Jodi, Go See Cirque Mechanics

11/16/08 - By Anna Fader

200811151833.jpgThis past summer, I was talking about blogging with my friend and incredible writer, Liz. Liz writes a very funny blog about motherhood, called MOM-101. I don't really remember what we were talking about, but Liz said, "You know how when you're writing your posts you have someone in your head that you are writing to?" and I kind of nodded along because I didn't want to admit that I was not privy to this, obviously, important secret to great writing.

In fact, I don't usually have anyone in mind when I write a post and often I feel like I'm talking to myself, unless one of you nice people happens to email me and tell me I made a mistake in the post. (Thanks!)

But this post I wrote to Jodi. Why? Because on Friday I went to see Cirque Mechanics Birdhouse Factory, the new show at the New Victory Theater. And, feasting my eyes on the opening routine where a dozen performers danced and did acrobatics in sync across the stage amidst working gears and cogs, I couldn't help but think,


"This is amazing! It's like Cirque de Soleil, but up close and personal"

As the adorable and funny clown engaged the audience, inventing a story by re-imagining the objects in his prop box, I thought, "This is so funny, I wish I'd brought my son."

But when the German Wheel act came on with the cocky, spiky blond haired guy spinning like crazy all over the stage and acting like it was nothing, then I thought, "Jodi's son Roan would think this was so cool and want to be that guy."

And as my daughter and I watched the finale trampoline act with three artists flying freely through the air while clowning around and seemingly having the time of their lives, I thought, "This is so fun. It's just what Jodi needs to forget her worries."

So, Jodi, this post (and show) is for you. Click here right now and buy your tickets to Cirque Mechanics for the amazing-est, funniest, coolest, fun-est, forget your worries-est 80 minutes you'll spend all year. Just beware that Roan will be plotting his running-away-to-the-circus from the moment you leave the theater. So you might as well sign him up for those circus workshops before they sell out.

Cirque Mechanics
New Victory Theater
All Ages
November 14 - December 14, 2008
Non-Member Tickets: $15-$50