Mommy Poppins Holiday Guide and Store

mpholiday.jpg Today we are excited to announce the Mommy Poppins Holiday Guide. In it you will find all the Holiday related posts in one easy to navigate place. We hope this will make it easier to find information and plan your Holiday outings.

We will be updating the Holiday Guide every day not only with the newest posts, but also exclusive content created just for the Guide (today you'll find delicious Italian Christmas cookie recipes from Granny Poppins) and event listings.

It was a busy weekend. In the Holiday Guide, under Shopping, you'll see we also created a Mommy Poppins Holiday Store. We've selected some of the best toys for NYC kids. These are the toys represent quality over quantity.

You don't have room for every toy under the sun. Give these carefully chosen toys and your children will be entertained for hours and hours, and years and years with the same toys. They let kids use their imaginations, get some active play, and all the toys have been selected for being compact; creating suburban playroom-sized fun for tiny, NY-sized apartments.

Check out the book category for classic New York City children's books that every child should have in their library. We'll keep adding more stuff too. Shopping in the store or even clicking through it to buy something else on Amazon helps support the work we are doing here at Mommy Poppins and doesn't cost you anything extra.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about both the guide and the store. If you have thoughts ideas or comments please either leave a comment on this post or email us.

And don't forget, today is the last day to enter the Craftsbury Kids gift certificate giveaway.