45 Baby Shower Games That are Modern, Unique, and FUN

"Pin the ......." is a silly game, but gets everyone laughing! Photo courtesy of the TYHJOY Store on Amazon
6/13/24 - By Vanessa Leigh

Baby shower games don't have to be stale, boring, and old-fashioned. These awesome games are fun for moms, dads, friends, parents, and everyone.

Put the days of baby word crossword puzzles or candy bars melted in diapers firmly in the past. Have you ever been to a party where they measured the baby bump with a string to see who can predict the size of the mom-to-be? (Get your hands off my belly!) While those games have traditionally been a part of baby showers, there are tons of new baby shower game ideas that are fun, meaningful, and bring people together.

Here are 50 ideas to help you plan a modern, unique baby shower! For more baby registry must-haves, baby name suggestions, and more ways to prepare for your new bundle of joy, check out our Baby and Maternity Guide.


Guess the celebrity baby is a fun and silly baby shower game. 
Can you guess who these cuties grew up to be? Photo courtesy of the Ukebobo store on Amazon

Best Easy DIY Baby Shower Game Ideas

1. Make a Baby Book

Each guest gets a page and can write or draw something for parents or baby. You could also have a theme, such as "Baby Goes to the Zoo," and each guest could pick an animal to draw and write about. Put them all together for a meaningful DIY book for baby.

2. Bucket List Jar for Parents-to-Be (Before Baby)

Everyone writes something on a strip of paper that the parents must do before the birth. Put all papers in a mason jar, and the parents-to-be can have fun checking off their experiences before baby arrives.

3. Bucket List Jar for Parents-to-Be (After Baby Is Born)

Along the same lines, make a list of family-centered activities (take a first family photo, have a picnic in the park) to do after their family expands.

4. Baby Shower Coloring Book

Adults like to color, too! Get this Baby ABC book and have each guest color a page for baby's library.

5. Make a Baby Yearbook

Pass around a book for each person to sign. They can include well wishes or funny stories about the parents for the child to read later in life.

6. Guess the Celebrity Baby Shower Game

Match these celebrity baby photos to the correct famous person in this Guess the Celebrity game. The guest with the most correct guesses can claim a prize (more on baby shower favors and gifts below!).

7. Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary

While there are loads of versions of this game, one of the cutest is the children's book edition of Emoji Pictionary.

8. Baby Animal Matching Game

Match the baby mama to its correct baby.

9. Guess the Baby Food

This blindfolded baby shower game can be played with partners. Everyone gets a little spoon for each jar. They must taste and their partner writes down what they think it is. Then switch roles.

10. Animal Pregnancy Game

It's around 9 months for a human... How long are these animals normally pregnant? Guess, in this Animal Pregnancy Game.

11. Advice for Mommy-to-Be Cards

A mom-to-be will love reading these personal advice and wish cards to remember her baby shower. Hand them out to guests, with instructions to be funny, silly, or poignant!

12. Baby Shower Candy Match Game

Match the baby-related terms to the candy name that best describes them. Whoever gets the most, wins a candy bouquet!

What's on Your Phone? is a fun Baby Shower Game 
What's on Your Phone? Photo courtesy of  Andaz Press, via its Amazon Store

Best Baby Shower Group Games

13. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

A classic modeled after the donkey game... Everyone is blindfolded and they have to pin a paper pacifier on a baby cut-out taped to the wall. You can also play pin the poop on the diaper, if that suits your friend group better!

14. Guess the Party Guest

Just like the "Guess the Celebrity" Baby Shower Game above, have guests bring or send in advance a photo of them as a baby. Then, you can all have fun guessing who is who.

15. What's On Your Phone?

This printable is a fun, modern way to enjoy a baby shower. Be awed at the number of photos or unread emails everyone has, and stop talking baby for a hot minute!

16. Find the Guest

Before the shower, have each guest send a fun (or funny) fact about themselves. Type them all onto a sheet of paper for each person to get when they arrive. Then, guests can mingle and get to know one another as they try to find out which guest matches which fact.

17. Guess the Baby's Birthday

You can make a chart, put guesses into a jar, or have everyone sign a colored canvas with their baby's birthday guesses. After the baby is born, whoever wins could either keep the crafty collection of guesses or receive a gift from you (see favors below). 

18. Diaper Bag Memory Game

Fill a diaper bag with tons of essential baby supplies, and anything baby-related (pacifiers, books, diapers, wipes, etc.). Pass around the bag so that guests can look inside. Then take the bag away, and guests have to write down all of the items that they can remember seeing in the bag.

19. The Price is Right (Baby Shower Style)

Guess that Price, Baby! Use this printable to have guests give their best estimate for the prices of baby-related items. Babies are expensive, man.

Best Baby Shower Craft Ideas

20. Decorate Baby Onesies

These will be cherished and come in so handy for the parents-to-be. Have a bunch of different sizes of onesies to decorate, as babies come in different sizes and grow fast.

21. Make 12 Month Milestone Markers 

Monthly pictures are a trend in today's parenting world. Guests can paint twelve different wooden markers (circular engraved markers like these) to make your monthly photo shoot even more meaningful.

22. Decorate Burp Cloths

Fabric markers will turn plain white burp cloths into works of art for the little one.

23. Paint Bibs

Similar to the burp cloths, jazz up some plain baby bibs at your baby shower to prepare for mealtimes.

24. Decorate Picture Frames

Help decorate the nursery by preparing picture frames at your baby shower. Sparkle glue and stickers make this activity easy for even non-artistic guests.

25. Create a Quilt for the Baby

Use different pieces of fabric and have each friend and family member decorate a quilt square. Then you can either have someone close to you who knows how to quilt put it together or send them to a master quilter to prepare the baby quilt.

Baby Shower Games For Dads (AKA, Competitive Baby Shower Games)

While these aren't just for dads, and we honestly hate being gendered, it does seem like it's mostly dads who like playing these games.

26. Baby Bottle Chug

This popular baby shower game is best played with the dads. Fill baby bottles with a drink of your choice and watch as the guys and dad-to-be experience what it's like to be a baby. It's a race to the finished empty bottle. (This sounds lame, but it is really funny to see how hard it actually is for an adult to suck a bottle! Get ready for some laughs and great videos.).

27. Who Can Make a Toddler Lunch the Fastest?

The dads can roll up their sleeves and compete for the best PB&J sandwich or sliced cucumbers. Bonus points for creativity and personalization, such as ants on a log (celery, peanut butter, and raisins).

28. Diaper-Changing Race

Who can change a diaper on a doll or stuffed animal the fastest? Wanna make it even more challenging: add a blindfold and watch them compete.

29. Stroller Race

This may take some prep and a little help from your friends. Gather everyone's strollers in the backyard or park. You can create an obstacle course or use a park's path or local track. Get ready, set, and Stroller Race!

30. Bobbing for Pacifiers

This baby shower game is perfect on a hot summer day or inside if your shower is in the winter. Just like bobbing for apples, but fill the bucket with pacifiers.

31. Blindfolded Baby Food Feeding

The blindfolded participants will partner up and feed one another using baby spoons and baby jars. BOTH partners are blindfolded, and whichever pair finishes first wins. This is another great photo opportunity.

32. Ring Pop Pacifier

Everyone can play this game. You can time it to see which ring pop is the smallest after 3 minutes, or you can let guests enjoy their ring pop pacifier throughout the party while trying to remember to suck on it. The first person to be finished can say, "All Done!" and receive a prize.

Baby Shower Musical Bingo is a fun Baby Shower Game 
Bingo never goes out of style, especially with a musical element. Photo courtesy of the Nora and Lo Design Company on Etsy

Musical Baby Shower Game Ideas

33. Name that Lullaby

Put the title of famous lullabies on strips of paper. Put the paper in a jar, and have each guest pick one. They'll need to hum the lullaby (no words), and guests can guess the tune.

34. Name the Most "Baby" Songs

Guests have 2 minutes to write down as many songs as they can that have the word "Baby" in the title. Then play DJ and dance to the songs; this Spotify playlist will get you going.

35. Baby Shower Musical Bingo

Use this printable and the accompanying playlist to play Baby Shower Musical Bingo.

36. Baby Songs Karaoke

Grab a mic and let your family and friends share their musical talent as your playlist of choice plays (songs with "Baby" or nursery rhymes, whatever fits your baby shower theme best).

37. Musical Baby Chairs

You'll need a group of small toddler chairs like these. You can ask friends with small kids to bring one of their chairs, too. Set up the music, and have fun as adults try to fit in these tiny seats and not lose their spot.

Baby in Bloom is a baby shower gift that grows and has no waste! Give after playing baby shower games.
Baby in Bloom is a baby shower gift that grows and has no waste! Photo courtesy of Kasea Studio on ETSY

Best Baby Shower Game Favors & Gifts

38. Pass the Gift

Kind of like Musical Chairs, but with a present for your party guests! When the music stops, that person gets to keep the gift.

39. Personalized Soap

Gift your guests some cute, personalized soap with labels that read "From My Shower to Yours."

40. Watch Me Grow Succulent

Small house plants are a popular gift nowadays, and a label that says "Watch Me Grow" makes it perfectly on-theme for a baby shower.

41. Bath Bombs

These fizzy gifts are great options for baby shower favors. You can personalize the scents and bags to match your shower theme.

42. Coasters

These cute cork coasters are simple, yet personal and useful baby shower favors for your friends and family to enjoy.

43. Candles

Personalize candles to commemorate your baby's arrival and pre-birth celebration.

44. Seeds to Plant

Baby in Bloom baby shower favors are a cool, eco-friendly favor that you can send home for guests to enjoy in their own home or garden.

45. Family Photo With a Personalized Thank You Message

You can gift a note of thanks to each guest with a family photo note card or frame. Write a personal message on the back for everyone to remember for years to come.

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