10 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Places in Somerville

During the last few years Somerville has become a haven for both foodies and families. With more parents with little ones moving into the city, many kid-friendly restaurants have been popping up all over town. 

While going out to dinner with small children isn’t always a fun or relaxing experience, breakfast is often a much better option. The next time you’re looking to dine out with the whole family, try one of these Somerville breakfast spots sure to please parents and kids alike.

3 Little Figs
This cozy cafe has breathed new life into its spot on Highland Avenue in the last few years. With early opening hours (7am on weekdays, 8am on weekends), you can head to 3 Little Figs for your morning meal before the crowds descend. The Greek yogurt with house made granola tastes decadent but it’s truly a treat you can feel good about. And don’t miss the baked goods, which are the stuff dreams are made of. The 3 Little Figs owners have kids of their own, so the cafe is more than welcoming of the whole family.

Ball Square Cafe
Ball Square is often called the Breakfast Capital of Somerville, and with three of the restaurants on this list based there, it’s easy to see why. Ball Square Cafe opens it doors at 6:30am every day, so you can head there as soon as you’re up. And if you’re not ready for breakfast until later, not to worry, Ball Square slings eggs, pancakes and breakfast sandwiches until mid-afternoon. 

Bloc Somerville, Forge Baking Company and Diesel Cafe
These three cafes are all under the same ownership, so you’ll find similar food and atmosphere at each. Bloc Somerville is in Union Square and has ample outdoor seating, which is perfect for sunny summer mornings. Forge, on Somerville Ave., produces baked goods for all three shops, so be sure to snag a sweet treat while you’re there. Diesel, the original cafe of the trio, is in Davis and has an old school photo booth so you can snap a shot of your breakfast date. All three have a commitment to really high-quality coffee, which mom and dad are sure to appreciate.

Kelly’s Diner
There aren’t many opportunities left to have breakfast in a classic dining car, but the charms of yesteryear can be found at Kelly’s Diner. Another stop on the Ball Square breakfast circuit, Kelly’s serves traditional breakfasts that match its setting. On the menu, you’ll find classics like challah bread French toast and hearty omelets. Kelly’s opens at 6am, so it’s ready when you are.

The Neighborhood
Lines tend to form early at The Neighborhood, which opens at 7am, but with a coffee and snack station to keep everyone happy, it’ll feel like you’re sitting down in no time. If it’s warm, snag a table outside under the grapevines and linger over the filling breakfast plates. The Neighborhood has all the breakfast classics, many with a Portuguese twist. And don’t miss the cream of wheat, it’s a must-get menu item.

Renee’s Cafe
Dining at Renee’s Cafe just outside of Teele Square feels like eating a friend’s house, in a good way. The small, inviting restaurant opens at 7:30am and regulars start filing in soon after. Renee’s often has creative combinations, like an omelet with smoked salmon, and seasonal specialties, like waffles with apples, cinnamon and walnuts in the fall. Bonus: The coffee is bottomless.

Sound Bites
The third stop on the Ball Square breakfast circuit is Sound Bites, which is located right next door to Ball Square Cafe. Open at 6:30am every day, you’ll find classic breakfast dishes like omelets, pancakes and eggs Benedict at Sound Bites. Many of the dishes have twists, combining Mexican and Middle Eastern flavors to make them extra special. Lines form early, but it’s worth the wait.

Union Square Donuts
This isn’t a traditional breakfast spot, but no list of where to dine in the morning in Somerville would be complete without Union Square Donuts. Stop by to pick up a half-dozen or dozen in flavors like Vanilla Bean, Maple Bacon and Boston Cream to share. The shop opens at 7am every day and serves great coffee to go along with this decadently delicious breakfast.

Top image: Muesli at 3 Little Figs

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