25 Halloween Party Game Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Tweens and teens are not too old to enjoy Halloween!
Tweens and teens are not too old to enjoy Halloween!
9/15/22 - By Gina Massaro

Throwing a Halloween party is a fun way to celebrate the spooky season with kids. But when you've got tweens or teens, you need to think beyond the cute Halloween activities and crafts and opt for more scary and active fun. In other words, you need to up your Halloween party game—literally. Luckily, there are so many great Halloween party game ideas for tweens and teens that will help you do just that.

Here are 25 Halloween party game ideas for tweens and teens to make your next Halloween party epic. For the younger guests, check out our list of 25 fun Halloween games for kids; for great Halloween activities near you check our Local Halloween Activities Guide, and for Halloween movies, games, crafts, costumes, and treats all season long, see our Halloween Activities Guide for Families.


25 Halloween Party Game Ideas for Tweens and Teens

1. Poke-a-Pumpkin

Fill some orange cups (perhaps decorated to look like pumpkins) with "tricks"—mayo, beans or anything else that's icky—and others with candy treats. Cover the tops with paper or another thin materials. Party guests can then poke holes into the tops of the cups and reach inside to get their "prize." It's fun for adults to watch the kids' reactions when they discover the gross stuff!

2. Halloween Balloon Battle

Get some orange and black balloons and divide party guests into teams. Tie a balloon to the ankle of each team member. Players then have to try to pop the other team's balloons with only their feet—and without popping their own balloons!

3. Halloween Balloon Pop

Fill balloons with candy and other small items. Guests then pop the balloons and keep whatever is inside. Make the game more fun by placing tricky dares in some of the balloons!

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 Halloween Party Game Ideas for Tweens and Teens Eyeball Halloween Cookies/Cake Pops
Decorate cookies or cake pops to look like creepy things, like eyeballs. Photo by Ally Noel

4. Halloween Cookie or Cake-Pop Decorating

Bakers and artsy teens will love to get creative with some cookie or cake-pop decorating. This is a great basic Halloween cookie cutter set, though I'm partial to this Zombie Dance Party Cookie Kit for teens which comes with cookie dough and frosting mixes. If you're kids prefer cake pops, this Halloween cake pop making kit and decorating stand is handy to have.

5. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Break party guests into teams of two to four. Give each team a list of Halloween-themed items to find, either throughout your house or in the neighborhood. The list can include items such as pumpkins, spiderwebs, skeletons, and more. Make the game more interactive by requiring the kids to take photos of each item. The first team to cross off all the items on the list, or to take photos of or with the items, wins! For more Halloween scavenger hunt ideas, check out our list of the best ones for kids of all ages.

6. Eyeball Pong

Buy some fake eyeballs, or make your own out of ping-pong balls. Then play traditional pong (without the alcohol) for a Halloween twist.

7. Pass-it-on Ghost Stories

Turn off the lights and have everyone sit in a circle. Pass around a flashlight to continuously tell a scary story.

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Halloween Party Game Ideas for Tweens and Teens mummy wrapped in toilet paper
See who can turn their partner into a mummy in the shortest amount of time.

8. Mummy Wrap

Divide the tweens or teens into pairs and have them race to wrap their partner up in toilet paper, like a mummy. You can also use bandage wraps.

9. Shoot the Skeleton

Use food coloring to turn water into different colors. Fill a water gun. Hang skeletons and take aim.

10. The Grave Keeper

One tween or teen is the grave keeper, while the rest lie on the floor, pretending to be dead. Participants are allowed to move when the grave keeper is not looking, and the grave keeper must try to catch anyone trying to awake from their grave. The goal of the game is for the dead is to return to life as zombies and for the grave keeper to keep the dead in their graves.

11. Deadly Wink

One person is secretly named the killer. That person must discreetly wink at other guests. When a guest is winked at, they must die dramatically. Everyone dies off one by one until someone can name the killer.

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Halloween Party Game Ideas for Tweens and Teens kids dancing at Halloween party
Put on your favorite spooky music and have a dance-off.

12. Halloween Dance-Off

Play popular Halloween songs, like "Thriller" and "Monster Mash," and challenge party guests to a dance-off. You can even award prizes for the spookiest dance moves.

13. Blind Feel-Box Guessing Game

Label boxes with various Halloween-themed items, such as eyeballs, witch fingers, brains, etc. Then, use common items to represent those objects—olives, gherkin pickles, spaghetti, etc.—and place them in the boxes. Players reach into the boxes and try to guess what the items they feel actually are. Whoever has the most correct guesses, wins.

14. Halloween Charades

Give this party classic a spooky twist by having players act out Halloween-themed words, such as a zombie, a scarecrow, Dracula, and more.

15. Donut on a String

Sometimes the best Halloween party game ideas are the simplest: Get a dozen or so of your favorite donuts, hang them from strings, and watch as everyone tries to eat them.

16. Fear Factor

Put some pennies at the bottom of a jar, then fill the jar with dirt (or sand) and worms. Have the tweens and teens dig through the dirt to find the pennies. Entice them by matching some cool prizes to the pennies.

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Halloween Party Game Ideas for Tweens and Teens table full of Halloween candy
Load up your favorite Halloween candy to play Candy Catch. Photo by Ally Noel

17. Halloween Candy Catch

Have guests break into teams of two. One team member holds a bunch of candy while the other holds a bucket. The team members stand back-to-back, and the person holding the candy tosses it behind them while the other tries to catch it in the bucket. Laughter ensues!

18. Halloween Truth or Scare

It's truth or dare with a Halloween twist. Truth questions can include things like, "What was the scariest dream you've ever had?" and "Have you ever been so scared you peed your pants?" Scares can challenge players to do things such as howl at the moon like a werewolf and talk like Dracula.

19. Egg Roulette

This game gets messy for one unlucky participant. Hard-boil a bunch of eggs, and leave one raw. Have each guest smack an egg against their forehead and hope they don't have the raw egg.

20. Pass the Parcel, Halloween Edition

Get some Halloween wrapping paper, a small prize, and a box. Wrap the box using multiple layers of wrapping paper. Play Halloween music as guests pass the box around. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel gets to open one layer. Keep going until the final prize is revealed.

21. Halloween Shadow Game

Turn out the lights except for one table lamp. Place a white tablecloth on the floor in front of a table, then place a stool between the table and the cloth. One person sits on the stool while the other guests make shadows behind them, using props to disguise themselves. The person sitting on the stool has to guess which shadow belongs to which guest (so the more props available for disguises, the better).

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Halloween Party Game Ideas for Tweens and Teens Witches Brew
Who would dare drink the witch's brew?

22. Witch's Brew

Have various drinks set up, such as lemonade, soda, milk, iced tea, etc. One of the tweens or teens is blindfolded and spun around. That person picks three different drinks. Another player, deemed the witch, mixes the drinks together.The blindfolded teen must drink the concoction in a certain amount of time to win a prize.

23. Fortune Teller

Tween and teen girls will especially love this game. It's a mix between MASH and Mad Libs.

24. Worm Slurp

Put some gummy worms on a plate, then cover it with whipped cream. Players must eat up all the worms while their hands are behind their back.

25. Halloween Balloon Decorating

Blow up some orange balloons and see who can come up with the coolest or scariest jack-o'-lantern design.

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