25 Fun Halloween Games for an At-Home Halloween Party

9/27/20 - By Ally Noel

There's more to Halloween than just trick-or-treating; Halloween parties packed with Halloween games allow for fun that doesn't (necessarily) involve candy! These at-home Halloween games are a great way to celebrate all season long, up to and including Halloween night. Invite your kids' friends over to play these Halloween party games, make some spooky snacks, and watch your witches and monsters run off the extra energy dancing like zombies and limboing under a broomstick.

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1. Pumpkin Bowling 

Pumpkin Bowling is a magical mixture of seasonal fun. This party game works for kids of all ages. 

2. Skeleton Scavenger Hunt 

Can your HallowTeam put this spooky skeleton back together again? This skeleton scavenger hunt is the perfect team building activity. Divide your party into smaller groups and set your guests off to find all the pieces of their skeleton. 

3. Eyeball Hunt 

I see what you did there—you hid plastic eyeballs all around the yard and made it into a fun Halloween game! To play this eyeball hunt, hide plastic eyeballs just about anywhere and see how many your guests can find in a minute.  

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Race to wrap your team member in TP! (Note photo is from a party in 2019)

4. Mummy Wrap 

Have your guests crying for their mummy with this fun Halloween party game. The Mummy Wrap lets teams race to see who can wrap their teammate up in toilet paper the fastest. It will definitely leave everyone in stitches. 

5. Pin the Heart on the Skeleton

Like pin the tail on the donkey, but creepier. Use felt to make this pin the heart on the skeleton game the life of the party. 

6. Pumpkin Ring Toss 

Glow-in-the-dark necklaces become rings in this fun pumpkin ring toss game. The game requires very little set-up and is perfect for a little “after dark” Halloween entertainment. 

7. Halloween Bingo 

Bingo is a great Halloween game for a large crowd of kids and adults, or for a fun night in with the family. All you have to do is download a free Halloween Bingo printable and grab some pennies for markers. Make sure to have a few prizes on hand for the winners. 

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This Halloween game keeps everyone giggling. (Note photo is from a party in 2019)

8. Apple on a String 

This game is rotten to the core! Apples on a String is a less messy, less germy alternative to bobbing for apples. Kids love trying to grab a bite from an apple as it swings side to side, and you can even space the apples out for appropriate social distancing. The first person to eat an apple to the core wins! 

9. Zombie Freeze Dance

Pick a killer playlist (think Thriller, Monster Mash, and The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack). Crank it up and let the kids dance till the music stops! 

10. Pumpkin Golf 

Pumpkin golf works as an indoor or outdoor Halloween game. Adults can use a blade to cut holes into fake pumpkins, creating a spooktacular golf course for everyone to enjoy.  

11. Pumpkin Patch Stomp 

Pumpkin patch stomp is exploding with fun. Fill orange balloons with candy, small toys, or other Halloween trinkets before blowing them up, then set them up on the lawn and get stomping.

Decorating pumpkins is a crowd-pleaser among the top Halloween games.

12. Pumpkin Painting 

Pumpkin painting is a perfect fall activity for toddlers. With no knives required, it’s the perfect alternative to pumpkin carving. Set up a table with paint, stickers, and other decorations and let the kids go wild. 

13. Pumpkin Twister

Left foot orange, right hand black: this pumpkin twister game gets everyone twisting and shouting. Use this free printable to make your very own Halloween version of the timeless game.  

14. Monster Rock Hunt

Searching for painted rocks is one of our favorite things to do. Create some of these monster rocks to hide around the yard. Whoever finds the most wins! 

Play limbo in costumes! (Note photo is from a party in 2019)

15. Witch's Broom Limbo 

How low can you go? Make a Halloween version of the classic game by swapping out the limbo stick for a witch's broom. Any old broom can be a witch's broom; just blast the Halloween tunes and try not to fall!  

16. Candy Corn Games

No candy symbolizes Halloween more than candy corn. These little orange triangles are synonymous with the holiday, and it turns out there are oodles of Halloween games and activities that make use of them. Better than eating the stuff, right?

17. Halloween Mad Libs 

Sit around a fire and tell an original spooky story with a hefty dose of fun. Mad Libs are great for older kids who can get creative and practice parts of speech. Download a few free printables and let the madness begin.

Halloween games are best when they add an element of yuck, like creepy eyeball slime!

18. Halloween Slime 

Create a Halloween slime station by adding creepy mix-ins like googly eyes, decorating slime jars like pumpkins, and coloring the slime green, orange, or black. Any of our 5 Simple Slime Recipes will do the trick! 

19. Pumpkin Beanbag Toss 

Fake pumpkins (aka: fumpkins) create this awesome Halloween game that is perfect for parties or playdates. Once you've made the fumpkins, Pumpkin Bean Bag toss can be played for years to come. 

20. Halloween Charades 

One word, three syllables, first syllable sounds like "ball." Halloween Charades can really get your party going. This Halloween party game gets everyone up, moving, and acting up a storm. 

Set up a pumpkin carving station for a social distancing game.

21. Carve Pumpkins 

Invite guests to BYOP (bring your own pumpkin), and set up tables with carving tools. Have a few of these pumpkin carving stencils printed out so guests can create a masterpiece. Make sure to put out buckets to collect the pumpkin seeds, so you can roast them later! 

22. Pumpkin Spoon Race 

On your marks, get set, go! It’s a race to the finish with this pumpkin spoon relay race. Pumpkins make the perfect replacement for a ball in this Halloween party game. 

23. Sweeping Pumpkins

Grab your broom, and a pumpkin: Sweeping Pumpkins is exactly what it sounds like! Make things more interesting by creating a twisty turny path to sweep your pumpkin down. 

A tasty Halloween game that rewards everyone with a donut. (Note photo is from a party in 2019)

24. Donuts on a String 

Similar to apples on a string, but a lot easier for younger kids. To play donuts on a string, simply tie a string of donuts and instruct the kids to eat them without using their hands. Make sure you have a camera ready! Their faces are priceless. 

25. Mystery Box

Do you have the guts to create these creepy, crawly Mystery Boxes? Peel grapes for the eyeball, baby carrots can become ties, and a pot of cooked noodles become the guts. Guests will be screaming for more Halloween games after they give this one a try!