Sports Classes for Kids in Los Angeles: Soccer, Baseball, Basketball

Future all-stars get their start in sports classes. Photo courtesy LA Galaxy
Future all-stars get their start in sports classes. Photo courtesy LA Galaxy
8/8/21 - By Matt Matasci

Los Angeles is a sports-centric city (hello, recent slew of championships!) which is probably why we have so many world-class kids' sports classes. And since the weather is so mild, many sports classes can be enjoyed year-round. From summer sports that are iconically associated with LA like surfing and volleyball to traditional team sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball, there are sports activities for every kid! Whether your child is a toddler or teen, and thrives on the comradery of team sports or is more drawn to activities like karate or gymnastics, you can find great sports classes in Los Angeles to fit everyone's passion. 

Check our guide to the Best Kids Classes and Activities in Los Angeles for more kids' activities and programs.


Did you know you can now book classes and more activities directly from the Mommy Poppins calendar? Find events with the "book it" button or filter for classes for simple registration in just a few clicks. Here are some of our picks for virtual and local LA classes available now!

Best Sports Classes for Kids in Los Angeles: Soccer class for kids

Everyone's first sports class is soccer, right? Photo by Matt Matasci

Best Kids' Soccer Classes in Los Angeles

1. Euro Soccer USA — Playa Vista

Ages 18 months to 12 years
Choose from a variety of kids' soccer classes at Euro Soccer USA, including 12-week class sessions and a 4-week class bundle—or if you're not sure about making that kind of commitment, there are Saturday and Sunday drop-in classes. The classes are divided by age.

2. Galaxy Juniors — Torrance

Ages 18 months to 7 years
The Galaxy is LA's original MLS team and they've hosted non-competitive soccer classes at their Torrance stadium for years. These classes emphasize ball work and make learning soccer skills fun for kids. Classes for kids ages 18 months to 3.5 years are parent and child lessons while coach-led courses are available for ages 3-7. The great thing about Galaxy Juniors is that you don't need to invest in a lot of gear; kids simply need to bring a ball, tennis shoes (not cleats), and a water bottle—no need for shin guards with these classes!

3. Soccer Stars — Burbank, Pasadena, Hollywood, Cheviot Hills

Ages 2-10
Soccer Stars is a national program with classes around the country, and as Southern California is a soccer hotbed, it's no surprise they offer classes all over the city. Like Galaxy Juniors, these are skills-based classes for players of all abilities. Classes are broken down by age group; soccer lessons for kids age 2-3 require parent participation. 

4. Soccer Routes — Valley Village, Sherman Oaks

Ages 2-9
Soccer Routes was founded by Adam Rose, who has a background in psychology and spent time playing soccer competitively in the UK before moving to California. These kids' soccer classes have a more serious approach than many others, using a "4 Pillars Development System" that Rose, a certified US Nationals coach, created to encourage kids to grow as competitors. 

5. Evolve Soccer LA — Elysian Valley

Ages 2-18
What sets Evolve Soccer LA apart from other kids' soccer classes on this list is that it has its own state-of-the-art training facility. Located in Elysian Valley just east of Echo Park, the facility has a great central location that's easy to reach whether you live on the Westside, Eastside, or the Valleys. Evolve offers several different class options, including Frogtown Friends for kids 2 to 5, Lil' Ballers for kids 3 to 5, Futsal Skills for kids over 6, and more. 

Best Sports Classes for Kids in Los Angeles: MADE Baseball

Little champs emulating their big league heroes. Photo courtesy MADE Baseball

Top Baseball Classes for Los Angeles Kids

6. MADE Baseball — Santa Monica, Mid-Wilshire

Ages 7 & up
Coach Isaac Hess runs MADE Baseball (which stands for Motivation, Appreciation, Dedication, Every Day). The focus of these lessons is to work on mental acuity, mechanical improvements, and championship routines, plus leadership skills, athleticism and quickness, and general skills. MADE Baseball offers private lessons for one or two kids, plus small group lessons for up to five kids (group lessons are for kids under 12 only). Kids can also drop in for "Hustle Ball Camp" in the summer. For advanced players ages 7-10, there is a competitive Fall Development Program that requires tryouts. 

7. Big League Youth Baseball and Softball Academy — West Los Angeles, Long Beach

Ages 5-17
Big League Youth Baseball and Softball Academy offers group classes and private lessons out of West LA and Long Beach. The company is run by former professional baseball player Rod Allen, Jr. 

8. Beach City Baseball Academy — El Segundo

Ages 6-12
Beach City Baseball Academy hosts private clinics for league-age kids (that's ages 6-12 if you're not in this world yet!). The academy has a 25,000 square-foot indoor facility with batting cages, a HitTrax baseball simulator, a fitness center, and a 12,000 square-foot outdoor regulation little league practice infield just across the street. There are private lessons available with one of the five baseball instructors or the softball instructor. Areas of focus for training include batting, fielding, catching, and pitching.

Best Sports Classes for Kids in Los Angeles: Royal Basketball School

Learn to pass, dribble, and shoot at Royal Basketball School. Photo courtesy of the school

Kids' Basketball Classes in Los Angeles

9. Royal Basketball School — West Hills, Canoga Park, Sherman Oaks, Mid-Wilshire

Ages 3-14
Royal Basketball School has locations throughout the city, from the Valley to the Miracle Mile. Classes are divided into groups depending on skill level and age, with the age brackets being 3-5, 6-9, and 10-14. Classes are held after school on the weekdays and throughout the day on Saturdays. Drop-in classes are available, giving you and your kid a chance to check out the classes with no commitment. There are monthly, seasonal, and annual membership packages available—all membership packages offer access to all five gyms used by Royal Basketball School.

10. Academy USA — Glendale

Ages 5 & up
At Academy USA young basketball players can get private training or take group classes. The training academy focuses on basketball skills like footwork and dribbling, catching and passing, shooting and rebounding, cutting and faking, screening and blocking, layups and post moves, conditioning and strength, and communication and teamwork. (Whew, that's exhausting just to read.) The facility has three standard basketball courts and a fitness gym and Academy USA offers a free training session so you can experience the gym without any commitment. 

11. SuperTots Sports — El Segundo

Ages 2-5
SuperTots Sports offers a variety of sports classes for kids, including soccer, baseball, and even cheerleading. Their HoopsterTots series of 50-minute classes prepare kids for the game of basketball, focusing on dribbling, shot technique, passing, and teamwork. 

12. Sterling Basketball Academy — Santa Clarita

Ages 6-14
Sterling Basketball Academy provides more serious and intensive basketball lessons for kids under 14. The basketball academy focuses on various aspects of offense and defense, as well as a conditioning and strength program. The conditioning plans are customized to be age-appropriate and focus on the development of core strength and endurance. In addition to lessons, the basketball academy has teams for kids with advanced skills. 

Best Sports Classes for Kids in Los Angeles: Karate class

Kick it! Photo courtesy of Knowles Karate

Cool Karate Classes for Kids in Los Angeles

13. Rokah Karate — Mid-City

All ages and levels welcome
Rokah Karate in Pico-Robertson puts a strong emphasis on character development, teaching children the importance of discipline, focus, respect, and humility. The dojo offers a kinder karate and gymnastics program, which is a class of up to six children, ensuring all kids in the group get the attention they need. Also offered are youth competitive programs, which trains kids for competitive karate tournaments. Rokah also provides a youth leadership program where students work as Sempais (assistant Senseis) to work towards becoming a Rokah Karate Youth Instructor. 

14. Ken Nagayama Martial Arts — Burbank

Ages 3-18
Ken Nagayama Martial Arts in Burbank breaks down its kids' karate classes by skill level. Kinder Karate is for kids ages three and a half to four and teaches the importance of self-confidence and respect for themselves and others. The beginner classes are for students over five and are their introduction to Nagayama's technique. Intermediate classes build upon the fundamentals and add more complex techniques, while advanced classes further challenge students with even more complex forms, sparring techniques, and self-defense techniques.

15. Kim's Hapkido — Alhambra, Arcadia, South Pasadena, Yucaipa

Ages 4-18
At Kim's Hapkido, students learn Jang Mu Won Hapkido which emphasizes timing, precision, and attention to detail. Courses offered include Junior Hapki for kids ages four to five, Self-Defense for Children for kids ages six to 12, and for teens, there are evening classes that mix students of all skill levels. 

16. Knowles Karate — Koreatown

Ages 3-18
In the heart of Koreatown, Knowles Karate is run by the whole Knowles family. There are 30-minute classes for three-year-olds, 45-minute classes for four-year-olds, and the classes for kids ages five and older are 70 minutes. Private classes are also available, and the monthly membership pricing allows you to save money on classes. 

Best Sports Classes for Kids in Los Angeles: Fencing classes

Parry and riposte at Silverlake Fencing. Photo by Meghan Rose

More Unique Sports Classes for Kids in Los Angeles

17. OMG Sports — Miracle Mile

Ages 9-14
OMG Sports Sunday Field Sports classes give kids a taste of several outdoor team sports. These classes are held Sunday mornings at Pan Pacific Park and you can choose between the drop-in rate or discounted monthly pricing. Kids play sports like flag football, soccer, kickball, and softball to find what interests them the most.

18. Silverlake Fencing — Silverlake

Ages 9-18
Silverlake Fencing gives kids the chance to become a swashbuckling sword-fighter! The sport emphasizes thinking on your feet and is a favorite for kids not drawn to traditional team sports. You can take one class before committing to the classes. The instructors are all wonderful with kids and encouraging, and people who take classes here highly recommend the spot. (Find more fencing classes around LA.)

19. Hockey Classes at Toyota Sports Performance Center — El Segundo

Ages 5 & up
Hockey may not be as popular in LA as it is in colder parts of the country, but that doesn't mean your kid can't hit the rink! At the Toyota Performance Center in El Segundo, kids can take a variety of classes: Start with First Goal!, an introductory program that is free (and if you can skate, you're allowed to join your child on the ice). From there, kids are directed to the appropriate skating class. After a year of training, kids are able to join the hockey teams. (Find more hockey classes around LA.)

20. The Trapeze School — Santa Monica

Ages 6-18
Originally from New York, the Trapeze School on the Santa Monica Pier gives kids the chance to learn an incredible new skill and kids can choose from classes like flying trapeze, trampoline, silks, and more. The school offers children's programs and kids can also sign up for any all-level classes that are offered.

21. Club Champion Gymnastics — Pasadena, Monrovia

Ages 12 months to 18 years
With two locations in the Pasadena area, Club Champion has one of the best recreational gymnastics programs in Southern California. There are many different courses available for kids of all ages and skill levels, from Parent and Me courses for the smallest gymnasts (as young as 12 months old!) to advanced training for future Olympians. (Find more gymnastics classes around LA.)

22. Los Angeles Volleyball Academy — Thousand Oaks, Santa Clarita, Burbank, Corona, West LA, Camarillo

Ages 8-14
Volleyball is a Southern California staple. Just walk along The Strand and you'll see dozens and dozens of games on the beach. Get your kids started early with classes from the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy, with locations across the region. Start with LAVA Lite, the organization's youth program for 3rd-5th grade girls. For 6th to 8th-grade girls, Non-Travel Programs allow them to continue training without joining a club travel team.

23. GoSurfLA — Santa Monica

Ages 5 & up
Speaking of iconic LA sports, there's no activity more associated with Southern California than surfing. Take advantage of the city's coastal location and get your kids out on the water with classes from GoSurfLA. Your child's first lesson will include learning the basics of surfing like popping up, surfing etiquette, and (most importantly) ocean safety—before long they'll be ready for intermediate lessons where kids build towards doing tricks and other maneuvers. The surf school also offers stand-up paddleboard lessons. 

24. Avante Garde Fencers — West LA

Ages 8 & up
This Olympic training ground off Olympic Boulevard is one of LA's top fencing schools, with a specialty in just one weapon: sabre. Because the sabre is the most dramatic sword used in the sport, this is a popular activity for fans of swashbuckling movies, as well as serious athletes who want to train with coaches and students who are veterans of Olympic games. Group classes, camps, and individual lessons are all available. An introductory lesson is always free!

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