LA's Best Gymnastics Classes and Tumbling Classes for Kids Who Love To Bounce

Flip into gymnastics fun! Photo courtesy of Fun & Fit Gymnastic Centers
Flip into gymnastics fun! Photo courtesy of Fun & Fit Gymnastic Centers
8/13/23 - By Kylie Williams

Gymnastics classes in Los Angeles allow kids to get all that energy out and bounce off the walls and the floor. Some kids want to be the next big Olympic tumbler; others need a padded space to run and maybe figure out a somersault. 

My toddlers love a good, colorful gymnastics space. The foam pits, trampolines, giant mats, and balance beams are the perfect way to gain body awareness, learn listening skills, and maintain balance. If you are looking for gymnastics classes that are child-centered, non-competitive, and possibly closer to home, one of these kids' gyms may be just your speed. 

Classes keep the kiddos entertained while learning and honing new skills, so in addition to gymnastics classes, sign them up for sports classes in Los Angeles and LA's best dance classes. Find even more class ideas in our Classes Guide for Los Angeles Kids


Tot Tumbling Gyms on the Eastside

1. The Klub Gymnastics — Elysian Valley

These 45-minute Parent and Me classes let kids swing, jump, roll, and even hop on a trampoline (a favorite activity is parachute time). Do you have a wanderer who struggles to pay attention to the instructor? There's a designated space designed specifically for roamers who are just there for a good time.

Tumbling Gyms on the Westside

2. Broadway Gymnastics School — Playa Vista 

Tumbling Toddlers is a 45-minute class requiring parent participation, perfect for 18 months and on. Kids ages three years and six months to five years old can move into Broadway Bounders to cover basic gymnastics such as cartwheels, climbing, hanging, and jumping.

Children with special needs can also find therapeutic gymnastics classes for kids from 18 months upwards. 

3. JAG Gym — Culver City 

Get your kiddos ready for the playground with JAG gym classes for toddlers. In addition to focusing on playground readiness, JAG Gym uses circuits to keep things moving (and hopefully to tucker out your little tumbler before naptime.) If your child has "ninja" fever, this gym also offers classes to train the future ninjas of LA. 

Great Gymnastics Classes for Kids in the Valleys

4. Matrix Gymnastics — Chatsworth

Want to introduce your budding gymnast to Olympic-level equipment like vaults, bars, and beams in a fun environment? These gymnastics classes (in a meticulously clean environment) let "little ducklings" play with parachutes, jump into loose foam cube pits, and bounce in enclosed and netted trampolines. 

Classes range from babies to big kids with a Mom, Pop, and Me for kids walking to age 2, Tiny Tots (for two-year-olds), Mini Mites (for 3-year-olds), and Super Hero class for kids ages four to give. 

5. Dream Elite — Woodland Hills 

This 12,000 sq. ft facility has all the equipment for grown-up gymnasts, plenty of space for little gymnasts, and a private party room. Classes include a Mommy and Me class for kids two and a half and younger, a Mini Tumble Stars class for kids ages two and a half to three, a Tumble Stars class for kids three and a half to four, and another for four and up. 

6. Tumble Tykes — Reseda & Calabasas 

Located right off the 101, Tumble Tykes has gymnastics classes for toddlers from 18 months to three years old. Their 45-minute classes emphasize core strength, balance, and coordination, all in the name of active, energetic fun. 

7. Junior Gym — Van Nuys 

A "quasi-structured" Parent and Me gymnastics program is available for toddlers ages 15 months to three years old, while a beginning tumbling class is available for three-year-olds, and an intermediate tumbling class is for children ages three to four.

As kids grow, the intentionality of these classes grows with them. Toddler classes are loosely structured, while the gymnastics classes for three to four-year-olds start to require more attention and skill. 

8. Gymnastikids — Pasadena 

The Parent and Pal program is a chance to let your little one (from walking age to three years old) interact with other kids while working on coordination, balance, and confidence. After that, a Tiny Twisters class for kids three to four years old teaches basic gymnastics skills.

There is also plenty of parking, free WiFi, and a collection of toys for waiting siblings to play with. Not to mention, some awesome rock walls in the gym! 

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Gymnastics classes in Los Angeles: Cal Elite
Tumble into the spotlight. Photo courtesy of Cal Elite       

9. Cal Elite Gymnastics — Burbank, Rancho Santa Margarita, & Santa Clarita 

Formally known as Fun and Fit Gymnastics, Cal Elite's philosophy is to train kids to perform. Even the most timid kids will shine in the spotlight to show parents, classmates, and coaches what they can accomplish.

There are classes for walking to three years old, gymnastics classes for ages three to 17, tumbling for ages six and up, and cheer classes. As a former Cal Elite (well, Fun and Fit) student, I can testify that classes at this gym will be the highlight of your child's week. 

10. Hugos Gymfitness — Santa Clarita 

I had to pop this one on here because it's our gym—the one that I take my kids to when enrolled in gymnastics classes. The coaches are engaging and encouraging, the gym is brightly colored and stocked from top to bottom with fun, and I've watched my kids grow their confidence and their movement abilities while taking classes here.

My toddler started toddling about in the Mommy and Me class at just 18 months, while my four and seven-year-old boys love scaling walls and spinning over obstacles in the parkour classes. 

Gyms for Tots and Babies with Multiple Locations in LA 

11. YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles — Various Locations 

When it comes to kids' activities, never forget the Y. Every location has different offerings—classes, sports, and times may all be different, so you may need to search for your preferred program. Every YMCA offers different programs, but most have a variety of youth classes.

Some branches offer parent & me toddler gym classes and preschool/elementary sports programs, parent & me swim classes, swim lessons, adventure guides, and more—we recommend visiting your local Y to get the most up-to-date information on its current offerings. Most programs are available to non-members and members.

12. YMCA of Orange County — Various Locations 

If you live further south, YMCA gyms in the OC offer many of the same programs as the gyms in LA County. Find the gym closest to you and check out their location-specific website to see if any tumbling classes are on the schedule. 

13. The Little Gym — Various Locations

The Little Gym is a franchise operation with different locations throughout LA. Kids can dip their toes into gymnastics with classes on the mat, beams, and bars. The gym prides itself on being a premiere enrichment and physical development center for kids from four months to 12 years old. 

14. My Gym — Various Locations

Also a franchise, there are independently owned My Gyms throughout Los Angeles. You might want to visit multiple locations to find your favorite. Classes typically start at three months old with parent & me classes and run through age 14 (cardio kids classes). Sibling classes are available, as are martial arts, my gym art, all-star sports, and parents' night out. 

post originally published 6/4/12


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