Kid-Friendly Restaurants and Recipes

kid-friendly recipes and restaurants

Boston: a culinary delight for any child, with comfort foods like New England Clam Chowder and regional favorites like Boston Baked Beans. Other kid favorites use the local produce the region is famous for—apples, pumpkins and more. 

We are always on the lookout for kid-friendly recipes that are healthy, easy to make and fun to eat that reflect this local nature.

Boston families can also find an endless number of restaurants that cater to kids or are kid-friendly, and we report on our finds throughout the year.



A Word about Local vs Organic

As parents trying to provide our families with the best, healthiest food choices, understanding the options available is important. Locally grown and organic food can be better choices than conventionally grown food for the environment and for our health, but they each have their drawbacks. To label its food "organic", the farm must meet certain government standards for environmentally friendly agricultural methods. However, these foods are often transported long distances to reach our grocery stores. Buying food grown locally means you're getting food that is fresh and seasonal, and that has not traveled far. It also means you're helping the local community. However, local food is not necessarily grown with organic methods.

There are many resources available to help understand these differences and which fruits and vegetables are particularly susceptible to pesticides and other harmful farming methods. We use a Smartphone app at the grocery store; websites like that of the Environmental Working Group can also be a good resource.