Under-the-Radar Preschool: Educational Alliance Preschool

3/7/07 - By Anna Fader

We received this Reader -Submitted Review for the Educational Alliance Preschool, but it's such an excellent under -the-radar preschool that we wanted to include it, with a little bit more background from the Mommy Poppins team.

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The Educational Alliance is an organization which runs the Sol Goldman 14th Street Y and many other community centers, including two preschools. In addition to the Educational Alliance Preschool that our reader reviews below, they run the Gani Preschool which is located on 14th Street in Manhattan. Children at both schools learn Jewish studies, but the schools are very diverse and have many non-Jewish kids as well.

The Education Alliance is a very well-respected preschool in Education circles. I have first hand experience of hearing an ongoing preschool Director make an exception for a student based on the recommendation from the Preschool Director at the Ed Alliance - isn't that the holy grail for preschools? The Educational Alliance Preschools definitely fall into the Under-the-Radar Preschool category.


- Mommy Poppins

Reader-Submitted Review: Educational Alliance Preschool

Our 3 year old loves his preschool, the Educational Alliance Preschool. This extension of the 14th Street Sol Goldman Y is located in the Lower East Side near Chinatown. The preschool program is hosted in a community center that also serves senior citizens, Head Start, afterschool teen programs, and an art gallery.

In addition to the "regular" preschool class, the preschool operates a Torah Tots class which adds a focus on the Jewish religion. During the summer months the school offers a day camp.

This is a truly diverse preschool. Recently my son's class celebrated Chinese New Year along with the children from the Head Start program, and made costumes for Purim. His class also held an inter-generational reading circle with the senior citizens center.

Across the street from the school is a public library and a public park. The school has its own roof top playground, and shares a gym and theater with the community center.

The teachers, staff, and parents are wonderful. He initially had an extremely difficult time separating from us. His teachers were understanding and firm with him and with us. He grew very close to them. They gently encouraged him to explore a few friendships. Now he has 4 "best friends." (thanks, Mabel)