Best Math Games for Kids, From Online Math Games to Math Board Games

Math can be loads of fun, even for the math-averse, with cool and age-appropriate games and puzzles.
Math can be loads of fun, even for the math-averse, with cool and age-appropriate games and puzzles.
1/25/24 - By Amelia Eigerman

Math games can be a really hard sell for kids who just aren't that into, well, math. That's why we've gathered up all the best math games, from apps to board games and everything in between. These games are satisfying, engaging, and yes, they really teach math skills!

We've even included a bunch of math games you can play as a family, so everyone can feel like a part of the learning process, and it feels less like homework.

For more great board games, check out our epic list of 100 Best Board Games for Kids and Family Game Night. And if you've got a kid whose math-brain means they also love coding, we've rounded up the Best Free Coding for Kids Websites.


Best Math Apps and Mobile Games for Kids

1. Khan Academy Kids: Learning!

Ages 2-8; Google Play Store & iOS

From the educators at Khan Academy comes this app geared at elementary school-aged kids. While not limited to math, the content on numbers, counting, and shapes is high quality and engaging. 

2. Animal Math Kindergarten Math

Ages 6-8; Google Play Store & iOS
First five levels are FREE

Learn counting, addition, and subtraction while hanging out with silly animal pals! This game offers 5 free levels with download, and plenty more if you purchase the premium version.

3. Math Apps from The Math Learning Center

Various ages; Web & iOS

The Math Learning Center offers a wealth of apps from learning numbers to fractions and more. This is a great tool for supplementing schoolwork or exploring the joy of math.

4. Monster Math: Kids Fun Games

Ages 9-11; Google Play Store & iOS
FREE (offers in app purchases)

Explore a wild new world filled with monsters while learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Elmo Loves 123s, Photo courtesy of Google Play 
Kids love Elmo, and Elmo Loves 123s. Transitive property means kids love numbers. Photo courtesy of Google Play

5. Elmo Loves 123s

Ages 0-5; Google Play Store & iOS

This math app is perfect for the youngest scholars! From number tracing to Sesame Street videos and more, find all the resources you need to foster a love of math from the start.

6. Reflex Student

Ages 4+; Google Play Store, iOS, & Web

The Reflex learning system has a variety of math education features for both students and teachers. We love that this game stays engaging all the way up to eighth grade!

7. Moose Math

Ages 2-8; Google Play Store & iOS

Learn addition, subtraction, geometry, and more while adventuring through a fun and engaging world of characters. Be sure to check out the report card section for detailed information about your child's math progress.

Best Online Math Games for Kids

8. Math Playground

Grades K-6

Explore fun games based on early math concepts. Age-appropriate games are easy to find as they are sorted by grade level. Plus, there are a few multiplayer game options to make math even more fun.

9. FunBrain

Grades K-8

FunBrain has a whole host of beautifully designed STEM games, but the math content definitely shines. From basic arithmetic to games like chess and Sudoku, there's sure to be something your kid will enjoy.

10. Crypto Club

Ages vary

If your kid likes a bit of a mystery, check out Crypto Club! No, not that kind of crypto... This site offers a variety of ciphers, codes, and mysterious puzzles for your kid to decrypt.

11. Cool Math Games

Grades 6-12

Cool Math Games is a classic site for educational fun. Alongside the titular math games, the site features daily games and trivia.

Best Math Board and Card Games for Kids

Board games are a great way to make reinforcing math skills feel like a fun family activity instead of homework or a chore. For more family game night inspiration, check out our collection of the 100 best board games for families.

12. Proof! Math Game

Ages 9+

Even if you don't typically think of mental math as fun, you'll love Proof! Find equations on the fly to collect cards and win the game.

Sumoku is a simple and fun math game for kids.  
Sumoku is a simple and fun math game for kids. Photo courtesy of the Blue Orange Store on Amazon

15. Blue Orange Sumoku

Ages 9-13

Roll dice, place tiles, and create equations in this simple and snappy math game for kids!

16. Math Dice Jr. and Math Dice

Ages 6+

Board games can get a little overwhelming, especially when you have to manage lots of pieces and huge rule sets. You don't have to worry about any of that with the Math Dice games. These games are straightforward and fun for kids of all ages!

17. Zingo 1-2-3

Ages 4+ 

We already love Zingo, so this math twist on the classic was an easy yes for us. Collect numbers to win!

  Kanoodle is perfect for car rides and solo play.
 Kanoodle is perfect for car rides and solo play. Photo courtesy of the Educational Insights Store on Amazon 

18. Kanoodle

Ages 7+ 

Spatial reasoning and geometry are the name of the game! Well, Kanoodle is the name of the game, but it definitely reinforces math skills. This is the perfect single-player game for road trips, and it can even fit in your back pocket for on-the-go fun.

19. Zeus on the Loose

Ages 8+ 

This fast-paced card game has kids, and adults, doing math facts fast. Our family loves this game and if you hesitate in your additions or subtractions, someone at our table is bound to yell, "Think fast, play fast!" Also travels really well! (For more games you can bring in the car or stow in a suitcase, check out our roundup of the best travel games for kids.)

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