Linkin B'logs - Cash Flow, Homework, Breastfeeding and More Dispatches from the War on Getting Children to Eat Veggies

This week's most important stories for parents, so you can be the most-in-the-knowiest.

Hard Times. Feeling the money crunch these days? You're not alone. Frugal Dad reports that nearly half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. And, 25% of all workers reported they save nothing each month. If this is you, check out the post, there are some really good tips on what you need to do to start saving. And by the way its not just the little people, according to the Times, this week saw "one of the most dramatic days in Wall Street’s history" with major companies like Lehman Brothers seeking bankruptcy protection.

Financial Planning for Toddlers. With all this bad news, its a good idea to teach little ones the values of saving now.

Parent Hacks puts together a great post on introducing money management to preschoolers and be sure to check out the comments section which has tons of suggestions.

Breastfriend Advice.  Goodyblog gives breastfeeding advice and links to a Standford School of Medicine site that has lots of info on the ABC's of breast feeding including videos on getting the right latch and maximizing milk production. 

Homework Calculations.  Gotham Schools reports on NPR's story on how much homework is too much?  A good standard was provided by homework expert Harris Cooper which he refers to as the 10-minute rule - "10 minutes per night, per grade: first graders, 10 minutes, second graders, 20 minutes, third graders, 30 minutes, and so on." So I guess the fact that I feel like I have about ten hours of homework every night is fitting.

The Vegetable Wars Continue.  The NY Times put together a good health guide for parents. I thought the article on 6 food mistakes parents make was particularly good - one piece of advice, studies show that forbidden foods were more desirable so don't keep the good stuff out of reach - just don't bring food you don't want them to have into the house. (Um, wait a second, does that mean no more wine?)  And, drizzle some butter on those steamed veggies.  Also good is an article on discipline which suggests parents consider it a teachable moment rather than punishment.

Train Your Brain
.  Apparently, according to the NY Times, "mental exercises of a certain kind can teach children to become more self-possessed at earlier ages".  What does this mean?  You can actually train young brains to behave which leads to greater success in school.  Also, on PBS Dr. Daniel G. Amen teaches you to Change Your Brain, Change Your Life because with a better brain, always comes a better life.  It's actually pretty fascinating and worth a DVR slot - for example, did you know that sex is good for your brain?

Tina Fey Rocks, Sarah Palin Sucks.  If you missed Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live this week, watch it on YouTube, its crazy how much she looks and sounds like her!  And, with the election somehow seeming close I'm starting to get scared, please (PLEASE) post in the comments here anything interesting you're doing this election season.