Middle School Muddle Blog Helps NYC Parents

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Many people know about Inside Schools as a terrific resource for parents looking to find information about NYC public schools. It's one of the only places you can find clear, relatively unbiased, anecdotal information about the best NYC public schools from elementary school through high school. The site was created by Clara Hemphill, who wrote the definitive books on NYC schools, New York City's Best Public Elementary Schools and New York City's Best Public Middle Schools.

One of the great things about the website is that they continue to update it and add various features. One new addition is a blog by education writer and fellow parent, Liz Willen. Liz is tracking her own experience as she searches, tours and applies for middle school with her son. She's a veteran. Besides being an education writer, she's been through this before and has an older son at Clinton School for Artists and Writers.

For many, finding a suitable middle school is a much bigger deal than finding a public elementary school. The anxiety is higher and the choices seem tougher. Going through it with someone as knowledgeable, experienced and level-headed as Liz is really a treat. Her experiences are sure to enlighten and amuse anyone whether they're in the throes of the same search now, or only imagining it down the line.

In fact, everyone can benefit from her latest post about the confusing new school report cards.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Liz.