Moms want alone time, quiet, and the chance to relax in 2021. Photo by Matt Nighswander
Moms want alone time, quiet, and the chance to relax in 2021. Photo by Matt Nighswander

The Mother's Day Gifts Moms Actually Want After a Very Long Year

If ever there has been a year where moms around the world deserve to get what they really, really want on Mother's Day, it is this year. No scented candles, please. No scented bath soaps. (What is it with scented gifts?) And certainly, no robes.

So, what does Mom really want? Well, we asked, and our readers answered. Loud and clear. Yes, we all want a tasty brunch and homemade cards, but as for Mother's Day gifts, hold the flowers. Here’s what moms really want for Mother’s Day 2021...

The Top Things Moms Want For Mother’s Day

On Facebook, we asked our readers what they want for Mother's Day this year. While there were loads of fantastic, disparate answers, there were five that were mentioned over and over. If you're not sure what to get the mom in your life, it's a pretty safe bet that she wants one (or all) of these things.

1. To Be Left Alone

This was the No. 1 answer among our moms! Seems 39% of moms want time alone after more than a year of sheltering in place with their brood. For some, this takes the form of a vacation (New York, Palm Springs, and Hawaii are the top destinations). Most specify a non-human companion (wine, chocolate, or a book are the most frequent requests), though some want a friend vacation. Children and significant others do not make the list.

a girl dusting a shelf
Is a clean home really too much to ask for? Photo by Gabby K.

2. A Clean House

Cleanup in aisle....every aisle! Clean it up for us, please. About 31% of moms want their homes cleaned as their top Mother's Day gift in 2021. And they don’t want to do it themselves, not today (and probably not ever again). The kids can do it, their partners can do it, a house cleaning service can do it. But Mama does not want to pick anything up.

3. Spa Time and Pampering

Carrying along with the burned-out theme: Approximately 22% of our moms said they want to relax at the spa for a massage, mani-pedi—or a tattoo. (We love our readers.) And sneaky, sneaky, we all know that spa time also means alone time, so these mamas just scored two gifts.

drinking a beer while relaxing in a hammock
Have a beer in peace. Photo by Sally Brooks

4. Food (Preferably with No Consequences)

Moms told us what they’re craving: beer, wings, dip, chocolate, wine, crab legs, brunch, coffee (that is still hot and hasn't been microwaved), wine, Double Stuff Oreos, Chinese food, and more wine (lots of moms mentioned wine). Moms also would like for these calories not to count. Tangentially relevant—several moms also said they want liposuction.

5. Sleep: Gorgeous, Glorious Sleep

Moms want sleep in any form: a simple nap, 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, the ability to sleep until they wake up by themselves, and even 24 straight hours of sleep. We are a tired clan. About 50% of our readers named sleep as part of what they would like, and the other 50% were too tired to remember that that’s what they want.

Here's what else moms want for Mother's Day in this extra special year of hell. These are direct quotes that our readers shared with us on Facebook.

6. I want to see my own mom! It’s been over a year.

two boys looking out a window with their arms around each other
Can't we all just get along? Photo by Sara Marentette

7. I want a day with no fighting. No bickering. No arguing. Just peace. And quiet.

8. I can be with my family, but I can sit/lie down all day: no getting up for snacks, water, meals, or driving places! 

kids making pancakes with dad
Let dad take over the duties, like making breakfast one day. Photo by Sara Marentette

9. A full night’s sleep, no cooking, a full body massage, no screaming from kids, and my husband to take over my normal mom basically I’m going to get a card.

10. Make the girls and me matching outfits. But I probably won’t have time for that.

11. For my diastasis recti to magically heal itself.

12. Someone to meal plan for like maybe the rest of my life.

kids at at a counter cooking in the kitchen
Kids take over dinner plans! Photo by Vicky Li Yip

13. A day when no one asks me what’s for dinner.

14. A simple picnic where my kids would eat anything I wanted to eat that day without complaining or refusing to eat—that would be perfect.

Many moms want quality time with their kids, sans chores or homeschool. Photo courtesy of Marie Bache

15. Lunch from the food trucks along the waterfront and then go see the minor league home team play.

16. Sleep and being left alone. With wine and wings and fries... and unlimited dip. Maybe even a personal cabinet with my favorite snacks.

17. Time truly off (with someone else covering my responsibilities, not just leaving them to pile up for me later) and a spa day with massage and pedicure.

Moms are ready for vaccinations for 12+! Photo by Susan Dibblee Blender

18. Vaccines for 12+ and plane tickets to almost anywhere.

19. For someone else to host this holiday!

mom and daughter hiking through a woods tunnel
Spend the day doing what the mom wants, no ifs, and or buts. Photo by Vicky Li Yip

20. A day when we all do what I want.

(Whether it’s playing a game together or crafting. I want them all to focus on me so they don’t fight. And of course, I want some time when they just leave me alone.)

woman in bright yellow sunglasses on the beach
Take a minute to chill on the beach. Photo by Vicky Li Yip

21. A beach with some sort of alcoholic beverage and not singing "The Wheels On the Bus."

22. Not to have to make any decisions––and sleep.

23. The fall of the patriarchy. (We really love our readers.)

For those who really want to wrap up a Mother's Day gift, these are a few big-ticket items our moms said they're lusting over this year.

24. A Rolls Royce convertible

25. A Metallica T-shirt and a beer

beach cottage sun porch overlooking the ocean
We dream of sun, sand, and ocean waves. Hawks Nest Beach Cottage. Photo courtesy of Airbnb

26. A beach house

27. Jewelry

28. Art

29. A Sunnydaze two-person rocking outdoor lounge chair with canopy shade and headrest pillow. (Hey, some of us know what we want!)

30. Really nice sunglasses.

I have had cheap ones for so many years while my kids were young and inadvertently broke them all the time. Now that my kids are teenagers, I want some flashy, expensive sunglasses!

A Phillips pasta maker
A fancy pasta make is a fun kitchen addition. Photo courtesy of Phillips

31. A Phillips pasta maker

32. An induction cooktop

33. Meanwhile, many moms who have grown children remind the rest of us that they really just want to see their kids.

Just remember, friends and partners: not a robe. 

Whatever you want for this year for Mother’s Day, everyone here at Mommy Poppins really hopes you get it. Plus some sleep, lots of sleep.

Happy Mother's Day!

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