25 Best Mom Jokes and Funny #momlife Memes

Sometimes #momlife just makes you laugh.
Sometimes #momlife just makes you laugh.
5/4/21 - By Jessica Delfino

Momming is hard work. What gets a lot of us through the day is knowing we're not alone, something these mom jokes are great at doing. Someone else is feeling our pain!

Hopefully, these funny mom jokes and memes about motherhood and #momlife will help give you something to laugh about and a reason to smile, even on a busy or rough day. Want to laugh at #dadlife too? No problem! We've got a bunch of dad jokes, too. After all, sometimes they make it too easy... And if your kids hear you lol and ask what's giving you giggles, share these kid-friendly jokes that will leave the whole family in stitches. Because sometimes, all you can do is laugh!


Funny Mom Jokes

These are some of my favorite mom jokes from various authors that will leave your kids laughing...

1. What did the Mama tomato say to the Baby tomato?


2. Why was it so hard for the pirate to call his mom?

Because she left the phone off the hook.

3. Why don’t they have Mother’s Day sales?

Because Mothers are priceless.

4. What did the mother rope say to her child?

“Don’t be knotty.”

Best Mom Jokes and #momlife Memes: baby with spaghetti on head

Another day, another bowl of spaghetti on the head.

5. What did mommy spider say to baby spider?

"You spend too much time on the web."

6. What do you call a mom who can’t draw?


7. What was Cleopatra’s favorite day of the year? 

Mummy’s day

8. Why is a computer so smart? 

Because it listens to its motherboard.

9. Why did the bean children give their mom a sweater? 

She was chili. (Hey, at least they didn't give her a robe!)

10. Why do Mothers have to have two visits to the optometrist? 

Because they also have eyes in the back of their head.

11. What did the mother broom say to the baby broom? 

"It’s time to go to sweep!"

Best Mom Jokes and #momlife Memes: Baby helps clean up

This is when you know you raised them right!

Here are a few of my original mom jokes that are just for the moms!

12. My son asked one of those hard first questions—"Why am I here?” 

I thought about it for a minute and then replied—“To clean for mommy.”

13. Why is the word “mom” a palindrome?

Because our days look almost identical from front to back.

14. “Just Do It” is Nike’s motto. So what's the motto of every mom of a feisty toddler?

“Don’t Do That!”

15. Whoever coined the term, “Sleep like a baby” clearly never had one! 

(Besides, I don’t want to sleep like a baby. I want to sleep like a husband!)

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Funny Mom Memes

16. Etsy really is the best.

meme: sell kids on etsy

Courtesy @belladivalife

17. Another day, another filled laundry basket.

laundry rules meme

18. In fact, this may be the peak of the week...

mommy is lava meme

Courtesy @sarabellab123

19. What's your #?

parenting never have I ever meme

20. This may have been the last time, except for pizza night.

untrasound meme

21. Karma's gonna get you sooner or later...

kid karma meme
Courtesy digitalmomblog.com

22. No one is immune!

beyonce meme

Courtesy @humanitarianmom

23. Promise?

quiet kid meme
Courtesy @humorandwine

24. From the mouths (actions) of babes.

playing house meme
Courtesy @notyourtrendingmom

25. It's 5pm! The workday is done ... or is it?

Courtesy @thedevelopermom