruvian, Irish, and even Arabic music. How's that for variety? Kids don't need to know the tunes to have fun. While you keep the beat with your fingers and toes, they'll have fun dancing and maybe even making new friends. Parents and kids: happy together.

Looking for more summer fun? Consult our Event Calendar and our Summer Activity Guide, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter.  

Local Treats to Make Westchester Kids Fall in Love with the Easter Bunny

Sure, you can fill your kids’ Easter baskets with your standard-issue foil-wrapped Cadbury eggs (and, let’s face it, they’ll still love them), but there are some bakeries and sweet shops in Westchester that let you step things up a notch. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorites from the area—all treats that will make your kids fall in love with the Easter Bunny all over again. We suggest picking up extras for the parents … 

Spring Break Mini-Camps for Westchester Kids

If you're not planning on heading out of town for Spring Break, you may be wondering how to keep the little ones busy during the break. Spring Break mini-camps offer a great way to keep kids active, learning and engaged while they are off from school.  

Westchester offers many specialized mini-camp programs so there's sure to be a camp to please most any child’s interests. We've rounded up several options for mini-camps including nature, art and sports themed programs. Different districts have different weeks off this year, so we've included several for each. Be sure to check out our Summer Camp Guide, since summer will be here before we know it!

Free Holiday Craft Workshops for Kids in Westchester

One of the greatest hallmarks of the holiday season is the personal touch we can create. This month, a number of workshops are being offered throughout Westchester that help children create their own handmade treasures—all of which are FREE (as an added gift!).

Read on for some nifty ways for kids and their grown-ups to get crafty this holiday season. And be sure to check our December GoList and our Event Calendar for even more ways to enjoy the holidays with kids!

Hanukkah Fun and Celebrations for Kids in Westchester

The Jewish Festival of Lights runs from Dec. 6-14 in 2015, which means it falls a little early this year. (This also means the festivities and celebrations have already begun!) No matter how you spell it—Chanukah, Chanuka, Hanukka, Hanukkah—this month spells fun with holiday celebrations throughout Westchester.

We’ve collected some of the most family-friendly activities occurring in Westchester. For more fun outings this month, be sure to check out our Holiday Fun Guide and Event Calendar, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook


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