Best Bluey Episodes, Themed Snacks and Games for a Memorable Family Night In

5/9/24 - By Jessica Laird

The best Bluey episodes plus show-inspired snacks and games for an easy family night in that everyone will love.

Absolutely hilarious, heart-warming, and oh-so-relatable, if there’s one show that’ll have your entire house happily huddled around the TV, Bluey is undoubtedly it.

Recently–and unsurprisingly–named the most-streamed series across all audiences,* kids love Bluey for its exceptional storytelling, while grownups appreciate the honest portrayal of modern parenting—plus thoughtful solutions to some very common dilemmas. It’s that perfect balance that makes it a great show for families to sit down and watch together. Not only is it laugh-out-loud funny (and sometimes dry-your-eyes touching), but it lends itself to wonderful teachable moments too.

While all three seasons of of Bluey are streaming on Disney+, we’ve picked out some of our all time favorite episodes to watch as a family, plus suggestions for Bluey-inspired snacks and games that will make your night in extra special.

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Poignant messages for parents and great conversation starters for kids make some Bluey episodes real standouts.

Best Bluey Episodes for the Family

While it’s very hard to play favorites, these Bluey episodes are a particularly good fit for family night because of their poignant messages for parents and great conversation starters for kids and adults alike.

“Rug Island” (Season 2, Episode 10): Finding balance between work and quality time with our kids can be a forever struggle. We love that this episode celebrates the magic of childhood play, while reminding parents how meaningful it can be to choose fun and fantasy over our other obligations from time to time.

“Sheepdog” (Season 3, Episode 11): Self-care is an important lesson for all ages. In this episode, we’re reminded that when kids can recognize their own need for quiet alone time, they can better understand why parents need some solo time to rest and reboot too.

“Takeaway” (Season 1, Episode 14): Alongside the message that patience doesn’t always come easily to kids or adults, the real moral of this episode is that you’re only young once. Chaos comes with the parenting territory, but learning to roll with the punches is well worth it.

“Sticky Gecko” (Season 2, Episode 12): Any family that struggles to get out the door will appreciate this one (and isn’t that every family?). This episode reminds us that children and grownups often have different priorities, but honest communication helps everyone get on the same page.

“The Sign” (Season 3, Episode 49): This 28-minute episode is the first-ever Bluey special–and it became the most viewed Bluey episode premiere on Disney+ globally after just 7 days of streaming!** In this heavy hitter, we’re left to wonder if the proverb that everything turns out the way it’s meant to is true… but you’ll have to tune in to find out. There are so many fun and easy Bluey-inspired dishes and treats you can whip up at home.

There are so many fun and easy Bluey-inspired dishes and treats you can whip up at home.

Easy Bluey Snacks and Desserts

These easy series-inspired snacks and desserts will take your Bluey night to the next level. For added fun, make sure to tune into the corresponding episodes.

Pavlova: While Mum won’t allow Bingo to have a slice at the start of the episode by the same name (“Pavlova,” Season 3, Episode 17), the classic Australian dessert–made from fresh fruit and meringue–definitely belongs on a Bluey night menu. Superfans know that a bowl of edamame makes the perfect side dish.

Cheese and Crackers: This one’s a nod to Bandit, who’s known to shout “Cheese and crackers!” when something doesn’t go his way. You’ll catch the silly saying in a number of episodes, including “Daddy Robot” (Season 1, Episode 4) and “Taxi” (Season 1, Episode 25).

Fruit Salad: In “Fruitbat” (Season 1, Episode 8), we learn that fruit salad is (or maybe was…) Bluey’s favorite food. In a dream sequence where Bluey becomes a nocturnal fruit bat, we see her munching on mango, papaya, banana, and guava, if you can get your hands on them. This Heeler House Fruit Art is another fun option.

Fairy Bread: In both “Fairies” (Season 1, Episode 30) and “Pass the Parcel” (Season 3, Episode 14), we get a glimpse of fairy bread–a popular Australian party treat. To make this one, just top white bread with plenty of butter and sprinkles.

Side Salad: While the side salad Bingo prepares in “BBQ” (Season 1, Episode 7) is mostly made of leaves, petals, and muddy water, try adding a more edible version to your menu. And don’t forget the “capsicums”–more commonly known in the states as bell peppers. Serve alongside some grilled sausages. Tap into the magic of childhood play by organizing some of Bluey’s most imaginative games.

Tap into the magic of childhood play by organizing some of Bluey’s most imaginative games.

Bluey Games and Activities

So much of Bluey centers around the joy of childhood play. Tap into that magic by incorporating some of the show’s many imaginative games into your family night.

Grannies: Make your Bluey night a costumed event! Grab some blankets, glasses, and anything that can be used as a cane and dress up as grannies–just like Bluey and Bingo (or should we say Janet and Rita?) in the episode “Grannies” (Season 1, Episode 28).

Restaurant: This one pairs perfectly with a Bluey-inspired dinner. Borrowing ideas from “The Sleepover” (Season 1, Episode 39), “Takeaway” (Season 1, Episode 14), and “Fancy Restaurant” (Season 2, Episode 17), enlist the family to take on the roles of chefs, servers, and customers. And make sure to set the table like a real restaurant, of course.

Keepy Uppy: Suggested by Mum in an episode by the same name (“Keepy Uppy,” Season 1, Episode 3), all you need for this nostalgic game is an air-filled balloon and a safe space to play. Work as a family to keep the balloon in the air and off the ground for as long as possible.

Mount Mumanddad: If you’d rather not be the actual mountain like Chilli and Bandit in “Mount Mumanddad” (Season 1, Episode 44), a pile of pillows will do. Encourage your kids to grab a map, a flashlight, and a flag to plant at the very top of their climb. Daddy Robot: Save this one for the end of the night! While Dad is the one who’s first programmed to tidy the playroom in “Daddy Robot” (Season 1, Episode 4), the tables turn. Instruct your own kiddos to break out their best robot voices and moves and follow your directions to help clean up after a fun evening.

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Created and written by Joe Brumm, “Bluey” is starting 2024 as the No. 1 series for preschoolers and kids overall*** in the U.S., per Nielsen. Produced by the multiple Emmy® Award-winning Ludo Studio for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and BBC Studios Kids & Family, the series airs and streams to U.S. and global audiences (outside of Australia, New Zealand and China) across Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney+ through a global broadcasting deal between BBC Studios Kids & Family and Disney Branded Television.

*Source: Nielsen Streaming Content Ratings; Jan-Feb 2024 (1/1/24-2/25/25), P2+ hours viewed, Viewing of shows that air on multiple platforms versus all streaming programs tracked by Nielsen; live viewing

**Source: Internal Data. A view is defined as total stream time divided by runtime.

***Source: Nielsen Media Research time spent viewing for CY2024 to-date; 1/1/24-2/25/25 based on total hours viewed for Kids 2-5 and Kids 6-11 across linear and streaming combined, versus all other series tracked by Nielsen.

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