Hip Hop Dance Classes for NYC Boys and Girls

Hip Hop Dance Classes for Kids in New York City

Hip Hop dancing can be a great physical outlet for kids who might not otherwise be into sports and it is growing in popularity with children of all ages. If your child might be interested in trying out a Hip Hop dance class, here are some of the Hip Hop dance classes for kids around NYC.

Broadway Dance Center - Midtown, Manhattan
Offers 4 week intro to Hip Hop class for children starting at age 6. A good way to test out Hip Hop.

Piel Canela - Midtown, Manhattan
Their unique Children's Program offers free semester-long Hip Hop classes for children ages 5-12 as long as they attend every class in the cycle.  Penalty fee for missing a class and small fee to register.  FREE

92Y - UES, Manhattan
92nd St Y offers semester-long Jazz/Hip Hop classes for children starting at age 7. 92 Y hip hop classes are based on Jazz technique rather than street dance styles. 

Broadway PAC - Washington Heights, Manhattan
Affordable options for young dancers, ages 2-12.  Kids learn cool moves as seen in videos and on TV.  Miss Tina offers weekly hip hop for kids. 

Peridance Capezio Center - Union Square, Manhattan
They offer Hip Hop for children ages 6+ that focus on street, break dancing - "popping", "locking" and other hip hop trends. Peridance is also well known for their African Dance and wide variety of classes - everything from ballet to salsa! 

New York Kids Club - Various
For tiny little B Boys and Girls NYKC offers an aerobic Hip Hop class for kids aged 3-5. They offer this class at their seven locations.