Click Here: 4 Cool New Websites You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without

Good Websites for Parents

The web is a beautiful and ever-changing thing. Amidst the web clutter, every once in a while, a cool new web site springs up that is so awesome it's hard to imagine how you lived without it before. We've been keeping our eye on a couple of new ones that are super useful or just plain fun for moms and dads, with great info like finding good family friendly restaurants in NYC (finally!), a tech blog for non-techy mommas, a site just for Jewish moms and one just to make you laugh (till you cry). 
Check 'em out: 


Menupages for Your Mini-Me 
Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Head immediately to MiniMunchers and bookmark this site. Offering the children’s menus for tons of NYC restaurants, you can search by neighborhood, cuisine and more. With prices, hours and details galore, you can be sure Junior’s favorites are on the menu before heading out the door.

Gotta Love a Good Gadget
Sweaty 20 year old boys aren't the only ones who like to keep up with the latest in technology. Finally there's a site for people who like technology and bathing. From the moms who bring you Cool Mom Picks, Cool Mom Tech offers product reviews, hot web sites, and tech news with a focus on tech news that's less uber-geek and more geek chic. Sign up for their monthly newsletter and get the latest trends, giveaways, and offers right in your email box.

Funny Because It’s True 
Featured in the NYTimes back in May and named one of Time magazine’s “Best Blogs of 2010”, S*it My Kids Ruined not only gives you a laugh, but you realize the bits of mac ‘n cheese on the floor is nothing compared to the clean-up (and repair) some of these moms have to deal with. One of my faves is the July 8 destruction of a beige couch.

When your Bubbe is Busy 
Okay, I’m Lutheran, my husband is Jewish, and my kiddo is both. What’s an interfaith NYC family to do? Click on They have answers to all of my questions about which candle to light first at Hanukkah, baby name recommendations, and laugh-out-loud personal essays – the site offers a modern take on being Jewish today and offers something for everyone navigating parenthood.


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