Are Their Privates Still Top Tier If They Have VD?

3/11/07 - By Anna Fader
For parents who are clawing to get their children admitted to NYC Top Tier private school Horace Mann, $300,000 (a conservative approximation of 12 years of tuition) is nothing compared to the value of providing their children with an elite education, safe from the baser elements they might face in NYC public schools. While these parents are imagining their children ensconced in the crГѓВЁme de la crГѓВЁme of New York, noses buried in Chaucer, happily dreaming of their Ivy League careers, they are blissfully unaware of the nightmare the parents of Horace Mann seniors are currently facing.


An epidemic of chlamydia is being shared amongst the (apparently, very friendly) senior class. At least seven Horace Mann students have tested positive and many other kids have gotten tested, believing that they too were in a position to have been infected - who said that free love was a thing of the past? Hipster parents: like to stay current with youth trends? This winter the it thing in the private high school scene is to post your VD test results on your Facebook page. Whether they're just trying to prove that they're clean and open for business or showing off how promiscuous they are - or want others to think they are, it's so inspiring that the best and brightest of NYC adolescents are modeling their behavior after porn stars. Horace Mann, considered one of the best schools in NYC, perhaps in the nation, seems to be cementing their status in a less noble department - high school sex scandals. Wasn't it just two years ago that a Horace Mann 8th grade girl made the NY Times after a video she sent to a boy of herself masturbating circulated the internet? Let's face it, nothing can protect your children from the realities of the world today, even elite private school educations. At least if you send them to private school they'll be smart enough to use protection...uh, they won't be surrounded by a lot of druggie, gang-bangers...oh well, what's a little VD among friends? At least they're not hanging out with poor kids.