15 Amazing Mom Hacks That Make Everything Easier

No messy, dripping fingers when you eat watermelon on a stick.
No messy, dripping fingers when you eat watermelon on a stick.
6/17/21 - By Ally Noel

Momming is hard work. But necessity is also the mother of invention, so it seems only fitting that moms have been discovering (and sharing) simple tricks to make mothering a little easier for all of us. From getting kids to eat their vegetables to soothing sunburn, these 15 life-changing #MomHacks will save you a little time and energy—and hopefully a little sanity too.

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Easy Clean Up #MomHacks 

1. No Mess Melon Slices

Say your goodbyes to sticky fingers with this little life hack! Perfect for a party or a picnic, simply cut a small hole into the rind of any melon and stick a popsicle stick in.  

2. Popsicle Drip Catcher 

Kids eat popsicles soooo sloooowly. Instead of walking around with a drippy mess, stick a cupcake liner on your popsicle stick to catch all those wayward drips and avoid a sticky situation.

3. Use Baby Powder To Remove Sand

Next time you are packing a beach bag, make sure to throw some baby powder in. A few sprinkles of baby powder over all those little toes will make brushing off all that extra sand super simple. Just a few shakes on sandy skin will help easily wipe all evidence of your beach day away!

4. Put Sandy (or Wet) Toys in Mesh Laundry Bags  

This multi-tasking laundry room staple is good for so much more than its original intention. After playing in the sand, throw all your sand toys, shovels, pails, into the bag and give it a good shake. The sand will shake right out leaving clean toys safe and snug in the laundry bag. Get a few extras for the bathtub, too: after bathtime, put all the toys in a mesh bag and hang it from the showerhead. No more stepping on toys in the shower!

Mom Hacks That Make Everything Easier: Frozen aloe cubes for sunburns

Help heal painful sunburns with adorable frozen aloe.

Keep Kids Comfy #MomHacks 

5. Frozen Aloe Cubes for Sunburns

As much as we try to prevent them by slathering on sunscreen, after indulging in a day of fun in the sun, sunburns happen. Thankfully, this hack will do the trick. Freeze 100% aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray. When sunburn strikes, soothe the pain away by applying the cube to the affected area. This works year-round—try the cubes on sun or windburned cheeks after a day of skiing, too!

6. Use a Spray Bottle To Cool Seat Belt Buckles

After spending a few hours baking in a hot car, those seat belt buckles can get pretty toasty! Next time you hit the road, throw a fine mist spray bottle into your car. A few sprays of water will cool down the hot metal so it doesn’t burn little hands and fingers. Any road trip is so much better when kids are comfy.

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Mom Hacks That Make Everything Easier: Pre-scoop ice cream

Because we all scream for ice cream, and no one wants to wait for frozen solid containers to soften.

Kitchen #MomHacks

7. Ice Cream Party Prep

Keep this #momhack in mind of your next birthday party or pool party: Nothing is more stressful than having a kajillion kids standing around you all screaming for ice cream. Simply pre-scoop the ice cream into a lined muffin tray and place it back in the freezer.  When it's ice cream time, pull the tray out of the freezer and serve.

8. Store Peanut Butter Upside Down 

This little life hack is so simple, but such a game-changer at lunchtime when kids are hangry and you can't make a PB&J fast enough. Have you ever opened up a jar of peanut butter only to find the top covered in an inch of oil? Stir as you might, it almost seems impossible to mix all that oil into the peanut butter. Well, it turns out that all you have to do is store your peanut butter upside down. That’s right, it’s that simple. You're welcome! 

9. Hide Your Veggies

No matter how many times you tell kids how healthy vegetables are, some kids just have a serious aversion to eating their greens. I love to mix an extra punch of chopped leafy greens into just about any sauce, smoothie, spread, or baked good I make. The best thing is: the kids will never know! 

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Mom Hacks That Make Everything Easier: Straws for strawberries

Pop that stem off with no muss, no fuss, and no losing half the berry!

10. Strawberry Top Remover

If you usually cut off half your strawberry when trying to remove the greens, then this hack is for you. No fancy tools are needed, all you need is a regular drinking straw. Push the straw through the bottom of the strawberry all the way through to the top to de-stem your berries. 

Everyday #MomHacks

11. Split a Ziploc Bag 

This mom’s hack went viral for a good reason—it’s super useful! Follow @howdoesshe’s trend by warming up a metal knife on the stove, and then slicing a plastic baggie in half. (Try it, it's amazing. The heat from the metal seals off the plastic edge, leaving you with two baggies.) This is perfect for all those times you want to just pack a little snack to bring on the road.  

12. Bath Bombs in the Kiddie Pool

Bath bombs definitely make bath time more appealing to reluctant bathers. But why save all the fun for bath time? Add a bath bomb to the kiddie pool and bring the fun (and cleansing) outdoors! 

13. Visual To-Do List

Create a visual to-do list to simplify your morning routine and foster independence in pre-readers. Just make a list made up of pictures of clothes (get dressed), a toothbrush, a hairbrush, the bed (make the bed), cereal bowl (have breakfast), socks & shoes, and anything else you want the kids to do in the morning.

14. Label Shoes with Stickers 

Do your kids frequently have two left feet? Telling the difference between left and right is an important skill to master; especially when you are trying to get everyone dressed and out the door on time. Make things a little easier by cutting a sticker in half and placing half the sticker in each shoe. When the stickers are lined up correctly, shoes are on the right feet.   

15. Serve Snacks in Muffin Tins

Muffin tins make excellent serving trays. Set up a little smorgasbord for snack time by putting a little bit of fruit, cheese, crackers, and veggies into each compartment.  Muffin tins also make great cup holders, so you can take this show on the road.