Reader-Submitted Preschool Review: Chelsea Day School

3/7/07 - By Anna Fader

A Mommy Poppins reader who has a child at the school has submitted this preschool review for Chelsea Day School on 14th Street. It's not under-the-radar preschool by any means, but it is a wonderful school worth looking into for your children.

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Chelsea Day is a fabulous preschool, held together by its principle, Jean Rosenberg, with some exceptional teaching staff. Unfortunately it too is in the ranks of the "very difficult" to get in to. But its certainly worth trying.


-There's buzz that the Director,Jean, is annoying, but I found her to be amazing. We had some issues with our child and Jean couldn't have been more caring or thoughtful - largely due to her and the wonderful teachers our daughter had, we made it through a tough year

-The "specials" teachers and support staff are all great too

-They make everyone feel equally welcome and important, even with Oscar-nominated parents in the mix

-For 4s, you could do extended day, which was a help for a WAHM

-They have to move, so its hard to say what the new facility will be. The old location was fabulous, and I'm sure Jean wants to at least match that, if not improve on it, but it means some uncertainty in the meantime, and possibly a less desirable location.