100 Top Unique Baby Names For Generation Alpha Babies

Hey baby! Welcome to the world. What should we be naming this new generation? Photo by Nan Ross
Hey baby! Welcome to the world. What should we be naming this new generation? Photo by Nan Ross
8/29/23 - By Vanessa Leigh

Unique baby names are the name of the game (or game for the name?) for Generation Alpha babies!

Move over, Gen Z. There's a new generation in town. What's in a name? Well, Generation Alpha's trending baby names are all unique and individual as befits the times. Gen Alpha is coming through with a few still-popular Gen Z boy baby names and girl baby names, but is coming in fresh with a whole slew of unique and gender-neutral baby names.

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Baby Yawning - Top Unique Baby Names For Generation Alpha Babies
It's really tiring to think of all that's to come for this new generation of kids. Photo by Nan Ross

What is Generation Alpha?

Generation Alpha (Gen Alpha) is the name for the social cohort of babies born directly after Generation Z. Gen Alpha children are those born to Millennials and some older members of Gen Z.

Generation Alpha Years

Gen Alpha babies' birth years span from approximately 2010 to 2024. 

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Baby smiling at camera - Top Unique Baby Names For Generation Alpha Babies
Gen Alpha babies will save the world. After they nap. Photo by Maureen Wilkey

Generation Alpha Characteristics

This new generation of kiddos has already experienced a lot. And they're brand new to the world! This generation is set to be known for its independence and advances in the use of technology. Some of the Generation Alpha babies were born before the COVID-19 pandemic, while some were born during the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. While the full effects of the pandemic are yet to be completely studied, the effects of social isolation, interruption in school, and the transition to and from virtual learning environments are just a few of the things that current Gen Alpha kids have already experienced. 

We don't really know what these kids will be like, but we're pretty sure they're going to change the world, and all for the better!

Popular Baby Names for Generation Alpha

Now onto the fun part – what are popular Gen Alpha baby names? Unique names are definitely trending for Generation Alpha babes. We're aware that some popular celebrity names are really breaking barriers with names that have a unique pronunciation, or even include numbers and all-caps! We've compiled a list here from what we're seeing, what our family and friends are naming their kids, and what's ranking in popularity for baby names. 

Be sure to share your Gen Alpha baby's name—and photo, please, we love baby pictures— on Facebook and Instagram! Now, here's what's trending:

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smiling baby - Top Unique Baby Names For Generation Alpha Babies
What's in a name? Photo by Jaime Sumersille

Gender-Neutral Baby Names for Generation Alpha Newborns

1. Finley

2. Sawyer

3. Sevyn 

4. Palmer

5. Riley

6. Royal

7. Everest

8. Kai

9. Legacy

10. Skyler/Skylar

11. Harlem

12. Charlie/Charley

13. Tatum

14. Harper

15. Kennedy

16. Avery

17. Julian/Julien

18. Alex

19. Loyal

20. Flynn

21. Cairo

22. Jesse

23. Billie/Billy

24. Quinn

25. Jamie

26. Morgan

27. Kyle

28. Rome

29. Jordan

30. Max

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Top Unique Baby Names For Generation Alpha Babies
What a heavy burden is a name that has become too famous. Photo by Elsa Simcik

Boy Baby Names Popular for Gen Alpha

31. Teo/Theo

32. Atlas

33. Blake

34. River

35. Beau

36. Phoenix

37. Rio

40. Reese

41. Cameron/Kameron

42. Miles

43. Henry

44. Elijah

45. Zion

46. Carter

47. Spencer

48. Asher

49. Baker

50. Zayn

51. Nico/Nicholas

52. Jack

53. Oliver 

54. William

55. Luca

56. Hudson

57. Hunter

58. Noah

59. Archie

60. Rowan

61. Maverick

62. Remy

63. Nash

64. Forest

65. Parker

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laughing baby - Top Unique Baby Names For Generation Alpha Babies
Choose a name that fits your baby! Photo by Jody Mercier

Gen Alpha Girl Baby Names That Are Trending 

66. Poppy

67. Luna

68. Ava

69. Rory

70. Emma

71. Hazel

72. Evelyn

73. Delilah

74. Willow

75. Kinsley

76. Addison

77. Aria

78. Camille

79. Shiloh

80. Mackenzie

81. Cleo

82. Madison

83. Jade

84. Emery

85. Kora/Cora

86. Everleigh

87. Eva

88. Grace

89. Chloe

90. Matilda

91. Amelia

92. Isla

93. Wren

94. Charlotte

95. Ella

96. Mia

97. Olivia

98. Grace

99. Scarlett

100. Nora

All photos are the babies of Mommy Poppins editors and social media managers, and were taken by their moms!