40 Funny Things To Ask Alexa (Kids Edition)

Alexa tells jokes and plays all sorts of kid-friendly gags. Photo courtesy of Amazon
Alexa tells jokes and plays all sorts of kid-friendly gags. Photo courtesy of Amazon
2/4/21 - By Meghan Rose

Jokes are the best. Knock knock jokes, silly jokes, pretty much any joke will make a kid roar. Even the bad ones. Especially the bad ones! But parents run out of jokes to tell kids (even dad jokes) well before kids get sick of hearing them. You know who never runs out of jokes, wordplay, silly answers, and entertaining games? Alexa.

The next time you need a minute to yourself, teach the kids a few things from this list of funny things to ask Alexa, the Amazon virtual assistant that plays on smart speakers. Go ahead and crack open a book you’ve been dying to read or sneak away to watch an episode of Bridgerton. Because Alexa time can equal me time.  


You know what they say: "Tell a kid a joke, and they'll laugh for a minute. Tell a kid to ask Alexa a joke, and they'll laugh for a lifetime. Or at least long enough to give you a little break." No need to download or install anything, just have kids start firing off these requests at your Alexa-enabled device.

Ask Alexa big questions about the universe and even small things. Photo by Dino Reichmuth/Unsplash

Funny Things To Ask Alexa for Kids

1. Alexa, what happens if you step on a Lego?

2. Alexa, do aliens exist?

3. Alexa, how was your day?

4. Alexa, how high can you count?

5. Alexa, do you have any pets?

6. Alexa, do you believe in ghosts?

7. Alexa, how much do you weigh?

8. Alexa, can you give me some money?

9. Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya.

10. Alexa, do you know Siri?

11. Alexa, how old are you?

12. Alexa, say something in Klingon

13. Alexa, do you like pizza?

14. Alexa, are you married?

15. Alexa, do you love me? 

16. Alexa, make me a sandwich.

17. Alexa, what's your favorite color?

18. Alexa, can you rap? 

19. Alexa, what’s the song that goes?

20. Alexa, open the box of cats.

21. Alexa, what did T-Rex eat?

22. Alexa, moo like a cow.

23. Alexa, cry like a baby.

24. Alexa, burp.

25. Alexa, talk like a pirate. (She can do this for a while.)

26. Alexa, ask SillyThings to tell me to do something silly (The perfect solution to, "Mom, I'm bored.")

Ask for jokes! Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road?

Jokes Alexa Likes to Tell Kids

27. Alexa, why is six afraid of seven?

28. Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road?

29. Alexa, tell me a video game joke.

30. Alexa, tell me a wizard joke.

31. Alexa, tell me a knock knock joke.

32. Alexa, tell me a robot joke.

33. Alexa, tell me a pirate joke. (She can do this for a while.)

34. Alexa, open children's jokes (for hundreds of more jokes).

Ask Alexa for Star Wars trivia. Photo by Daniel Cheung/Unsplash

Does Alexa Like Star Wars or Star Trek?

My daughter is a Star Trek Fan. My son loves Star Wars. They can have this argument forever, and they wanted to see what Alexa thought.

35. Alexa, can you tell me a Star Wars joke?

36. Alexa, beam me up. 

37. Alexa, can you talk like Yoda?

38. Alexa, do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek? My daughter said this is a nice unbiased answer that won’t upset anyone. But if you want to know where her loyalties lie, ask this:

39. Alexa, what do you want to be when you grow up?

And Finally, Save this For Emergencies…

Kids can do this forever. Teach them this one when you can promptly leave the room.

40. Alexa, fart.